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However, its influence goes far beyond politics with the symbol used by sporting and civic institutions across the north including Queen's University Belfast and the Ulster rugby team. Historian Eamon Phoenix said the symbol had been "around before the plantation and one legend is that an O'Neill chieftain was racing a rival clan towards an island and realising he wasn't going to make it first he cut off his left hand and threw it to shore.

He said it became more politicised in the 19th century. When Rangers fans were investigated by Uefa in for making what looked like one-armed Nazi salutes in Tel-Aviv, the club said supporters were in fact saluting in support of Ulster loyalism.

Coat of arms of Ulster

However, historian Ian S Wood who has studied loyalism extensively said he had "never seen or heard of anything called a red hand salute". Symbolism of red hand. Get the day's headlines delivered directly to your inbox Sign Up. Sections News.

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