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Just one of the many reasons why both airlines could not survive. Air Canada had s, s and s El Al never had very many s at any one time, but they have operated them continuously since Also Qantas. They now operate their four original s plus another and freighter ex-Singapore On May 24 , an El Al C outfitted with seats brought 1, Ethiopian Jews to Israel on one flight. Swissair never had any s. In , they bought two s from Boeing. In , they became the first airline to fly the long upper deck , taking four in plus a fifth in Qantas is another original user, since Their current fleet is all s.

All s since then were from other airlines. Patrick, is there any relatively simple words-or-less reason why British Airways, and to a lesser extent Lufthansa, see fit to continue flying the on essentially the same routes on which other airlines now have dumped the to fly largely twin-engine aircraft? Very interesting question. But this also illustrates what a great airplane the is. Still able to compete with new metal designed decades later. Is there any relatively simple reason why twin jets are much cheaper to run than quad jets of the same size? While there are two engines instead of four, those two engines are pushing the technology much harder to have such high thrust, so probably cost at least twice as much.

Furthermore, you need to be able to climb with the loss of a single engine at takeoff. This running cost differential between quads and twins is why the is in winter. The A died some time ago. Twin engine aircraft are naturally more fuel efficient then quads, and jets engines have become so absurdly reliable that ETOPS ratings Which certifies how far an engine on a twin engine aircraft can be from a emergency landing airport have been certified for over 5 hours long.

With ETOPS ratings that long, twin engine aircraft can now fly as direct on most routes as four engine aircraft can. Despite its size, the has always been the fastest subsonic jet airliner. They had a max operating speed [Mmo] of M. As a former Boeing flight test engineer, in I witnessed and reduced the data from a SP that reached M. An unintended area-rule aerodynamic consequence of the wing-body shape of the short-fuselage SP was M.

This is true also for the wing-body shape of the extended upper deck and [not sure about the stretched I]. Newer airplanes are slightly slower — the for example cruises at M. Apparently the damndest planes have broken the sound barrier the Handley-Page Victor for example — some of them allegedly as early as WWII — and survived to tell the tale. The extra oomph from the upper deck ending over the wing [SP, , maybe -8I] is the consequence of the Whitcomb Area Rule, complicated cross-section shapes for transonic flow that, if done right, reduce high-speed drag.

More info about many of the logo list airlines: 1. Delta had five s but not for long; they were all traded back to Boeing. Eastern never took delivery — their s were sold to TWA while in production.

Top 10 Coolest Airline Call Signs!

Eastern leased a few Pan Am s during 4. National had two s. Northwest bought both airplanes in World only bought three s directly from Boeing — all the others were from other sources. The three World airplanes were unique: they had a nose door [note the gap in the front cabin windows] plus the heavy freighter floor and wings. The cabin could be converted from all-passenger to all cargo. Boeing only made 13 C. It was heavily modified during to carry the Space Shuttle. NASA used it until when the program ended. Lufthansa operated the , and They were the first to buy the Freighter.

Sabena only bought three s from Boeing: two s and a In , Boeing modified both their s with the first side cargo door so the aft cabin could be used for passengers or cargo. As the is replaced in passenger service by newer more fuel-efficient aircraft, some will continue to fly as freighters and fire fighters. I wonder if all that fire retardant will enhance the flavour of the wine. On the other hand, retardant is more effective than water. Many aerial drops create a line of retardant ahead of the fire that functions like the classic fire break.

The DC made eleven drops from five, gallon loads of retardant. The writer figured it would take 41 drops from P2Vs to construct the same amount of retardant line. Two P2Vs could do it in two days, or four P2Vs could do it one day. Ooops — I forgot to mention. There is an enormous amount of archival footage from the development programme as well as interviews with the late Joe Sutter who made the possible.

And if you have time, go up to Everett to see the Boeing assembly plant — it will blow your mind just how big the facility is. I hope that I will get a chance to go upstairs before the last of these beauties is retired in favour of something with all the charm and beauty of a dishwasher. This is too cool for words. Go to the link below to see the Boeing Matterport 3D Tour …. If you travel to the tail of the aircraft you can see the experimental mid-air refueling station that never went into production. Horrific fires in Northern California.

