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After quitting their jobs and moving on into a life of minimalism, they learned to focus on what really matters.

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Will you? The author, having pioneered the simple living movement, comes back with a new edition containing never before seen content. Learn how to cultivate the mindset before crashing head first into minimalism. In this book, he shares his personal experience with minimalism and offers tips on how to go about it.

A tidy home, however, is closer than you think. This book also includes an introduction to the mindset. In order to add new things to your life, you must remove things that do not matter. Get absolutely everything off your desk! No drawers!

A Minimalist Approach to Personal Finance

No inboxes! No knick-knacks! No pens! I'm glad that works for him, but I need to be able to jot a note to myself, and it's a lot quicker if I can grab a pen in reach, write it down, and go back to what I'm doing. And no, doing it in some sticky note program on the computer is not just as good. He goes on to give the usual suggestions about travel pack less stuff, duh and appearance keep fewer clothes that all go together and put less gunk on your hair and face.

Same with eating: eat less.

Frugal Minimalism: Do Less, Buy Less, Worry Less, Live More

Cook at home, clearly good advice. Eat less processed foods I have never understood people who go to the trouble of making their own soup yet base it on a bunch of factory-made artificial flavors from New Jersey. Then, he goes on to preach veganism, ending with this patronizing conclusion: "Being a vegan is actually just as liberating as being a minimalist, because you realize that before becoming vegan, you were tied to meat and other animal products almost involuntarily, because of advertising and a culture of excess.

I have refrained from eating any animal products for periods of time in the past, and it was neither liberating nor healthy for me. I don't eat meat because I'm brainwashed and ignorant, I eat meat because I feel like shit when I don't. And although you could argue that it's not completely necessary, I could survive without it, so I should cut it out, I think that is completely stupid. Yes, people in the third world do without, but that's only because they don't have any choice! To have the opportunity to enjoy better conditions and pass it up just because it's not the absolute worst you could survive seems wasteful and wrong-headed to me.

Then he goes into the usual obvious advice about exercising and finances: get moving, even if it's just a 20 minute walk a few times a week; don't buy stuff; pay off your debt; set up an emergency fund; etc.

Not new, but good advice. Overall, this is a good basic book on minimalism. I guess the point at which Leo and I diverge is that I'm not convinced that the best way is to get rid of everything that's not necessary.

What's next?

Yes, I could live with only one or two pairs of underwear or none , but then I'd have to do laundry much more often. Yes, I could eliminate everything in my kitchen but one pot, one spatula, and one knife and eat everything with my fingers and have to do the dishes every time I want to make another meal, but if I can own three cutting boards, five spatulas, a whole bunch of plates and silverware, and a dishwasher, and spend more of my life doing stuff other than washing the same three things over and over, the choice seems obvious to me.

I just think there's a point between getting rid of everything that's not necessary, and having heaps of junk and clutter everywhere. It's the point where everything looks good and fits nicely with a little room to spare. To me, that is the ideal point, not the absolute minimum. But, to each his own. Dec 23, Lauren LaurenHannah. Not the best guide on how to become a minimalist Badly edited and outdated in references and links.

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I haven't been reading Leo's blog for long, but even just in this guide, there was a lot of repetition. I think the only chapter I thought added some new information to my knowledge of minimalism was the chapter on dealing with non-minimalist loved ones. Another cool thing Not the best guide on how to become a minimalist Another cool thing I learned was that you can send your print photos to a company to scan them for you. I believe it's essential to find balance in order to live a healthy life.

Some of the author's ideas may seem extreme, it's up to each of us to figure out what works for us individually. What impressed me most is the author's integrity - giving free use of his e-book for people to use in anyway that can help others live a simple life. Oct 19, Dorotea rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in-english , selfhelp-productivity-etc.

