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Very cold in spots. The Lady in Black haunts the second floor of this boarding house where famous writer Robert Luis Stevenson lodged during his stay in Monterey. The Lady in Black is supposedly the proprietor of the establishment and haunts the nursery where her grandchildren died of cholera. Every Halloween night there is a new report of the crying woman. She is mistaken as La Llarona. Each year the kids go on dares to walk the river past the bend.

One year, the kid never came back. One year the first girl ever to do it was actually helped by the ghost. She was walking too close to the edge when the ghost pushed her away. If she would have fallen it was a foot drop in about 2 feet of water. Building used to be a speak-easy during the prohibition. A woman who worked at the establishment was married to a seaman, but had an affair with a piano player.

When the husband returned from Alaska and found out, he then murdered her on the beach below. The Blue Lady is a friendly and mischievous spirit. There are several building on the old Naval Base that are reported to be haunted. When the base was still operated by the Navy, Security Police Officers would check the building at night and reported seeing a little girl dressed in old style clothing inside staring at them.

Said to be haunted by two ghosts that look like a couple. There is one spat in the last theater room in the building that gets cold enough to shed ice aver your coke, when you sit there you also feel like someone is watching you. At night when workers used to turn off all the games in the brake rooms there are two of them some of them would switch back on when turned off no one else was there to do so.

One of the workers spent the night there after working late one night and heard a little girl screaming in his ear. Always having the feeling of being watched when alone. Some of people that have been there say they have seen a little girl in the emergency exit door way and just disappears through it. There is a ghost in the stockroom; it used to harass one of the female employees. It would push things over when she was in there alone. When in the office, we would hear loud crashes in the stock room, but when we would look on the camera, no one would be there.

When in the stock room, you can hear the fitting room doors slamming shut when the area is empty. In the mornings, we would come in to hear the sensors beeping in the jean wall; we would dig through the piles, find the pair of jeans, and then turn the sensor off. Later on, the beeping would start up again, but in a completely different place on the wall. After she was thrown the 2nd car struck her. Miss Lowerey became the first person to ever be killed by an automobile in this area. Many have seen a woman in white by the cemetery and near by areas, accompanied with strange lights.

He scared someone so bad that they immediately drove to the nearest phone and called the police, who arrived in force owing to the legend of the white witch and drew guns on what they thought was the ghost. The young man was almost shot, though he was not arrested, but he had to be taken to a coffee shop where it took him until 2am to calm down sufficiently to go home. The Niles ghost is most commonly said to hitchhike to one of the bridges in the area, where she disappears at the tollbooth.

There is no cemetery that they know of in Sunol, which is at the top of Niles Canyon Rd. Similarly; there is no Morrison Canyon ghost. Morrison Canyon road is a primarily one-lane road that leads up to the freeway. The church, the cemetery and the grounds are VERY active. The ghost of a young woman waiting at the steps of Orchard-Meadow hall. There is a ghost carriage haunting the road behind this residence hall as well as Mary Morse Hall. Lisser Hall is the campus theater, and said to be haunted by someone walking from one end of the stage to another.

The ghost of a man in one of the rooms has been reported. There is a ghost carriage haunting the road behind this residence hall as well as Ethal Moore Hall. Many employees have seen an older woman in the pet crematory gardening. There is only one gardener employed at the O. However, the Real gardener states that he never has to do any gardening behind the gates of the crematory because it is always weed free.

Many employees have asked who the lady is weeding in the crematory, when their supervisors are approached with this question they simply state. Its is a ghost. There said to be a ghost that haunts the park at night. One foggy night, in the Oakland hills, a woman crossed the street and got hit by a truck. She died and her spirit did not rest. This very day, she haunts the park. Rumor is that the park made the spirit a hut and a model house. When it gets dark, people had reports that they had seen a ghost.

When the place is empty you can hear foot steps, things get moved around. Workers report being chased out by something. Update: The theater has been torn down and a Walgreens has been built on the same spot. At night in a garden there is figure of a young girl sitting on a bench. The bench was dedicated to her when she died. If you sit on the bench around midnight it is said that you can hear crying and soft whispering in your ear, also feelings of being watched but there is no one there.