Cal Fire is now using a to help fight them…. Sad to see both Pan Am and the go. The fun thing about the was designed with the idea that the SST would be choice of the sort of folks who flew when it was first imaged. My dad took me to Tucson International Airport in or to watch touch and go landings of the You really see the fading of the here in Queens, a few miles from JFK.

Most of the heavies are twin engined s and s. I got all except the very last one, furthest aft. I stared and squinted, but not triggering any recollection. It puts it in perspective, age-wise, that someone climbed way up on who-knows-what to get that elevated shot pre-drone! Kinda thinking that the one with the flight attendants might have been a better choice for your bedroom wall, but yeah, they are kinda blocking the view of the landing gear. Did they drag it with the brakes on? Was there a heat wave across the Pacific northwest?

Or do new airplane tires have a coating of roofing tar on them? The wing gear is slightly slightly when compared to the length of the forward of the body gear so on a tight turn there needs to be some sideways scrubbing of tires. The amount of scrubbing is minimized in normal operation by castoring main gear — it can turn left and right. It is my understanding that castoring can be turned on and off locked-out in normal operations. Maybe castoring was disabled while the plane was positioned for pictures. They had to work with airports to make them compatible with this remarkably large airplane that carried hundreds of passengers and their baggage.

In some cases runways had to be widened and strengthened. Blog Archives Follow Us!

Subscribe to our mailing list. Author's Featured Photo. September 30, The Boeing turns fifty years old today. The longer, unabridged version is below. Joe Sutter and his creation. Leave a Comment Maximum characters. Watch your spelling and grammar. Poorly written posts will be deleted! Click here to cancel reply. Name required Email will not be published required Website. Flight test says:. March 19, at am. Todd C says:.

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James says:. Frank L says:. UncleStu says:. Mia says:. James Patrick says:. Misha K says:. Dan Ullman says:. October 30, at pm. Ian Farquhar says:. Pan Am called these seats "Sleeperettes" a name that was first used on the Boeing Stratocruisers in the s. Also in Pan Am was the first US airline and one of the first international airlines to offer a dedicated business class section on long haul flights. Pan Am called its business cabin "Clipper Class.

Also in Pan Am received the first of 12 Lockheed Ls seen on the right. This smaller version of the Lockheed Tri-star was put to use on long haul routes with less traffic than a could support. The As joined the fleet in the late fall of and the A began to arrive in the spring of making Pan Am the first US airline to fly the A An example of the A series can be seen on the left.

The As never joined Pan Am. The production line slots were sold to Northwest Airlines. In in an effort to stem losses and reduce debt Pan Am agreed to sell its Pacific route network to United. United assumed the routes in February of In December of Pan Am flight en route from London to New York was blown up by a terrorist bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland with the loss of all souls aboard. The controversy that surrounded the circumstances of the bombing would scare away customers severely weakening Pan Am.

To the right, flying in happier days, is NPA the aircraft lost at Lockerbie, click on image to enlarge. In the summer of just as Pan Am was rebounding from the Lockerbie bombing Iraq invaded Kuwait and many Americans canceled travel plans abroad. This hurt Pan Am greatly during the peak summer travel months.

"Clipped Clipper" (Pan Am Flight 845)

As America began to move troops to the Middle East in the fall of in preparation for Desert Storm potential customers continued to shy away from international travel. Pan Am was especially vulnerable as it had the least significant domestic network of all the major US airlines. Pan Am files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January of about three weeks before Operation Desert Storm commenced. In spite of its precarious financial situation Pan Am operated many troop charters prior to, during and after operation Desert Storm.

The flights were operated with all volunteer crews and were staged from Pan Am's Frankfurt and Rome stations. To the right Clipper Ocean Spray, NPA , proudly wearing a yellow ribbon arrives home with a soldier displaying the American flag from the cockpit escape hatch. When the agreement was signed in the summer of Pan Am's senior management departed and Delta appointed Russell Ray to Shepard Pan Am through the transition. There was a great deal of foot dragging on all requests sent to Atlanta.

To the left the first Delta pulls up to the Pan Am shuttle gates at New York LaGuardia the day before Delta took over the operation click on image to enlarge. During the first few days of December meetings were held and Delta declared that Pan Am was "not making its numbers. Thus ended the life of one of the world's greatest airlines. To the right the "P" is missing from the top of the Pan Am building as the company logo was removed from its former Manhattan headquarters in Pan Am II - However, due to changes in the certification process that occurred during Pan Am's filing the launch was postponed.

