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Skip navigation! If there's one thing we all have in common, it's that we want our hair to look amazing—but with minimal effort. Because who wants to spend a zillion hours washing, conditioning, applying product, and styling your locks into a coif of perfection?

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What we really want is gorgeous, easy, no-fuss hair that's eternally wearable but still infinitely chic. Especially since the final weeks of summer call for some extra lounging. In other words, embrace your much-loved lazy side with our nine deceptively easy and uncomplicated styling tips that will make everyone think you spend hours primping those locks.

The universe is currently in the process of bringing back all the things we loved from the early aughts, but with a new-and-improved spin. Case in point:.

Chill Girl’s Guide to: Why you don’t have Healthy Blonde Hair.

Picture this: It's the hottest day of summer, and you're four hours deep into an all-day hair appointment that seeps well into the evening, too. Go into the product stash off any woman with natural hair, and you're likely to find a co-wash short for conditioner wash. While many women with curls.

Nothing disrupts a beach day quite like a gust of wind picking up sand and blowing it everywhere, turning a blissful afternoon into a gritty rat's-nest.

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We suggest starting with Biolage R. Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner. With 7X more conditioning, it will leave hair undeniably shiny and touchable! To get the most out of your natural texture you can either air-dry it or diffuse dry it with an attachment.

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Infused with cacao to nourish and define, this styler will give your control within your style. Adding a bit of texture to your curls is the best way to make them stand out! It is important to note that finishing off your look should only be done on hair that is fully dry. This will create unbelievable texture and volume that would make anyone jealous.

If your curls start to fall flat throughout the day, simply tousle with your hands starting at the roots and pulling through mid-lengths. Inspiration can be found in the every day.

Teenagers Try '90s Hair Tools

It just takes a new perspective to learn how to harness what might be inconsequential moments into powerful creativity. This is exactly what Adrian Gutierrez did with his latest collection. Each day, Adrian observes his garden while drinking tea before heading to work. This is where shapes and texture came to life - from nature. Keep reading to learn more about his latest collection, how he got to where he is today! Every colourist knows about the rhythm that takes place behind the chair.

As skill and dexterity increase, so does your ability to work quickly and efficiently. One of the most important aspects of increasing your timing comes down to the tools you use to get the look. MURPHY is proud to introduce two of their latest colour tools in a line of effective and sustainable choices. As we inch closer to summer, long hair becomes more of a chore than a fashion statement.

The good news: Short hair is in, and almost every A-lister is embracing shorter locks at the moment. Check out three celebs who are giving major hair envy to women everywhere. Sam Villa educates and inspires stylists behind the chair and throughout their careers. Recently we caught up with Sam at Premiere Orlando where he was hosting in-depth live classes.

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