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Live at the iTunes Festival. The Million Dollar Piano. Wonderful Crazy Night. Wonderland Live: Zona Preferente. Behind the Lyrics. Live from the Oydessey Arena. Enrique Iglesias. Guitar Yarn - Eric McFadden. Band in Seattle - Season 3 Episode 5A. Solos: The Jazz Sessions. Erik Friedlander. Band In Seattle: Season 3 Episode Florence and The Machine. Band In Seattle Concert B.

Fly Moon Royalty. A Session With Foals. Band in Seattle: Concert Fysah and Vox Mod. Band in Seattle: Live debut - Concert B. Gilad and All That Jazz. Live Anthology Live at the White River Amphitheater. Band in Seattle Concert Band in Seattle Episode Live at the Fillmore, San Francisco. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

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Live at the moe. Down Festival. Grace Potter And The Nocturnals. Live at the Mountain Jam Festival. Volume One Day One. Grassroots to Bluegrass. Heart Like a Hand Grenade. Nice Jazz Festival Gregory Porter. Band in Seattle: A Concert. Band in Seattle - Episode. Grynch And Romaro. Live Main Square Festival July 5th Live at The Sydney Entertainment Centre. The First Waltz. Hard Working Americans. Hearts are Thugs. Band in Seattle: Episode Hearts are Thugs and Ghost Pains. Hillsong Worship. Live at Lincoln Center.

Live at The Hordern Pavilion. Iggy And The Stooges. Live at iTunes Festival Live at the Wireless Festival Live at the Moody Theater. Imagine Dragons. Band In seattle - In Cahoots Concert Of sages and of rages. Of stages and back pages. Here are all kinds of music—and just the music, performed by masters of guitar, keyboards, horns, percussion and a world of other instruments. Here are some real…classics. Real-life stories about your favorite artists, from childhood dreams to on-the-road adventures, on and backstage.

Sometimes, the best, most inventive, most challenging music is made by those who travel the road not taken: the alternative route. Stingray Qello uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. By continuing to use our service, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn more here. With the greatest performances on film of iconic and new artists, Stingray Qello brings the concert experience directly to you.

Not only will you get Unlimited Access to every full-length concert and music documentary, but you also get custom Setlists, exclusive premium Qello TV content, and more. No commitment, cancel any time. Wherever you are - the music follows. See All Devices. Ed Sheeran headlines the Pyramid stage on the final night of Glastonbury festival Live at Glastonbury Ed Sheeran. Add to My Q. The film features a live performance of "You're True" from the Grammy nominated album Ukulele Songs as well as a mix of Pearl Jam catalog, covers and songs from Vedder's critically acclaimed, award-winning solo record, Into The Wild.

Efterklang goes to an old Russian mining town, Piramida, to get inspired for their new album. The Ghost of Piramida Efterklang.


Aside from "delivering a punch harder than Crispin cider" train wreck'd society , you will find well-crafted albums, giant singable hooks, and a live show that will make you once again believe in the power of rock. This indie acoustic quintet from Nederland Colorado, reveals hidden treasures deep within a vast repertoire of original material. He is a true musicologist that has an enduring passion for the music he plays. His stories are colorful and textured; from GE on a Jimi Hendrix riff in a Little Richard song to auditioning for Dylan, GE tells an intimate, intriguing story of what sustains an axe man through his music.

GE's funny musings illustrate the true essence of "the definitive sideman. Live G. Year: Runtime: 1 hr 57 min. Gloria Tang Zhi Kei, also known as G. The talented Chinese singer-songwriter has released three studio albums, two live albums, one extended play EP , 11 singles, and a compilation album. X - Live is an audio-visual demonstration of her wide range of artistic skills. The internationally renowned singer used the Cologne City Garden for a stunning journey through his own history - a career that has made him one of the most unique artists of this genre.

The acoustic versions of his pop hits - including "The Gone", "Superior", "Send a Prayer" and "Different Places" - demonstrate how wonderfully melodic and memorable his songs are. MTV Unplugged Gentleman. Ghost Pains is a band that was founded by Dave Martin. Growing up in England listening to pop artist from a young age Dave started to write music. Moving to the Seattle area it took Dave only a months time to create roughly 20 songs that he and his group were able to introduce to the public in February Since that date Ghost Pains has put together concert after concert of precise beats and captivating lyrics making this cross genre band a band meant for the stars.

Catch them today here on Band in Seattle before they end up going worldwide. Live Anthology Glen Campbell. Sully Erna's singing style has been stated as "the snarl of James Hetfield", and "composed of dark harmony that sounds a lot like Alice in Chains". Merrill's bass style has been described as "bulldozer bottom with occasional slap-bass reverb". Larkin's drumming is thought to "worship at the twin altars of Neil Peart and John Bonham".

