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Now you don't have to read the book. Dec 28, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction , , motivational , personal-development , e-book. This guide promotes the idea that with a structural plan, people can make better use of their time off work. I cannot speak for every person, but I do know that I am often frustrated by my lack of productivity at the end of a weekend. It's not that I hadn't wanted to visit that art gallery, take a long hike or paint watercolour landscapes, but I didn't get a plan in place soon enough to make these things happen. I seem to suffer, too, from being "torn between a desire to improve the world, and a desire to enjoy the world [and] this makes it hard to plan the day" E.

I have so many things that I desire to do and, more often than not, I end up doing none of things desired, because I don't know where to start. Laura Vanderkam maintains that some structure in a weekend will leave you more relaxed than having no structure and choosing to loaf. She argues that, "in a world of constant connectivity, even loafing time must be consciously chosen, because time will be filled with something whether it's consciously chosen or not".

Which begs the question - Can you waste a whole day checking Facebook, Twitter and flipping through websites? Moreover - has this already happened to me? Regrettably, yes. Do I feel rejuvenated after such a weekend and does it leave an indelible, fond mark upon my memory? No and Laura Vanderkam reminds the reader of an Anatole France quotation: "Man is so made that he can only find relaxation from one kind of labor by taking up another".

10 Things Successful People Do On Weekends

Labor, rather than loaf, is the operative word. It is important to note that the author is not suggesting to micromanage each detail of the weekend, but rather to plan a few "anchor events" enjoyable items before the start of the weekend in order to maximize the sixty-odd hours of a typical weekend. With that idea in mind, Laura Vanderkam suggests, "When you plan enjoyable things ahead of time, you magnify the pleasure". Which leads me to where I began — reading this book has been perfect in its timing. More often than not, at the end of the Christmas holidays, I feel a bit sad and anticlimactic.

After reading this eBook, I realize that I need to plan a little more, in order to spur my work week in a forward motion rather than trudging through the days and to derive more pleasure by anticipating approaching events. I can foresee rereading this text in the future whenever my weekends begin to look a little frayed around the edges. View 1 comment.

5 Things Successful People Do on Weekends

May 07, Sarah rated it really liked it. Biggest takeaway- your weekends are a finite resource. You can do the things you wish to do with your weekend time, but you must have a plan. Resist the urge to lounge around, doing nothing. Dec 28, loafingcactus rated it liked it Shelves: library-kindle , read If you read the booklet and do what it says, you will definitely get your money's worth.

So I don't really have anything to complain about, and yet I will. I was really surprised when I got to the end of the book- chunk, that's it?! It was as if the writer suddenly became bored with the subject and decided to stop. Or maybe that is all the write thought the intended reader wants? The person who b If you read the booklet and do what it says, you will definitely get your money's worth.

The person who buys this book is already anticipating some value in the weekend, but what about a spouse who may need persuading? Give the poor reader something to work with! Also, a few more problems and solutions would have been a good idea. Managing electronic leashes would be one topic to cover more in depth two concrete solutions were offered, but there are enough permutations of this issue that more solutions would be useful. Jan 13, Joy rated it it was amazing. Great little read on the importance of rest and finding things to enjoy on the weekend. I appreciated this little gem very much.

Mar 04, Randy Hsieh rated it really liked it. Short but interesting, the author helps to bring perspective on time, how much we have and how we might better spend it. It's easy enough to get through in a sunny afternoon and worth it if you can apply her ideas to your life and take some kind of action. Apr 21, Kym rated it it was ok.

So, plan ahead. This was like a Buzzfeed list. And coming out of the gate with Mike Huckabee? No thanks. Feb 26, Meghan Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: improvement , audiobook. Suuuuuuper short, more of a long article than a book, but with interesting information.

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Nothing new if you read hours, though, so read that one and skip this. It's still a good refresher - I looked up things to do this weekend, to begin prepping :D. Dec 26, Keren Threlfall rated it liked it Shelves: personal-productivity , reading. Thus, we end up not maximizing our weekend hours and arriving to Monday unrejuvenated and disappointed at how we once again spent another passing weekend. These days, it is also easy to take our work with us wherever we go, and so it's important to be intentional about going off-the-grid whatever that may mean particularly for each of us.

