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Riegel Riegel Sheet Music. Luna Kahuna. Click on the name of the song to play the music! Hot Cross Buns. Mary Had a Little Lamb with Recorder. Lucy Locket.

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Green Belt - It's Raining. Purple Belt - Old MacDonald. Old MacDonald. Purple Belt - Hush Little Baby. Hush Little Baby. Blue belt - Lightly Row. Lightly Row. Blue belt - When the Saints. When the Saints. Red Belt - Twinkle.

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Red Belt - Yankee Doodle. Brown Belt - Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace. Black Belt - Ode to Joy.

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Despite this devotion, Noah kept company with other young ladies when Becca returned to Boston in June When he finally recognized his deep feelings for Rebecca, no other woman would do. I have lived a long time a bachelor, something more than thirty-one years. I had an enterprising turn of mind, was bold, vain, inexperienced. I have made some unsuccessful attempts, but on the whole hav [sic]done as well as most men of my years.

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I begin a profession, at a late period of life, but have some advantages of traveling and observation. Noah and Rebecca were married in Boston.

Almost immediately, Rebecca fell ill with the flu, which had laid Noah low only days before the wedding. But home life with Becca seemed to suit him best and despite his scholarly and serious image in the world of men, letters, and government, he was a devoted family man.

And this he did for a time, but his interests were wide ranging and his traveling continued. In later years he pursued numerous publishing endeavors, including school books, histories, two pro-Federalist newspapers, the Spectator and the Commercial Advertiser, abolition pamphlets and flyers, political treatises, books on public health, and, of course, dictionaries.

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The museum is guided by the work of Kate Van Winkle Keller and Charles Cyril Hendrickson, 18th-century American dance scholars who have written numerous books and articles on the subject. The masters taught dance to young people eager to meet and be well perceived by members of the opposite sex. What is difficult to portray today is the social essence of dance in the 18th century. A gavotte under the watchful eyes of elders was the most common method of meeting appropriate potential mates.

Because the minuets, gavottes, and allemandes were performed generally by a couple, unlike individual reels and jigs and group country dances, they required the instruction of a dancing master.

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She takes a diverse crew of men, women, and youth and forms them into an elegant party of fine Colonial- and Federal-era hoofers. While performances by the Webster Company are accompanied by onlookers, they are rarely elders. Today, a gathering is best described as the sudden appearance of an incongruous group of anachronists of all ages. Audiences are always asked to join in, and, with few exceptions, crowds are eager to abandon their 21st-century inhibitions.

Vivian F. Albert Noah Webster , best known as the author of the landmark American Dictionary of the English Language, sowed his share of wild oats as a young man. Comments are closed.