The girl was killed on a nearby train track when her bike got stuck in the tracks. At night in the bike racks you can see a blue cruiser bike that is totally wrecked and then it disappears. This used to be a movie theater and was burned down mysteriously and then it was built as an opera house and it burned down with people in it but, it was yet again a mystery on how it burned down, for more info on it go to the phoenix theater history. Anyway today this place is a hangout for kids and bands play here, but people see weird things up in the balcony you see out of the corner of your eye a white figure or a really dark shadow, in the bathrooms you hear things in the bathroom, the balcony is locked so no one can go in there unless a big show.

Reports of 3 spirits here. A man student was shot 18 times in the head you can here him running and screaming for his life and gun shot firing. And apparently a young girl hung herself in the photography dark room. When your are in the dark room you get feel a presence and get cold chills up your neck and back. A woman dressed in blue is reported walking around on the second floor of the building and the owner and his family claimed to have seen her too. A girl went into the basement to get boxes and was violently shoved from behind her when she turned around there was no one there.

After hours when counting money, things have been moved, sodas move to opposite sides of the table. The license plates the line the ceiling move random ones not all of them just one or two. Strange things happen when the lights go out. Most of the haunting happen in the bar area of this restaurant. The vintage light fixtures will go dim and then swing back and forth for a short period of time, then stop as abruptly as it started. A strong cold spot on the north edge of the dance floor. Most spooky however is when in the ladies room in a stall, a knocking will happen on the door when no one has entered.

Also, in the mirror a gentleman with a decorated festive hat will be looking at you. When you turn to see if he is behind you he is gone. Employees have similar stories. The hotel has closed up tunnels under it that at one time connected to the local police department. The hotel was at one time a very active brothel. Many people have taken the elevator in the learning center around in the afternoon, and they have complaint that all of a sudden they smell dead dog. Also, In the parking lot, People can see a naked guy doing the spits and disappearing into thin air.

It has been said that she has asked students to tell him goodbye for her…. Old Stage Road has been known for many hauntings. It runs right outside of Salinas and goes through the back roads of King city. After a couple of minutes passed by, he pulled over and savagely attacked and raped her. After this horrendous act he took the body out into the fields and decapitated her. Then he went out threw the head into the fields and left the body. Customers say that there are cold spots in the showroom area, and they feel that someone is watching them.

At nighttime one time a customer saw the shadow of someone. If you want you can spend a night or so in Miss Mary Lakes Room. Before the hotel even was a hotel, it was a school for girls since few girls had access to schools back then. Miss Mary Lake was the teacher. She was dedicated to her work. But when the school was closed down she was heart broken and as she eventually died.

Her spirit remained. Room top floor is where you can find her room. And the room by the cafeteria is locked and no one is allowed in there because a girl was raped and murdered in that room. Voices in the former eating area as well as the cell blocks are heard when no one else is around. Footsteps and the sounds of cell doors opening and closing also echo throughout the corridors. Also Cold spots are felt in the Dining Hall. While driving on the lower deck at night towards Oakland direction, drivers would hear knocking on the windows.

Some saying that they saw a headless man running next to their cars at the same speed of the cars. He was believed to be the victim of the earthquake. Located on Sacramento St. Once owned by Lady Cameron, the basement of the house was a refuge for Chinese immigrant from lives of prostitution and slavery, among the obvious discrimination and hell that was once Chinatown. She sealed the doors in the basement to protect the immigrants from inspections by the police.

However, the people were able to come in and out through a secret passageway. Apparently, rumors spread about her philanthropy and some people came and burned down the house. Everyone in the rooms died. Now, the restored Cameron House turned church sends chills up spines. The basement doors are still sealed, but every door contains a red charm and a gold charm to seal in the spirits, as well. Supposedly, these photos are nonchalantly mingled in with normal ones and kept in photo albums at the site.

In the place, is a woman around walking around, moving things. People always mistake her for a woman working there. The back room in the Parish Hall. Some say they have seen ghosts walking around and playing in the room.

