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Started good but then I got bored with the language; it was trying too hard to be funny. Mar 12, Ariana rated it liked it. I liked the book.

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But I hate how forgiving some women are. Like he ditched you and your baby and now we are going to be one big happy family?!? Jan 07, Nardsbaby Reader rated it it was ok. In reading Zane's books her characters are all the same. Two sets of friends meet two sets of friends at a club.

The set of friends who have their lives in the right direction are the two that hook up right! Geren and Tempest fall in lust with one another and they have some really good sex while trying to work in a relationship. She's kind of superficial, which isn't cool seeing how her girl lives in the jects and she has no other friends! Okay now their friends Janessa and Dvonte hook up.

But it's more for sex. He's not trying to fall in love and she played herself from the beginning. The girl works for the post office and lives with her parents in the jects! The only romantic notion was when Geren washed Tempest's hair. I only finished it because I started it. Mar 06, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: black-authors-and-protaganists. Apparently Zane takes on a different direction from her usually erotic novels in this book.

They are sick and tired of dealing with loser men, something that probably all women can relate to. Then we have Geren and Dvonte, also two best friends. Geren is more mature, and ready for a serious relationship, whereas Dvonte is the complete opposite. The four meet at a club, and hit it off instantly.

Geren and Tempest get togeth Apparently Zane takes on a different direction from her usually erotic novels in this book. Geren and Tempest get together and build a serious relationship. Dvonte and Janessa pursue their own thing, but their relationship is strictly sexual. From there we embark on the foursome's journey. We experience their joys, pains, and of course passions.

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Jul 13, J rated it it was ok. She unexpectedly falls head over heels in love with Geren, a man who brags constantly about his desire to have a house full of babies. As their relationship blossoms, Tempest is anxiety-ridden over her secret infertility, only to be astonished when she discovers that Geren has a huge secret of his own-which will take her life in directions she never imagined. To add to the drama, there's Tempest's best friend, Janess, and her cheating boyfriend, Dvonte. Just as Janessa decides to give the troubling boyfriend a rest and get on with her life by entering pharmaceutical school, she becomes pregnant.

When Dvonte turns his back, she has to make a difficult, life-altering decision. May 27, Trenee rated it it was ok. I picked this book up because I wanted an easy, steamy read. After all, Zane is known for her erotic writing skills, right?

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This book read like the author needed a good editor, a few writing workshops, or a detailed read of a 'fiction writing for dummies' book. While she crafted a decent tale, her characters were flat, the story predictable, and Zane's attempts at humor and slang were often forced.

And again, as far as sex goes, there were quite a few mentions of erections and oral pleasuring, b I picked this book up because I wanted an easy, steamy read.

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And again, as far as sex goes, there were quite a few mentions of erections and oral pleasuring, but no real sex scenes. I completed the book, but wasn't necessarily impressed with the story, though subtly interesting. I don't read Zane-like novels, however, this is my third book by the author in the past decade. If you're looking for an introduction to her work, try Nervous. Jun 17, pianogal rated it liked it Shelves: chicklit. Ok, so I work at a library, right? And everyone's always coming up and asking for Zane books - which are almost always checked out. Apparently they are hot stuff.

So when this one came in with shocker no holds on it, I decided to see for myself. I thought it was a pretty good read, but not nearly as hot as I expected. Maybe because it was one of her earlier works. It could also be that I'm just a white girl from the Midwest Overall, I Ok, so I work at a library, right? Are her later works hotter? I was thrilled with the story of Tempest. It was a beautifully written story which captured a lesson that resonated with me : You never know how the experiences you have may help some one else.

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I loved that Zane tackled many different aspects of life and relationships with the main characters Geren, Tempest, D'vonte, and Janessa. My first time reading 'The Heat Seekers' proves once again why Zane is one of the best in the literary community. I liked this book a lot, though not my favorite from Zane. I loved the friendship between Tempest and Janessa and how they had each others back no matter what. I also loved Tempest and Geren's romance, but wished that there was more to the ending and that we found out what happened between Janessa and Devonte. Overall, this was a pretty good read with lots of humor and the story of a great friendship and a beautiful love story.

This novel wasn't like any of her other ones because she made you think about life and showed you that things like this happens everyday in real life. I can in a way relate to Tempest, I myself may not be able to conceive my own child but I do Lend out with helping hand to my friends and family that need it. Nov 01, Monica Washenberger rated it it was ok.

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I read this book for my adult materials and services class as a genre that I had never read. I can say, based on the first few pages, I was expecting a much steamier read, though mostly, it just wasn't really my thing, and I'm fairly sure it wouldn't have been regardless of how much steam she squeezed into it. Mar 07, Debi rated it did not like it. I'm a little disappointed in this book. It is written very poorly. I honestly feel like a fifth grader could have written this. In fact I'm sure I know fifth graders that write better than this.

Sep 08, Ismaray rated it liked it. In the beginning I did not want to continue reading it but decided to because it was already started. The book was ok I gave it three stars. Maybe I should have done two. It only gets interesting towards the ending. I guess it just was nt my type of book.

Aug 12, Nicole rated it really liked it. I loved this book. I was glad to read that Dvonte had came around after the baby was born and wanted to be in his life. I'm also glad that Tempest and Geren were able to adopt Kensingtons baby Sydney. Jun 04, Angela rated it really liked it. Good read, however the title is misleading, especially if you're expecting a "typical" Zane novel. Again if you're looking for the typical Zane read, then this is not one of them. Jun 04, Carrie rated it it was ok. The Heat Seekers was ok but I must say that this book was quite "tamed" for Zane.

Don't know if that's a good or bad thing! Nov 22, Colleen Rue rated it it was amazing. I read this bookm in one night!!!!!! Jun 05, Brandon rated it did not like it Recommends it for: people who like books that deal with life and relationships or finding that special one. It took me a while to read this book. I felt like I knew the characters, but it was still boring. Mar 27, Stephanie rated it it was ok. Not exactly my kind of book, but I wanted to read something by her, so I did. Mar 07, Sonia rated it really liked it.

I know i know i am reading two books at once but what can i say they are addicting There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Zane. This was almost the spicy equivalent of that. It was packed with so much cayenne powder coated on the chicken, you had to watch how you inhaled.

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I spoke briefly with the organizers after finishing up and they mentioned that they will most likely be doing this once a quarter. I asked about kicking it up a bit with some other powders and they seemed open to it? For this event they sold out the tickets that were being sold we heard it was 50 and seemed to have a good turnout.

I even overheard a few people coming up just to see what all the hubbub was about.

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