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Do visit the Facebook page for more information about it and to see some photos of the food on offer. There was one in the front room where we were eating and kick off began before we finished our meal. A hoard of football fans descended whilst we were still eating. Some found seats but the rest were standing, jostling for position around where we were sat.

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They were also very loud and demanded that the bar staff turned the volume of the TV up. We finished our desserts as quickly as possible and left - although our original plan had been to stay for coffee. That could easily be remedied by not switching the TVs on in the rooms where people were eating - there are three rooms to choose from, plus a small beer garden so I'm sure they could arrange things so that neither diners not footie fans have to be compromised.

Emma Pearson 6 Aug At last the Sunday roast is back! I have spent the last few months trying to find a Sunday lunch in Oxford to match that of the value and quality of the roast served at The Fir Tree but to no avail. Two meat choices and a vegetarian option, enough vegetables to get your 5 a day in, not an Aunt Bessie's in sight - it's all homemade, and you won't go away hungry.

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This is definitely my number 1 Sunday roast in Oxford, but if you decide to give it a try don't sit at the window table because it's mine! Deirdre Rasheed 8 Oct I paid my first visit to The Fir Tree yesterday afternoon whilst trying to find shelter from the rain. I was greeted with a very warm welcome from one of the landlords; this may have been because I was the only person in the pub at the time, but as the bar quickly filled up it became apparent that all receive the same high level of customer service that I had experienced. I sampled a pint or two of a very well kept Rev.

James and snacked on the superior and locally made Jonathan Crisps. Food is not currently being served as the kitchen is out of action due to the development of an outside patio area which will be a welcome addition, but it is a shame that Sunday lunches are not being served as I have heard that it was one of the best in Oxford.

A nice touch is the chalk board in the ladies toilet which allows customers to give feedback on the pub, giving it a quick scan it would seem that the two 'young' male landlords are a big pull for this establishment. So girls, if you are looking for a pub which provides a welcoming atmosphere, serves good beer and snacks, and provides a bit of eye candy, then The Fir Tree is definitely the pub for you. I shall certainly be making it my local. Deirdre Rasheed 19 Jun Excellent pub.

Much improved. We ate there on a Friday night and the food was fantastic, very good value, well presented and very tasty for pub grub.. The food and atmosphere here sets the standard very high for other places in Oxford, and the Fir Tree is definitely becoming our firm favourite for drinks and for a pub meal. The staff here are friendly and the drinks are reasonably priced too. It's a great place to go for a relaxed drink even when you don't want a meal. Jane 21 Feb Great choice of beer, good red wine friendly staff and amazingly good value food.

Easy on the ear juke box.

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What a great place to unwind. Good mix of customers - locals, students and tourists. Baz 8 Feb This pub has it all - friendly bar staff, good selection of ales, and now home cooked food. The boon is that it opens late on Friday and Saturday. Great atmosphere and the best roast in oxford.. Good atmosphere - whether it is quiet or busy - and good music. Choice of areas to sit to match your mood from a at the bar. Ric 10 Dec I had a great time at this pub last weekend.

I had not been before, but had heard terrible rumours It's certainly the only pub that I would like to frequent in Oxford Quaint and funky, with a fabulous atmosphere, and yes "an amazing jukebox". People behind the bar were very easy on the eye too ;o BestBibby 15 Aug I really like this pub, it's got a nice atmosphere, friendly bar staff, quality juke box and it's open till 2am at weekends. Matt F 10 Jul Went to the Fir Tree last night to find it is now under new management - two young guys who are really committed.

Welcome to The Fir Tree

The mangy dogs have gone and the place has had a good clean, although none of the old character has gone. I found it really friendly, laid back and full of charm. Plus it has the best juke box in Oxford! Jane 5 Jul My favourite pub in Oxford at the mo, and believe me, I've been to nearly all of them in the last year!