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There are pianos in the room, and some people claim to hear the pianos playing classical music. They say that people were murdered in the room and those spirits are the ones haunting the living. There is an urban legend of an elderly church-going woman who was murdered by being pushed from a steep staircase, and whose body was later disposed of in the nearby dumpster.

It is said that when young girls use the bathroom near the staircase, you can hear her praying. Hail Mary…. Anyway, the story goes that if a cop in the park is trailing you, you need to go outside of the park first before you pull over. And once you do, the ghost cop will disappear.

She disposed of the child and killed her self in the reservoir. Haskell House Ghost of Senator Broderick has been seen pacing back and forth. Many soldiers died and their ghosts still haunt this hospital in Park Presidio. It is fenced off, but you can find ways either under the fence or over it. Many windows have been boarded up but a basement door towards the back of the building is open. Also, many windows are busted out and it is musty, graffiti-filled, and very spooky. You can hear footsteps, see reflections of light, and sometimes a cold draft. Even S. However, some past employees have felt cold spots in some of the new buildings.

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Singing can be heard in the 3rd floor bathroom when no one is around. Also on the 3rd floor, knocking on the lockers and from inside locked classrooms can be heard. The place in the school that is haunted is the boys restroom on the second floor by a boy named Johnny. It is said that if you are alone in the hall you can hear a knocking on the bathroom door. The teachers keep the bathroom door locked. This repository of the dead is not only wonderful eye candy, but has been a place of ghostly sightings as well.

One encounter included a visitor having felt a hand on her back. When the woman turned around, no one was there. But a eerie white handprint remained on her blouse. Now a registered city landmark, the Columbarium is open to the public. Donations are encouraged. The Sutro Baths have quite a history behind them, as well as the tunnel that lies directly to the right of the old sunken building. It has been said that many people have been sacrificed at the end of this tunnel, and if you go at night fall and light a candle at the end of the tunnel someone will come and pick it up and throw it into the water that rushes up just beyond the rocks.

A Operator got a call from Room in this hotel. When police investigated and found the room empty, the manager thought the call might have come from the ghost that haunts the room. The spirit is believed to be deceased night clerk who died when the former hotel on the site burned down on December 19, The current hotel was built with bricks from that hotel.

Several of the hotel employees report getting calls from Room at the front desk, but when they investigate, the room is always empty. There were recent sightings by employees that a young boy was sighted in the empty hallways leading to the storage room. The time was around am closing time. The employees, even a customer, saw a young male at the age around walking slowly towards them, but from a distance. One of the employees claimed to see the young spirit sitting beside some crates with his head down, and his arms covering his knees.

The customer simply believed that he saw someone standing on the corner at the end of the hallway facing against the wall. He wanted to use the nearby restroom before he saw the figure. All visions of his spirit were blurry because they said that there was lack of lighting inside the location. Rumors are that the building was once a motel in the mid s until it was burnt down because the owner had money problems with local gang members; however, the presence of the young boy is still a mystery.

San Francisco Arts Institute Supposedly built on a cemetery in the early after an earthquake, it is haunted by a few restless spirits. The hotel was reportedly a brothel owned by a Madame. She reportedly haunts room She has been known to knock on doors of the hallway the room is in, and when people open the doors after repeated knocks, no one is around.

There is also reports of a little girl roaming the hallways and trying to get into room It is actually an amazing hotel, and a great place to stay in with large groups of people cheap too. Also experienced, strange drafts, 3 directional; shadow of a person, and an apparition in a white suite. Many children haunt Pediatric. At night, or at later hours after school when not as many people are around , people have reported seeing a figure standing by one of the stalls then vanish.

A former student reported that when he and his friends would sit in the 3rd floor hallway nearest the back stairway that lead to a dead end wall. They would sometimes hear what would sound like a person whispering in that area. It is a house that was owned Sarah Winchester. A boy was brutally murdered in the late 70s. He was stabbed many times in the back. People say when he they pass by it at night they can see him with the knife in his back.