What Successful People do on the Weekends - 4 Habits Successful People do

For those with children, this book also highlighted the brevity of the time we have with our children to build and create memories together. This point was illustrated by reminding parents that most of us have around weekends with each of our children and even some of those will not be years they remember. What a gift to them and to ourselves to use those weekends together and wisely. Like some of her other works, I sort of have to disagree with Laura on the importance of a clean house ; , but maybe that's because in our home, neither of us work outside the house with a few meetings away from home, on his part and spend a lot of time in our home and a messy house tends to make us all grumpy.

However, I can still agree that scheduling in short periods for housecleaning such as a Friday night will make us more likely to work quickly to accomplish it, and then be able to use our Saturday and Sunday for other activities. Reading this book can definitely be a short anchor point for the weekend, and if you're leaving weekends feeling more tired and unhappy, this might be a helpful read for less than a cup of Starbucks coffee. Table of Contents Feb 09, Rowena Morais added it.

This is the second in a series of three eBooks. A very quick read I finished it in a three hour block this pager draws on real-life anecdotes and scientific research to explain why doing nothing can be exhausting and why happy people make weekend plans in advance. A labour of love or passion perhaps. The point Laura makes, and one I experienced myself, is that many of us do indeed have trouble using our weekends well.

What we need to do is to be very mindful about how we approach our weekends. One might argue that the careful planning and meticulous detail involved may take the element of spontaneity away, something we might think of as an essential element of weekends. But what is the point of the possibility of spontaneity if the reality is that you feel your weekend has slipped away, ever so quickly, with nothing to show for it, yet again? Laura makes a strong case for yes, a strategic approach to these valuable, restorative hours. While I was initially opposed to the idea of planning weekends, this appeal to structure makes all the more sense when you have a young family.

Doing nothing when caring for a young family does not mean that you do literally nothing. And so it goes that there are two decisions involved in creating weekends that can leave you rejuvenated. It is choosing labours of a different sort and embracing the benefits of anticipation. Laura goes on to suggest pointers on planning a weekend, such as having a list of dreams, adding anchors, using mornings and creating traditions. While I would have liked more examples of how successful people are spending their weekends, the book makes up for it by posing the kind of questions that really make you take a considered approach and rethink how you are currently doing things.

Highly recommended. First reviewed in the january issue of HR Matters magazine. Jan 30, Kelsey Jones rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobooks. Great ideas. Jul 30, Hallie rated it really liked it. There were multiple pieces of information I took away from this book, which is a hallmark of solid content to me.

I like her recommendation to plan goals for professional, personal, and relational areas of life at the start of each year, and then use weekends to intentionally work on som Similar to What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, this "how to"-esque audiobook was more of a 3. I like her recommendation to plan goals for professional, personal, and relational areas of life at the start of each year, and then use weekends to intentionally work on some of those goals if not worked on during the week.

I also think her message of planning the weekends ahead of time is key for actively using our weekends the way we want in order to maximize their restorative, enjoyable, and meaningful purposes. Through this audiobook, I was able to make the connection that if I don't use my weekend, it will use me - and the benefits are not reciprocal. One thing Laura said stuck with me: "This is all there is.

Rather, because this is all there is, her recommendation to plan the weekend to fit activities even as small and seemingly unnecessary to plan like reading that make us happy and relaxed and fulfilled resonates strongly.

Feb 07, Catherine Gillespie rated it liked it Shelves: balance , time-management. She thinks of it as cross-training—neither overwork nor too much doing nothing. The book does a great job of profiling busy people who make times for a restorative weekend, discussing relevant research, and offering practical suggestions for how to make sure your weekends leave you ready for Monday morning.

Jan 06, Pauline rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction. For me, there were some useful insights, such as, doing nothing may be less refreshing than doing something , and the importance of minimizing chores. I plan to read it again and think about what changes I can make to my weekend habits.

1. Plan an agenda.

As other reviewers have said, this book is very short, but, if your weekends leave you less than delighted, then for the price of a chai latte, t I have not read Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think so I don't know how many of the ideas were explored there. As other reviewers have said, this book is very short, but, if your weekends leave you less than delighted, then for the price of a chai latte, this is worth a look.

Mar 03, Jen Turrell rated it it was amazing. Another great one from Laura Vanderkam! I have steadily working my way through all of her books and have really loved them all so far. That is the best takeaway that I have gotten from all of her books is to look at the time I spend weekly on tasks, use solid blocks of time to deal with specific high-level tasks, and then plan out my l Another great one from Laura Vanderkam!