The atmosphere is second-to-none in here, especially on a cold winter's night when it's buzzing with locals and students. The bar area is small though, and watch out not tread on a pub dog or 2! The decor is from a chain-pub tat warehouse but this only adds to atmosphere. The Fir Tree Cosy, split-level Victorian pub built with real ales, real atmosphere and a good jukebox. Serves pizza. Thu 27th Jun. Wi-fi available Dog-friendly Child-friendly. I am now as tall and well grown as the ones taken away last year. Oh I wish I was lying now on that cart, or standing in the warm room with all that brightness and beauty around me!

Something even better and more beautiful must happen afterwards, or the trees would not be so decorated. Yes, what follows after being decorated in the room will be even more exciting. What can it be? But the tree would not be happy, though it grew taller every day. A short time before the next Christmas the unhappy fir tree was the first to fall. As the ax cut sharply through the trunk and the tree fell to the earth.

It suddenly felt sad knowing it was to leave all its friends, the trees, the bushes, the flowers and the birds. The tree first recovered itself while being unpacked outside a house, with several other trees. This is beautiful! Two men carried the fir tree into a large and beautiful room.

Pictures hung on the walls and there were china vases all around. There were rocking-chairs, comfortable couches, and large tables covered with pictures. There were fancy carpets on the floor, books on the shelves and very expensive-looking toys.

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Then the fir tree was placed in a large tub full of sand—but green cloth hung all round it so that no one could know it was a tub—and it stood on a very lovely carpet. Oh, how the fir tree trembled! What was going to happen to him now? Some young ladies came, and the servants helped them to adorn the tree. On one branch they hung little bags cut out of colored paper, and each bag was filled with cakes. From other branches hung golden apples and walnuts, as if they had grown there; and above and all around were hundreds of red, blue, and white candles, which were tied onto the branches.

Dolls, exactly like real men and women, were placed under the green leaves,—the tree had never seen such things before,—and at the very top was fastened a glittering star made of gold tinsel. Oh, it was very beautiful. Will the trees of the forest come to see me?

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  • Will the sparrows peep in at the windows, I wonder, as they fly? Shall I grow faster here than in the forest, and shall I keep on all these ornaments during summer and winter? At last the candles were lit, and how beautiful the tree looked! It trembled so with joy in all its branches that one of the candles fell among the green leaves and burned some of them.

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    • After this the tree tried not to shake at all, though the fire frightened him, he was so anxious not to hurt any of the beautiful ornaments. And now the folding doors were thrown open, and a troop of children rushed in as if they intended to knock over the tree, and were followed more slowly by their elders. For a moment the little ones stood silent with astonishment, and then they shouted for joy and they danced merrily round the tree while one present after another was taken from it.

      What will happen next? At last the candles burned down to the branches and were put out. Then the children received permission to take whatever they wanted from the tree. Oh, how they rushed upon it! There was such a fight to grab things that the branches cracked, and had it not been tied with the glistening star to the ceiling, it would have been knocked down. Would you like to hear about Humpty Dumpty, who fell downstairs, but soon got up again, and at last married a princess? Should I make a noise, too? Then the old man told them the story of Humpty Dumpty—how he fell downstairs, and was raised up again, and married a princess.

      After this the fir tree became quite silent and thoughtful.

      Anxious to Grow

      Never had the birds in the forest told such tales as that of Humpty Dumpty, who fell downstairs, and yet married a princess. He believed it all, because it was told by such a nice man. In the morning the servants and the housemaid came in. And he had time enough to think, for days and nights passed and no one came near him. When at last somebody did come, it was only to push away some large boxes in a corner.

      So the tree was completely hidden from sight. I shall be sheltered here, I dare say, until spring comes. How thoughtful and kind everybody is to me! Still, I wish this place was not so dark and lonely, with not even a little hare to look at.

      We'd like to stay in touch!

      How nice it was out in the forest while the snow lay on the ground, when the hare would run by, yes, and jump over me, too, although I did not like it then. Have you seen the most beautiful places in the world, and can you tell us all about them? And have you been in the storeroom, where cheeses lie on the shelf and hams hang from the ceiling? You must have been very happy. And the next night four other mice came with them to hear what the tree had to tell.

      Room facilities:

      Humpty Dumpty fell downstairs, and yet he married the princess. Perhaps I may marry a princess, too.