Boys and Girls club In the gym there has been people bouncing the ball were a man named Henry died wile building the gym. A long time ago a girl was running up the stairs and she tripped and she died. In a boy was murdered by his best friend many people say At approx. A little girl went to a party she got mad at her parents. She hung her parents in the barn. She then drowned herself in the pond so they could be together in heaven.

He is said to wear regular clothes and seems like a child. But his face is sad to be missing. Just flat skin. Teachers who work late usually say they see him at night walking on the basketball courts. One teacher noted that she approached him to ask him why he was here so late. She ran and called another teacher when this ghost turned around and appeared to have no face. A group of boys have also said that they say lights in the classrooms turn on and off, while they were at the school late at night.

There have been no records of any students dying at this school. It is said that when passing by, late at night, you could hear a distant torturous cry of a girl. Residents of the area are still spooked by the chills you get when passing through this area. It was said that in the middle of the school a young lady hung herself there, and sometimes at night when people get out of their night classes, people see her.

At these apartments there have been sightings of ghosts. It is said that these apartments were build on top of an old cemetery and that there were still some graves. Legend has it he fell off one of the catwalks while working. Now his spirit haunts the theater. Fact is no one has ever died in that theatre. No Janitors are ever allowed to go up there nor do they have reason too. The history however, behind George is he has been ever present since the has been built.

No one really knows where he comes from or what the history of the land is or anything…though there is a basic story that does float around. So far our George has three figures…The first being there was the business like man figure that was standing up against the wall. The second time George appeared, it was to the actors — [techs never saw him that night] however actors kept complaining about a little boy running around backstage trying to catch his toy ball. The last sighting that has happened was about a year ago witnessed by 2 people who where alone in the building.

A week later after seeing this one of the witnesses was in the lighting booth. Us thinking it was an earthquake ran and got the heck out of there. We went to our teachers office, which is located in the same building, and asked her if she felt an earthquake or anything. It is now said to be haunted. Also the gym which is no longer in use has been reported to have ghosts.

It is said that the old owner of the stables haunts the old barns. These stables are located behind Yearba Buena HS. Many teens go to the old barns at night for a scare. They have reported voices and a ghostly figure of a man. There have been sightings of a janitor that pass in early 80s. Students say they hear his cart being pushed around during night time.

Spotted a girl in the hallway. Her parents died in a car crash and she was left in the school where she hung herself. Now is said that she walks around the halls opening and closing doors and also seen when walking alone.

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Voices and crying can be heard here at night. It is said she hung her self inside one of the bathrooms behind the stage. It is said that many witnesses have heard the sound of children playing while students are in class. There was a child run over killed by his uncle. In D-Hall, it has been reported by many janitors and teachers that a little girl walks up and down D-Hall and the classes in it with her doll at hand. Some also say she moves vending machines, tosses chairs and desks. The story goes like this: Supposedly before the school was built it was an old cherry field, and the girls father worked there.

One day she was playing in the fields and fell asleep while her father was working. The father then got in a tractor and started mowing the fields. He ran her over and killed her without noticing that the cherry stains on the tractor was actually blood. He later looked for her and found her dead cut up where D-Hall is now. Some students say they have seen wet footprints near the site of haunting.

The ghost of a ten-year-old boy who was killed on an amusement park ride haunts the area where the ride once stood. Every night at exactly p. Built around after the original structure was destroyed in Workers have witnessed apparitions, strange laughter, screaming, cold spots and freezer doors flying open violently along with the ejection of the contents. Information about the site can be found rsconst. In the north valley Baptist church, there was a mass cult suicide, where innocent children were slaughtered like cows for there meat.

There have been sightings of pentagrams on the floor and ceilings covered in blood. You can sometimes feel the children hitting you to get out. The man was always in a black cape, has a lime green face, bald headed and is very visible at night or day.

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He is always floating just above the ground next to the southbound lanes with his arms folded and a stern look on his face. In the bell tower reports of past Jesuits are seen praying. In February , around PM, there were three Phone technicians working in one of the buildings. Two men and a woman. They were running new phone lines into a phone closet. Their was a door next to the closet. When the guys looked back to see what the heck was going on, they saw the ghost as well.