When I first read this seven years ago? Fortunately it was a minimalist book. Not exactly a book but a collection of upgraded blog entries, I was grateful that the author mentioned it earlier in the intro.. The 'let's say' articles, varied from a general broad framework of minimalism to some to-do list for home, work, food, travel, family minimalist lifestyle. Although it felt as if it was more about making economies on every possible category in your life.

We Are Wealthy. And Why It Matters.

Cutting down waste, space, clothes, belongings, some of the FAQ w Fortunately it was a minimalist book. Cutting down waste, space, clothes, belongings, some of the FAQ went as far as to ask the author about whether having 6 kids was against the minimalist trend His answer didn't meet my expectation, simply because of the context, culture and so on Minimalism as far as I'm concerned, from an ecological point of view, is very welcome, you're winning on every front I deeply believe that chaos breeds stress, owning a lot of stuff requires more time to put in order and since we all - it seems - are busy and can't afford that time, we live in clutters and that is one huge catalyst for stress and a scattered lifestyle.

Jan 30, Ludmilla Veloso rated it liked it. Very simple book, very to the point. Not a lot of useful information that is not already available everywhere. Mar 20, Maria rated it really liked it Shelves: personal-growth , science-evoloution-education. In essence , minimalism is about living a simpler life - not going to extremes but appreciate and use everything you own. Apr 09, Wendie Warner rated it it was amazing Shelves: scribd. Gotta love a book that's short sweet Alma to the point. Very practical ideas towards living a minimalist lifestyle.

The health section didn't sit as well with me as the rest of the book but otherwise very helpful. It's clear that Leo really loves the whole idea of minimalism and all that it might mean. I honestly think that while many of the tips and suggestions in this book are great ideas, some of them are a bit over the top. For instance, I completely agree that having as few icons as possible on my computer is a good idea. But seriously, in order to be a minimalist I have to change my background image to one in his color scheme?

And speaking of color schemes, I don't agree with the idea that minimalis It's clear that Leo really loves the whole idea of minimalism and all that it might mean.

How to simplify your blog reading habits

And speaking of color schemes, I don't agree with the idea that minimalists must have white and "neutral" tones for their home and furniture etc. I'm not really convinced that having white furniture and carpets is going to help me keep a minimalist mindset. Unless that mindset is hyper stressed. I don't live in San Francisco, I live in Washington state.

We have MUD here. Mud that gets tracked in by my son, my dog, my friends, even myself. And mud on white carpets is very difficult to get out I know because our last house had off-white carpets. Being afraid to walk into my own home is not going to keep me calm. But other than that, I think that this book is a good way to get started with minimalism, and it's a good motivating tool. Dec 27, Kevin rated it really liked it. This book is a compilation of articles from the blog Zen Habits.

No need to buy the book unless you like the feel of paper as I do. Sometimes the books says "as the picture above shows" when there is no picture. Apparently in the original web page there was a picture. The text is pulled verbatim from the web site.

9 (other) Life Changing Books on Minimalism

Other times it says I'll talk about minimalist finances later but he's already discussed them in an earlier chapter. The other group of people who comment are the ones who claim to love their job. But, if you really love your job, why are you reading a blog post about leaving your job? Go read and comment on something else! Quitting your job is never easy.

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  7. There are a number of obstacles to overcome in order to even think of going out on your own. Overcome your fear of certain death. This is the opposite of true. The time to start your own very small business is now, as there have never been more opportunities to reach out and find the tribe that will support your goals. So ignore every horror story that you hear. These people are trying desperately to keep you from making a change —and who can blame them?

    The worst possible thing that could happen to you, if you do this, is probably not nearly as bad as you think. The common bonds that create an instant social network at a job are shallow indeed. Automatically assume that anyone who you work with now is not going to go out of their way to support your quest for freedom. That being said, some people will support you! Dare to dream unrealistically. I wrote recently about the need to be completely unrealistic. You need to write down an unrealistic goal and start to live and breathe it every single day. This can be simple, or more complex.

    Make it crazy though! The sky is the limit, and trust me, people have been up there too.