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The second filmed adaptation was the Japanese motion picture Matango , shown on American television under the title Attack of the Mushroom People. Mushrooms from Hell! Upon being eaten, the mushrooms sprout from the eater's skin and influence their actions. John Brosnan 's novel The Fungus from has a similar plot, in which mutated fungi destroy England, and those infected die or become mutated mushroom people, depending on which type of fungus has infected them. Brian Lumley 's short story "Fruiting Bodies", which won the British Fantasy Award in , concerns a strange fungus that slowly destroys a town and ultimately consumes the bodies of the last remaining residents, but keeps their form.

The story ends ominously as wood from the town has been harvested for use in homes across England, and the narrator has inhaled spores from the strange fungi.

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Lumley has named "The Voice in the Night" as one of his favourite stories. The concept of fungal symbiosis or assimilation of humans is also frequently found in the work of Jeff VanderMeer , especially in his "Ambergris" novels and short stories.

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The same concept is used in the video game The Last of Us. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Though the tales presented are diverse in style and content, most are firmly grounded in explorations of potent and often contradictory passions. Upon cleaning a mirror with the stuff, the narrator is treated to a reflection which subtly improves everything viewed in it with an ephemeral veneer of optimism. As the pseudo-parable shares thematic elements with the Narcissus myth, things go predictably awry when the narrator becomes addicted to this altered state of perception.

The story of a larger-than-life sleeping competition between the can-do spirit of American progress, Paul Bunion, and his antithesis of a brother James, is humorous, not only for its content, but also the colloquial tone employed by its frontiersman narrator.

Night Watcher’s Tales

Other stories employ varying degrees of magical realism as a means of creating broader metaphors. Millhauser presents a refreshing abundance of imagery, subject matter, diction, phraseology, and philosophical discourse that will likely amuse and inspire any reader who harbors an appetite for the offbeat. Like well-constructed poetry, Voices in the Night rewards contemplation, re-visitation and auxiliary reading with uncanny glimpses of sublimity and the deepest reaches of human longing.

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