Immediately, they took off running. They ran so fast, they left the woman behind to fend for herself. She really freaked out trying to find an exit in the dark. Security had heard from the men once they arrived outside of a ghostly presence. He is supposedly the cause of all the accidents. Several workers complain to co-workers at seeing ghosts in the restaurants. One even attempted to contact a parapsychology institute nearby but nothing came of it. Although owners refute these claims, one waiter says restaurant hostesses, waiters and busboys have discussed the sightings among themselves.

Historians, meanwhile, have said a murder occurred at the site of the restaurant near the turn of the century. July Update: It is now a Chinese Restaurant. There is a cemetery on the left hand side of the road when going up Grahm Hill road right off of Highway 17 in S. This cemetery is pretty strange there is a lot of action going on in here. You can see faces and things moving inside of the cemetery. If you pull into the driveway towards the end of the cemetery and shine your headlights you will see a white figure coming towards you.

This ghost is not friendly. There are many orbs that you can see with the naked eye and some strange noises heard from the East end of the Cemetery. Faces are seen in the headstones and Dark shadows above them. Red, White and Blue Beach A woman was killed at this beach by her boyfriend. Apparently, her ghost is seen haunting the beach. Upstairs is haunted by a woman in a Victorian black dress who is looking for a book, she also opens doors even heavily locked and bolted or nailed ones and windows.

Downstairs, a man with glasses is seen in the empty fireplace, and in the basement an angry dog, probably from when local police used the place for search dog training, haunts the stairway and front door. Also a heard calls out for help from the basement. The malicious feeling persists for people just walking down the hall. Tony Sabatino Mr. Jeff Ziesman. James the Greater was among the first to leave everything and follow Jesus. He was part of a circle within the twelve that Jesus relied upon to lead in an extraordinary way.

James— is a powerful devotion that has endured for more than one thousand years. On our Christian pilgrimage, we are all called to be missionaries; some give by going, others go by giving. The circles of giving within the Camino Society bear the names of important stops along The Way of St. James, where pilgrims find rest, nourishment and camaraderie with others to continue the journey. Thank you for leading the way on this pilgrimage of sharing. We are immeasurably grateful for your generosity and for your support of Catholic education during the fiscal year.

Jeff and Sara Bierbaum Mr. William Biggins Mr. Thomas Feiden Mr. Paul Frick Mr. Arron Heinerikson Mr. Andy Jarvis Mr. Scott Kincaid Mr. Marty Krebs Mr. John Ludwikoski Sr. Lorenzo Person Mr. Mike Reilly Mrs. Joyce Solomon Mr. Troy Sydzyik Mr. Sean Wheeler Anonymous B. Mario Brancato Mr. Dan Bruegger Mr. Clint Burns Mr. Jeff Carlstedt Mr. Dan Dolan Mr. Kelly Dubbert Mr. Geoffrey Holton Mr. Kevin Kentfield Mr. Matthew Klinker. Mark Kohlrus Mr. John Kubicki Mr. Joshua Nelson Mr. Nick Rodina Mr.

Richard Schermerhorn Mr. Steve Smith Mr. Leo Storm Mr. Philip Straub Mr. Matthew Stuppy Mr. Bryon Vanlerberg Mr. Tray Vedock Mr. Will Cokeley Mr. Ray Abraham Ms. Denise Amor Dostal Mr. Paul Barrett Dr. Randy Brown Mr. Kent Charlton Mr. James Claiborne Mr. Sam Coffman Mr.

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Patrick Myers Deacon and Mrs. Dana Nearmyer Mr. Merle Petz Mr. Frank Pikus Mr. Ryan Plattner Mr. Martin Quinn Mr. Bill Rasmussen Drs.

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Robert Burns Mr. Daniel Burroughs Mr. Jeff Clary Mr. Brian Coens Mr. Mike Consiglio Mr. Daniel Costello Mr. Rick Cozzitorto Mr. David Cresswell Mr. Mike Dunsmore Mr. Robert Elbert Mr. Michael Farleigh Ms. Joyce Feder Mr. Patrick Feeney Mr. Doug Feist Mr. Tom Graham Mr. Rob Harber Mr. Rich Henry Mr. Thomas Hoog Mr. Mark Huppe Mr. Ed Johnson Mr. Patrick Kearney Mr. Richard Kerschen King Chiropractic Mr.