The white uniform jackets worn by the ladies were reminiscent of the white serving jackets worn by flight stewards of the original Pan Am in the s and s. This particular Boeing twin, 33rd off the assembly line, was delivered in June N was one of the last Bs acquired, in She joined TWA in March Brother Bob Proctor was living in Phoenix and caught some classic images at the airport in Either way, its No.

Passengers and visitors could get up close and personal with airliners in those days, including American DC-6B N, being readied for departure. Passengers board NC in the late-day sun, bound for Los Angeles. DC ND, appearing in house colors, was fourth off the assembly line and part of the flight-test program.

Boston-Maine Airways | Revolvy

The Phoenix observation deck offered great airplane spotting and photography. Moments later I ran down to catch Flight 63 to San Diego, on NA; its wingtip is barely visible to the left. Back to five images from brother Bob. This airplane survives today, now residing at Municipal Airport in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where it will hopefully open as the DC-7 Grille restaurant; click here for details.

Bob wangled a visit to the control tower in June , to capture these unique images, unfortunately taken in high sun, but still interesting. On the other hand, N saw duty for more than 14 years. Unlike the later-model Constellations, TWA retired the fleet rather than install weather radar that became mandatory on January 1, The then-new terminal expansion is under way in this December 28, shot of Frontier Convair N, Sunliner Shoshone. Originally built for Pioneer Airlines, it instead went to United in , then Frontier five years later and was converted to Convair turboprop standards in By then this Republic DC was nearly 11 years old, having started life with North Central and then repainted after the merger.

It was finally deregistered in and parted out. You may be able to win bar bets with this picture. Most people will tell you Southwest has never operated any aircraft type other than the Boeing ; wrong! Then, starting in September , the Boeing tri-jets began supporting rapid route expansion. This trusty Boeing twin served 22 years with Southwest.

The travel club acquired seven s off the second-hand market, including two used solely as spares sources. The last three airplanes were retired in December and ferried to Marana. Two, including Charlie, were broken up there in They appear in immaculate condition, perhaps on short-term storage or just parked while awaiting periodic maintenance. Its last operator, on lease, was Continental Cargo Airlines. Following major refurbishment in Hong Kong, the pair received finishing work at Marana.

NAA is the former N When MDs took over, it was sold to the Kazakhstan government and later operated on lease to several operators before storage at Luxembourg in , where it was scrapped in I got back to Marana for my final visit on March 23, , and caught the prototype Douglas DC-8, which served many masters. After leases to Canadian Pacific and Lufthansa, Delta rescued the airplane in , then sold it 12 year later to FB Ayer, which in turn leased it to Aeromexico.

Named Quintana Roo, the jetliner was finally withdrawn in January and stored at Marana, with 60, hours on its airframe. There was talk of preserving this historic airplane, but in the end it was cut up and never left this spot in Arizona. N, in the foreground, escaped the desert a year later, bought by TAM Bolivia.

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We jump ahead 14 years now, to , when brother Bob did a little shooting at the airport. Fort Huachuca-based air-taxi operator Apache Airlines flew a mixed bag of small aircraft, linking Phoenix and Tucson to smaller destinations such as Bisbee-Douglas, Arizona. N rests between flights at the terminal. An outgrowth of the Dove, de Havilland DH. It was repaired and went to to serve with several carriers, including Aspen Airways and Swift Aire before being placed in storage at Scottsdale, Arizona, where it was scrapped.

Bob photographed Herron N in December My first photo-op at Tucson occurred on October 26, , and reflects in one of my favorite subjects. It looks to have just come out of a major overhaul, all buffed out with a fresh coat of paint. Hamilton Aviation at TUS offered a variety of maintenance work.

This immaculate Douglas C was fresh out of their paint shop when I photographed it in April It has since gone out of business. Now to February , where Jetways were still a year in the future and passengers boarded flights the old-fashioned way. Perhaps that was in vain as records show that the Vancouver-based carrier ceased operation a few weeks later.

