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However, one aspect about these operas that has always impressed to me is the response of the audience when they hear a singer who gives an outstanding performance. As they walk past the curtain, the crowd rises to its feet and begins to riotously cheer and applaud once again, and from all over the front of the auditorium, patrons vigorously fling huge bouquets of flowers at the feet of the artists.

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Within a few moments, piles of flowers are scattered across the front of the huge stage. As the applause and adulation begin to wind down, beautifully dressed ushers walk onstage to personally deliver magnificent bouquets that were bought for the singers by devoted fans who wanted to show their appreciation through an extravagant gift. At the end of the night when the curtain falls for the last time, the singers return to their dressing rooms to change out of their costumes and have their cosmetics removed, and the audience files out of the theater to go home.

Ultimately, this experience persists only as a memory in the minds of those in attendance. The rounds of applause, praise, approval, and adulation were wonderful while they lasted, but they never last long and are soon forgotten.

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However, there is an applause that will last for all of eternity — an d that is the applause that comes from God Himself. A day is coming in your future when you will be called on stage before God to give account for your life. Sitting in the audience, He will watch as the activities of your life are reviewed. Paul used the word epainos to evoke a very strong image. By using this word, he let us know that a day is coming when we will give account for our lives.

On that day, if we have lived right before God and the motives behind our service were pure, we will receive praise from the Lord Himself. It will be as if He rises to His feet to give a round of applause and a standing ovation! Think of God rising to His feet to give a standing ovation! Can you imagine the thunderous sound of His hands clapping as it reverberates and echoes throughout all of Heaven!

That is precisely the picture the apostle Paul paints for that day when faithful believers stand before Him!

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Now that the show is coming to a close and the artists are coming home it is their time of introspection, of reevaluation of choices made, of lives lived and possible futures. The cast has been through it all. They have been shunned and embraced, worked as performers and prostitutes, undergone sex changes, have experienced every shade of love, loss and humiliation and joy imaginable in their long and complicated lives.

We are delving deeply into the lives of our protagonists, peeling away the many layers of protection, illusion and self-delusion to create a raw but ultimately warm human portrait of a group of people, who seemingly effortlessly navigate the twilight zone between being male and being female and are now entering the last chapter of their lives.

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Cinemateket - Mix Copenhagen 08 October at pm. Abaton Cinema - Hamburg 04 November at pm. Pink Panorama - Luzern 13 November at am. Gothenburg Film Festival - Sweden 24 January at pm. Gothenburg Film Festival - Sweden 27 January at pm. Gothenburg Film Festival - Sweden 28 January at pm. Gothenburg Film Festival - Sweden 30 January at pm. Zurich Moves! Vues d'en Face - Grenoble - France 18 April at pm.

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