Joe Kipper. Julie Knoche Mr. Brad Kropf Mr. Chris Kumke Mr. Pete Leibham Mr. Steven Lovell Mr. Brian Kent Luther Mr. Mitch Mellick Mr. Patrick Miller Mr. John Muehlberger Mr. Jeffrey Oprisu Mr. Mark Popp Mr. Andrew Protzman Mr. Peter Radford Mr. Terry Radke Mr. Bill Rieke Mr. Randy Ritchie Mr. Sam Rockford Mr. Dale Schippers Mrs.

Kathy Schrage Mr. Pete Selenke Mr. James Smith Mr. Michael Stapp Mr. Chris Steinlage Mr. Brad Steinlage Mr. Brian Stephens Mr. Mark Twellman Mr. Mike Vielhauer Dr. Trevor Whitney Mr. Bill Wilkinson Ms. Karen Wisdom Mr. Benjamin Wornall Mr. Greg Bomhoff Mr. Joseph Boone Mr. Martin Boos Mr. Joseph Brazil Mr.

Gabe Brown Mr. Greg Bruning Mr. Joseph Buehler Mr. Brian Burwell Mr. Matthew Campbell Mr. Scott Coup Mr. Bob Cunningham Mr. John Dehan Mr. Isaac Diel Mr. Kurtis Doyle Mr. Jay Ellzey Mr. Jim Frank Mr.

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Rick Gasaway Mr. Edward Geris Mr. Marc Gordon Mr. Jeff Grable Ms. Chris Hafner Mr. Scott Hamele Mr. Kelby Hellwig Mr. Bill Hess Mr. Chris Holton Mr. Douglas Hotzel Mr. Joe Huerter Mr. Michael Huerter Mr. Jason Imlay Mr. Jerry Irvine Mr. John Joerger Mr. Stephen Johnson Mr. Ben Kalny Mr. Alex Kuhl Mr. Bob Kurland Mr. Kent Lamfers Mr. Chris Lang Mr.

Paul Laures Mr. John Le Mr. Joe Lindgren Mr. Jeff Lipp Mr. Jay Lock Ms. Kyli Maddox Mr. Steve and Jodie Maddox Mr. Jeff Manning Mr. Arlin Mast Mr. Robert Matulis Mr. Frank Mauro Mr. Pat McNally Mr. Dan Melchior Mr. Jim Moore Mr.

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Everett J and Mrs. Wilkinson Mr. James Winger Mr. Andrew Wurtenberger. Mark Alley Mr. Chris Arth Mr. Scott Bailie Mr. Doug Banks Mr. Keith Berning Mr. John Biondo Dr. Shannon Blunt Ms. Brady Bolton Mr. Brian Boutte Mr. Jeff Breeden Mr. Daryl Broxterman Mr. Bryan Bruggeman Mr. Tom Brungardt Mr. Bob Bryan Mr. Tim Buchanan Mr. Brian Bucklin Mr.

Paul Buechler Mr. Calvin Bumgarner Mr. Douglas Burkard Mr. Jason Burritt Mr. David Carlton Mr. Patrick Carolan Mr. John Cashero Mr. Robert Chadwick Mr. David Cobb Mr. Scott Comer Mr. Edward Condon Mr. John Conley Ms. Peg Coughlin Mr. Derek Cox Dr. Daniel Coy. Robert Crain Dr. Philip Curnes Mr. Michael Deggendorf Ms.

Sherri Denton Dr. Robert Devine Mr. Bryan Dobson Mr. Stan Dohm Mr. Mark Dold Ms. Kim Douglas Mr. Kyle Duker Mr. Gary Dulek Mr. Dennis Dumovich Mr. Roger Dykmann Mr. Geoff Edds Mr. Dan Enos Mr. Tom Fangman Mr. Steve Farnsworth Mr. Kevin Fitzgerald Mr. Dan Forst Mr. Mark Garies Mr.