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Being a talking horse leaves me with plenty of time to ponder these big issues. No one rides me, because I just tell them to get off. So there's a lot of standing time. Sometimes I sing at night, to pass the hours; sometimes I court the little beauty in the next pasture, Lily. Sometimes I develop powers, which is fun. In fact, right now you are not reading this; you only think you are. You are actually calling your bank by Touch-Tone phone and transferring all your money to my account. Mostly, though, I do anagrams in my head, like many other horses. When you see a horse standing in a field staring at you, he's really rearranging letters in his head: "tide, diet, edit So the first thing I do with a question as big as the one we're talking about is pass it through my head and rearrange the letters.

Then there's the obvious "god Ask yourself this: Do I really need know the answer to this question? I think if you are honest with yourself, you will realize that a yea-or-neigh answer wouldn't really change your life much. Although a neigh might free up a lot of time now spent worshipping. In fact, I don't imagine God is really keen on worshipping. You can take it from me, Toby the talking horse -- he's as humble as the next God, and a simple thank-you is all that's required.

If you ask me what came first, the question or the belief, I'd say that the belief preceded the question. The question does not lead to belief; the question leads to disbelief. The belief, on the other hand, exists in almost every human culture, even though you sometimes get people praying to dolls made of dung.

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The belief does not so naturally arise in animals, which makes me, a horse, the perfect objective moderator. I'm going to make a ground rule. No arguing. A big horselaugh to the human idea that reason ever actually changed anyone's mind or proved anything beyond a person's ability to argue. I could argue that the sky is green if I wanted. And win. Because I could study enough to corner you on every proposition; I could become quick-minded on the green-sky-issue.

I could have your head spinning with the twists and curves I would throw at you. And I'm a horse.


But I could still do it. So imagine what a well-oiled purveyor of religious wisdom could do. Another ground rule. No definitions. WE could sit here till the cows come home, which in my world is not a metaphor, and discuss the definitions of important words. But let me tell you, we wouldn't get anywhere. It would be easy to reduce the question of God's existence to a problem of semantics. But we're beyond that now. I'm glad my name is Toby, because it proves my point.

I am my own definition.


I am not "Lucky," or "Copper," or "Ginger," or any other noun. Let's let God be his own definition, just like me. I have to tell you something about Lily -- She has a yellow mane. I was just thinking about her. Another thing: please do not mention the phrase "organized religion. We're way beyond that discussion.

Essa velha pergunta nunca desaparece. Sou Toby, o cavalo falante. Pergunte a si mesmo: Eu realmente preciso saber a resposta para essa pergunta?

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Nada de argumentar. E ganhar. E eu sou um cavalo. Mas ainda seria capaz disso.

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Sou feliz por meu nome ser Toby, porque prova o meu argumento. Tenho que te contar uma coisa sobre a Lily — ela tem uma crina amarelada. Estava pensando nela agora. Finally, we have shown that the fossil fuel reserves seem ample to satisfy our needs for a good fraction of the next millennium. So, what is the problem?. Most of the easily accessible sources of oil and gas have already been tapped. What is left is getting progressively more expensive to extract. Thus, one part of the problem is economical. Another is political—most of the fuel used by developed nations is imported using the large American reserves is unpopular and politicians hesitate to approve such exploration.

This creates an undesirable vulnerability.

The major problem, however, is ecological. Fossil fuels are still the most inexpensive and most convenient of all energy resources, but their use pollutes the environment, and we are quickly approaching a situation in which we can no longer dismiss the problem or postpone the solution. By far, the most undesirable gas emitted is carbon dioxide whose progressively increasing concentration in the atmosphere from ppm in the late to some ppm at present constitutes a worrisome problem.

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Even ignoring the vegetation-killing acid rain that would result, this proposal is equivalent to balancing a listing boat by piling stones on the other side. Although the growth in CO2 is very easily demonstrated, the conclusion that the temperature will rise, although plausible, is not easy to prove. There are mechanisms by which an increase of greenhouse gases would actually result in a cooling of Earth.

For instance, increasing greenhouse gases would result in enhanced evaporation of the tropical oceans. The resulting moisture, after migrating toward the poles, would fall as snow thereby augmenting the albedo of the planet and, thus, reducing the amount of heat absorbed from the sun.

The Kyoto treaty aims at curbing excessive carbon dioxide emissions. View 49 replies. View 3 replies. View 2 replies. Load more. Log in. Play next by default:. Ririchiyo Shirakiin.

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