That is the best takeaway that I have gotten from all of her books is to look at the time I spend weekly on tasks, use solid blocks of time to deal with specific high-level tasks, and then plan out my leisure and family time with as much care to make sure we actually get to the things that we mast want to do in our free time as well as in work time.

May 25, Justin rated it really liked it.

A Short Guide to Making the Most of Your Days Off (A Penguin Special from Portfo lio)

Like most of the series, this is a light and breezy read. My takeaway was to plan for the weekend to-do-list, calendar just as you would a work day. The difference is the items should be fun, life-afirming, or otherwise personally advantageous. She divides the weekend into five discrete parts: Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday evening. Thinking and planning this way will help you get off the couch and make something of your weekend before it evaporates.

Jul 24, Jill rated it really liked it. And I loved it.

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I thought it was a great perspective on weekends and that while we may be tempted to think there will always being another weekend ahead to do what we'd really like to do, no one knows what the future holds so planning and prioritizing what time we have is worth it.

The memories we create with our lives are worth the hassle and highs and lows of making them. Have you heard all this it before? I don't know. Listen or read and let me know. Sep 21, Shuan rated it really liked it. We all know that Weekends are precious. Yet few of us plan for them. That's not very clever, isn't it?

The author encourages us to plan ahead for these precious days of the week. Exercising, socializing, and spiritual times are proven to make us happy and recharged. In addition, planning ahead for the weekend leads to anticipation, which has a multiplier effect on the goodness that these activities give to us. A simple but wise tip in a short and readable form. May we all have better weekends and We all know that Weekends are precious. Even throughout the weekends they are creating relationships and participating in activities which enhance their personal growth and development.

Surrounding yourself with those closest to you reminds you of your purpose and grounds you. This time serves as a reminder for why you work so hard and what is truly important. Getting away from the same scenery and town is educational and energizing. Traveling always reminds me of the diverse world that we live in thus making me more appreciative and thankful for all of the different cultures.

This time away almost always proves to be the times when Jackie and I meet the most interesting people. As a Christian I respect Sundays. Therefore, I will most often be in my home church giving praise. Regardless of your style of worship it is healthy to recognize and serve something bigger than yourself. Successful people most often recognize their place in the world and universe. As I just mentioned above I certainly do not want to work on a Sunday but that goes for any portion weekend. It is a misconception that successful people work 7 days per week.

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast - Book

Truly successful people lead rich lives outside of the workplace. There has become an American trend to tout your lengthy work hours as a badge of honor, no thanks. If you work effectively and smart; you can enjoy your weekends outside of the office. Lastly, I certainly want to avoid mundane chores. Most tasks that are in this category should be outsourced to someone who is better suited for the task than yourself.

Use your time more wisely. The extra hours which are available on a Saturday and Sunday are perfect for exercise. There are numerous studies that prove healthy, active people do better financially and relationally. Working your body releases stress and helps you to stay mentally sharp throughout the week. As a side note, as a rule successful people workout throughout the week as well. Leaders are readers. Every successful person that I know reads books. So, you figure that one out: For me there is no better time of the week than a Sunday afternoon to spend with a book.

Making connections with others throughout the week can be difficult for someone who leads a busy life. Successful people recognize the importance of maintaining a successful network. There is certainly a correlation between the friends you keep and your income. Many believe that your income will gravitate to your five closest friends income. Think about your relationships and see if that holds true for you. My wife is great at this!

She will plan her meals and wardrobe out for the week. Even going as far as prepping the meals ahead of time. This allows her to avoid bad eating decisions simply because she may be in a hurry. As for the clothes, there are numerous accounts of Presidents and other high achievers who either practice this planning method or plan to wear the same suit or clothes day in day out.

This is one less decision that frees their mind for more important matters. Long Term Planning during the weekends is perfect due to weekends general slower pace. The slower pace allows you to take a big picture approach and evaluate if you are on course. Trust me on this one, successful people plan everything. Weekends are perfect times to allow your creativity to flow. Taking up a hobby or pursuing a passion is a frequent weekend activity for successful people. This creativity even helps to be a more creative problem solver in the workplace and a more well rounded person.

So, while it may not look like you are working this time spent on a hobby or creative endeavor affords value all week long!