The airplane crashed on approach to Kafoutine, Senegal on February 9, , while on lease to Gambcrest. Total Air began flying contract charters in , between the US mainland an Hawaii. Entering bankruptcy two years later, it emerged under the new name Air America. Upon return from that assignment, titles were replaced and the tai logo painted over; it may or may not have flown again for Air America.

Above and below: I dodged rattlesnakes at nearby Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in April , in order to photograph the prototype Boeing , designated Just a few pictures here, in March Above and below, a rare bird indeed. Boeing only produced 10 copies of the Model Stratoliner, the first commercial airliner to incorporate cabin pressurization. It was sold to a charter company in and after a checkered career away from the airline became the property of Aviation Specialties Co.

We will see more of her shortly. United and Eastern acquired large QC fleets but TWA only had eight and converted them standard cabin interiors after they did not prove worthwhile in the night freight business. After a 5-year delivery hiatus, TWA began taking delivery of 17 additional s. N turns into the gate in August , less than 8 months after delivery and wearing the twin-stripe livery, reminiscent of Connie days. It flew on lease with Continental for 18 months.

It was first NU with United. Texas International purchased it two years later. The last operator I could find was Air Aruba, which leased in in I rode B N from Los Angeles to Denver on October 21, , and hustled up to the observation deck for this picture before it flew on to Chicago. Both were among my favorite color schemes. By July 29, , , the more modernistic, less-exciting in my opinion Continental black meatball colors were prevalent. TWA N was another one-operator airplane, from its May delivery until retired in May NW arrived in December I was driving from Sandpoint, Idaho to Denver and took this picture July 11, A bit more recognizable, though not much, is Bozeman, Montana, where I stopped on June 10, , en route home from Minneapolis-St Paul on a circuitous routing to accumulate frequent flyer miles.

Now to Butte, still in Montana. The Canadair CRJ was relatively new to the airline at the time. I did a lot of flying through PDX while editor of Airliners Magazine, but rarely had time to stop for pictures. Above: The final service, Flight from North Bend, pulls into the gate during a rain shower. Another Horizon Air F. The larger, faster Dash 8-Q is now the sole type flown by Horizon Air, but when the pictured NQX brought me to Spokane from Seattle on May 16, , it had only been in service for a few months.

In May I was departing on an Alaska flight and from my window seat got this shot of Frontier A NFR, with its distinctive animal tail, this one a white owl. Northwest Airlines was the airline of choice, at least for me, when it came to East Coast trips, with convenient connections at Minneapolis-St Paul.

On March 21, , I was waiting at the gate for my flight to the Twin Cities, and photographed the airplane as it arrived. A NUS was already 19 years old, 46th off the Airbus assembly line. It was sold nine months later, to Goodyear, Arizona-based AeroTurbine, and scrapped. The setting sun limited my shooting opportunities. TWA was taking delivery of its last batch of s, as evidenced by N For those who believe Ozark never operated s …. Skipping ahead to October , we find the Stratoliner pictured earlier, following its delivery to Seattle for refurbishment.

I photographed it in front of the Museum of Flight, were it was parked for a Boeing management club meeting, which I attended as a guest. One of the meeting speakers was retired TWA Captain Bob Buck, well-known author, who flew Statoliners when they first began carrying passengers. Clipper Flying Cloud was painstakingly restored inside and out by dedicated Pan Am and Boeing volunteers.

Even the Boeing logo and Stratoliner markings were included. Its interior still held various test layouts. Five-abreast was as much as could be accommodated in the narrow fuselage that was widened for production models. I was there for its delivery ceremony. On the same visit, I managed to avoid Boeing security police and squeeze off a shot of Alaska NAS, being readied for delivery. The prototype Boeing was flown for the last time on September 21, , to Boeing Field, where it was built more than 36 years earlier production was later moved to Renton.

Across the ramp sat Air China L B, awaiting delivery. Although an open air facility now, it was designed to eventually be completely enclosed but for now it at least shelters the historic aircraft from much of the weather. During the visit I was guest of my good friend Geoff Thomas and www. Owned by the Douglas Historical Foundation at the time, it was later acquired by the Museum of Flight and placed here on permanent display. The Boeing prototype was repainted prior to movement to its new home. Used as a testbed for many years, it never flew for an airline.

The museum now allows visitors to take interior tours. This beautifully restored B sits next to a B and B