And Rombola's guitar playing style has been praised as "guitars that sound like percussion instruments". Live at the White River Amphitheater Godsmack. Grace is the Queen, guitarist Jimmy James is the King, and together they are unstoppable. Grace and Jimmy and Their True Loves, are getting serious love from everyone that hears them.

This live performance brings out the best from the Vermont-based Rock outfit fronted by multi-instrumentalist Grace Potter. The band blends funky Blues, Soul and Rock influenced by bands from the '60s and '70s. Their sound? Perhaps their greatest asset is the ability to transcend genres, never content to settle into one predefined sound.

GPN were once the up-and-coming darlings of the modern jazz and blues scene, receiving incessant comparisons to Norah Jones and Lucinda Williams. Yet their magnetic live shows and dedication to the road earned the band a warm welcoming from the jam-band community, leading to two nominations at the Jammys. At the same time, their acclaimed album This is Somewhere is a testament to the bands true roots pure rock music. The proof is there for all to hear on the bands third album for Hollywood Records, hitting this spring, and marks an artistic breakthrough for a vital young band caught in the act of fulfilling its immense promise.

Grassroots to Bluegrass is a history of bluegrass as told by those women and men who play the music with their hearts. This moment is also history in the making — a gathering of some of the music makers who pre-date bluegrass, as well as first and second generation 'grasser's. The film documents nine months with Green Day and the making of their album American Idiot. Abercrombie has been noted for mixing styles from bebop to blues, and using contemporary digital equipment to further enhance his music. Osby has led his own ensembles and guest performed in jazz bands for the past 20 years.

The episode features live footage and interviews with both musicians. As lead singer and keyboard player, Gregg was a vital part of the band's huge success. Watch the famous jazz singer perform at Nice Jazz Festival Nice Jazz Festival Gregory Porter. Grynch is part of a vibrant Seattle hip hop community in which he has collaborated with the likes of Sol, Blue Scholars and Macklemore.

His hit My Volvo has nearly a million and half views on YouTube. Grynch has a very natural flow that he has been honing since the young age of 10, which is part of the reason he is so well established. His DJ, Infrared, provides the beats while Grynch supplies the lyrics. Band in Seattle: A Concert Grynch. Together they make some amazing tunes and keep the audience engaged. This duo may have been opening concerts with that irresistibly smooth number for years, but it never seems to lose its magic, and the crowd — an eclectic mix of teens and baby boomers alike — lapped it up.

Hearts are Thugs have created their own style of rock pop and are going to get funky on Band in Seattle today. Let this trio of artists get you moving so you can stomp them feet to the beat. Hearts are Thugs are a loud pop rock band that will make sure you remember them many hours after they walk off stage. The lyrics and energy that comes from lead vocalist Erin Bednarz is energizing.

When Ghost Pains started to play I heard Rob Van Oss on bass, Mica Crisp with the guitar, Jamie Rizzo jamming out on the drums, and Dave Martins magical lyrics coordinated my mind through a path of destruction giving this music a true eerie atmosphere to my night. In Genesis 32 we read the story of Jacob wrestling with God through the night.

Will we be a worshipping people who are not content to sleep through the night spiritually speaking and wake in the morning unchanged?

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Like Jacob, will we enter into the wrestle with God, dare to know Him more intimately and be changed in the process? Our personal freedom is for corporate revival. There is More Hillsong Worship. In , Idina originated the role of "the green girl," the misunderstood witch in the hit musical "Wicked" which included her show-stopping performance of the song "Defying Gravity.

Her star turn in "Wicked" won her a Tony Award and huge critical acclaim. Live at Lincoln Center Idina Menzel. It was an old-school punk party complete with stage invasions, crazy crowdsurfing and an arsenal of punk anthems - it's Iggy And The Stooges' scorching Sydney show! The band brought the fun and the fury, setting the tone for an electrifying night out at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion. Now, the best seat in the house belongs to you. In one of the more unlikely crossover success stories, blonde Australian beauty Iggy Azalea segued from a high-profile modeling career to become a pop-rap star.

In this live music experience Iggy Azalea performs some of her most prominent and loved songs.

Out Of Time

Live at iTunes Festival Iggy Azalea. Iggy Azalea takes over the stage at Live at the Wireless Festival in this electrifying live experience. Live at the Wireless Festival Iggy Azalea. Filmed at The Moody Theater, Texas, this concert film will give all fans a spectacular Live experience from start to finish. Classic Imagine Dragons featuring unforgettable version of their hits: 'Demons', 'Radioactive' and many more….

