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But you can be sure that there are capable men and women out there who are more than able to defend the Christian turf. They have education and experience, and they are not intimidated by clever arguments. When given the opportunity, they can more than hold their own, and show that the opposition has not really done its homework.

Christian Living Stories: Stirred – But Not Shaken

This is not a time to cower and bury our Christian heads in the sand. Most of us are not trained to challenge complex arguments or indulge in sophisticated debate. But all of us are more than able to make a significant contribution in a way that really does count.

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In a series of fascinating studies, Baylor University Professor Rodney Stark has thrown new light on how the Christian faith spread throughout the Roman Empire. In times of plague and famine, it was the Christians who cared for the sick and destitute. In an age when slaves and women were without power, it was the Christian way of life that gave them a voice and self-respect.

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Stark shows that it is simply nonsense to claim that Christianity has had an overall negative impact. If you brag, brag of this and this only: That you understand and know me. These are my trademarks. That is not a put-down of genuine scholarship.

Stirred, Not Shaken

Neither is it a flip slogan for self-righteous triumphalism. It is a challenge for us to live up to what we say we believe, whatever our opportunity and station in life. Yes, these are indeed faith-stirring times.

In this magazine, we do our best to bring you information and understanding. We believe that bigotry and ignorance from the Christian community are far more damaging to the cause of the gospel than all the cleverly constructed attacks from outside.

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There is much that is happening in this complex modern world to stir your faith. But nothing that need shake it. Be encouraged in the basics of your faith through this 5-part series by Beth Jones!

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