Live at the Moody Theater Imagine Dragons. Finding a rock band in Seattle these days is a bit of an oddity, but one with catchy and infectious songs that stick in your head is rarer still. Seattle Washington's In Cahoots is exactly that kind of band. They will be releasing their 4th album in March, Dogland which was recorded at the legendary Hall of Justice Studios with producer Andy Park. Christina's soaring vocals have a beautiful mix of "vixen and venom" that highlight her clever songwriting skills. Being closely attached to nature, deeply loving our planet earth and all creatures permits my intuition to guide me in my work.

In my paintings natural materials are often included. My special offer to you is an individualized painting, perfectly matched to you and your living environment. I manage this by intuitively adjusting to you. By appointment you can visit me to examine my work, eventually you can visit an actual exhibition. In my exhibitions I mostly combine painting and jewellery art.

The most important aspect of my art is feeling, sensing, experiencing. My paintings and jewellery are in a certain way 'living objects', being created they come to life, you can sense the individual energy and expression. I here present to you a small selection of my painting art. In my water paintings I may include dried leafs, grass or flowers and gold leaf, all of them combined with finest water colours. All water paintings come framed under glass. I have been labelled with the 'Memon environmental label', expresssing the responsibility for mankind, nature and environment.

The water, that's being used in my paintings or for cleaning gems, ist therefore of exceptional, spring quality. The colours become even more brilliant, more shining, my work even more natural and expressive. My oil paintings are being created with the finest oil colours. Sometimes being produced by myself out of grinded gems. Natural materials like feathers, bark, wood, dried plants, gold leaf or gems may be added to my paintings too. You may offer these through the contact. From the beginning my main concern is the loving, respectful treatment of all materials.

Every gemstone has its own history of being prospected, handled, cut, traded. Every action leaves its track in the energetical response of the stone. Therefore it's being carefully cleaned energetically, for example in pure spring water. From the start, the design until completion I'm being led from intuition and love. Resulting in a harmonic piece of work, full of beauty and power.

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In working gold en silver I sense the material coming to life. Some stones come to power, when combined in wood, others prefer to be set into antler. Experiencing a finished piece of work often is astonishing even to myself. Every piece of jewellery becomes a name and with it comes a 'declaration of uniqueness', that is a certificate of its uniqueness and of the contained materials. The jewellery shines in harmony and light, every piece finding its matching owner. Wir Menschen gehen als Neugeborene in absolutem Vertrauen in diese Welt. Das Leben, ein wohl nie endender Lernprozess.


Wobei jedes Werk ein Unikat ist. Auszug: "Liebe" - Die niemals vergeht. Die verzeiht. Die besteht. Die nicht fordert. Die vertraut. Die an mich glaubt. Sie ist unsterblich, denn Buch "Metamorphose". Der Ruf der Eule dringt ein in jede Zelle. Es werde Licht! Die Helligkeit erstrahlt und spiegelt des Adlers Schwingen. While working with clay a couple of years ago, intuitively I formed small balls. I then added feathers and gemstones. From that moment I was enthousiastic about these little pieces of art.

The most I was impressed by the wonderful energy of joy and happiness they showed. That was the birth hour of my 'Happy Feathers' as I call them since. You can't do anything but smile, when seeing and feeling such a tiny unicate. Epecially if it comes as a gift. I only use feathers in their natural colours, some I collect in our home woods, others I'ld buy. I clean them with soap and water, let them dry for a couple of days. Then I smooth every single one of them between my fingers, restoring their original form.

Of course the gemstones are cleaned in spring water too. I love it, to create these enchanting little pieces of art and to present them to you. A certificate will come with them when ordered. Ordering can be done by the contact. Price for bigger ones may be requested. Hier finden Sie alles Wissenswerte und Aktuelle. Atme Liebe ein Frage einfach bei mir an per Mail oder Telefon. In tiefer Dankbarkeit Deine Andrea Akinawa. Wir werden das ganze Jahr begleitet von dieser wunderbaren Energie! Maybe the following experience is common to you. You go to bed while thinking about some important problem.

At night you're dreaming a lot, maybe many strange things you can't really remember afterwards. But one scene has imprinted itself in your consciousness. You sense instinctively and deeply, that you became an important hint to the questions that bothered you the night before. Your brain keeps working on the case and at once the hidden meaning of this dream becomes clear to you.

If so, that's really great! Unfortunitely for most people this is not the case. Many of us are conditioned in a way, that forces us to seek solutions for our difficulties by thinking rationally only. Thinking too, that every problem has to be solved by ourselves, without any help from outside. Thank God this is not the case!