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I can look at a recipe and be ready? I love this post. I really despise boxed cake mixes and even more so canned frosting. I look forward to making these into cupcakes for my nieces the next time I have them over.

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Thank you for another great recipe Deb :. This recipe is on my list to try, even tho I will be stepping out on Rose Levy Beranbaum and her absolutely fabulous yellow cake found in the Cake Bible. Sarah — Yes, why not? As always, it is best to rotate your cake pans halfway through, top to bottom, and turn them Hm, I suppose I could add this to the recipe too! Est — I am not sure. You can use baking soda to make baking powder but I have not heard about it working the other way around. If your baking powder is causing any funny tastes in your baked goods, you should keep your eye out for an aluminum-free brand, such as Rumford.

That is actually my favorite cake too. I am not a big double chocolate fan, but this cake does it all for me. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Who am I kidding, I deserve a 23 and 5 months birthday cake, right? Oh gravy! How I would love a slice of that right now, with a big glass of milk! Happy happy happy.

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I cannot wait to try this out. Thank you! My husband and his family who live near by all request the Dunkin Hines yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting for their birthday cake. Every year for my husbands birthday I bring up the subject of me baking a cake from scratch rather than out of a box.

He wants nothing to do with it. Oh wonderful! The icing looks right up my alley! Thanks so much! I had to join the party. My husband loves, loves yellow cake while I always thought it was boring. But your cake inspires me to bake him one. He will thank you :. Awwww, Deb, congrats! I LOVE yellow cake, it is by far my favorite especially with chocolate frosting!! I have made a few but like you said, seem to prefer the boxed version for its moistness. Thanks for the recipe.

I love yellow cake and and dense chocolate frosting. And this cake really looks so so good! Did you put the leftovers in the fridge? I imagine with sour cream in the frosting, it has to be stored there. Leftovers in the fridge: Yes, definitely. You can leave it out for a few hours but for longer-term storage, it should be cold. Regular buttercreams are fine at room temperature.

So he ended up using corn syrup, which produced the best flavor as well as a shiny, smooth frosting. Corn syrup is an invert sugar, and in many baking and candy recipes, simply works better than a dry sugar. But of course a milk chocolate will have a less intense chocolate flavor than a semi- or bittersweet.

What can I say? It arrives in 12 weeks.

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  4. This should be fun! We have lots of birthdays coming up this month and I have been looking for the perfect yellow cake!

    Wickedly Fun Halloween Cupcakes

    Here it is on a blog I follow. That would be top on my list too if there was a baby on the way! I am wondering the same thing Suzan is… do you need to put leftovers in the fridge? I would dearly love a piece of your cake right now. Must be the buttermilk in the cake that makes it IT. Thank you.

    Watched Ina this weekend and she likes the coffee crystals added to chocolate. Will have to try it. My go-to recipe is from the epicurious website. Well, after your recommendation I must make this cake! Now I just have to find someone with a birthday in the next week…. Love the sour cream chocolate frosting touch. Then the eye-rolling subsides, because chocolate frosting with a slight tang is just about the best thing ever. Now can you figure out the rum cake recipe? The usual is a box of yellow cake mix plus a box of instant pudding mix plus rum.

    It is good but it bothers me to use the mixes. Not suitable for Baby but so almost necessary for adults. Can you do it? I need to make this cake immediately. Thanks for being a great source of inspiration and insanely tasty cake recipes! I always avoid the mixes but the extra work is hard to justify to friends who get just as good when not better results with the box.

    I cannot wait to try this! Is there an alternative to the corn syrup that I could try. My kid has some sensitivities to it. He wants a Gopher Cake. Heaven help me. First of all, congrats on being a crib owner…haha! Your baby is going to be spoiled in the kitchen! Congratulations on selecting and ordering the crib!

    You may have saved me. This looks fabulous! Maybe next year he might actually get an honest-to-goodness-homemade-completely-from-scratch cake! Should I use yogurt or milk with lemon juice???? Which crib did you end up buying? This cake looks wonderful! And congrats on the countdown to your little one! Super simple, basic and no need to do anything funky. Hi Deb, Thanks so much for the cake recipe. I would love for this recipe to be my IT yellow cake recipe as well.

    I just made your carrot cupcakes yesterday and they were a big hit! This reminds me of what my mother used to make minus the confetti sprinkles. She just turned 89, and I made her your raspberry buttermilk cake, which she and the rest of my family loved. Mom was a wonderful cook and baker until she lost her sight to macular degeneration who made everything from scratch and taught us likewise.

    I am thankful every day that she cared enough to seek out the best for us and handed on her passion for good food. You already are a great mama, Deb! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe! This sounds fantastic. Second, new babies do NOT need a crib. My parents used a dresser draw padded with towels for the first week or two. Think about what the babies lay in at the hospital—looks like a very simple tub with a layer or two of flannel-covered sheeting, and maybe a light pad not much.

    So the baby arriving before the bed is simply not a problem. Good luck! Oh i cannot wait to try this!! I was just thinking yesterday I needed a go to cake recipe and here you went and did all the work for me! This looks delish! Does this cake need to be stored in the fridge? I will definitely be trying this. Cake mix always have this chemical aftertaste to me.

    And congratulations on your coming baby, it is such fun to be a Mom:.


    Looks delish… and totally normal that the recipe is what you would think about as parent-hood approaches. Not that I would know. I only have dogs. Is that English? Or just keywords strung together? I think about these things too much. Thanks Deb for another fun, great recipe. I made these into cupcakes tonight — I halved the recipe and it made 13 cupcakes — they were lovely cupcakes with a pretty decent dome. The frosting was also wonderful with a welcomed twist.

    I used dark and milk chocolate that is what I had. Looking forward to trying this one out! Neither one of my kids was in a crib before 3 months…. That way I kept them very close, right by the side of my bed, and it just seemed more cozy. I have tried recipe after recipe, and horribly…none was even as good as a boxed mix. I cannot WAIT to try this one! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. That photo is seriously making my mouth water. Thanks, Deb! Your website is my all favorite time food blog.

    Congratulations on your little bundle of joy. You are going to make a spectacular Mom. Wishing you the all best. Or heavier? Every cake recipe I try turns out too…. Looks mouthwatering! Just finished baking — a few notes: -I ran out of sugar oops! It did not seem to adversely affect the results. The cakes still finished even with the rim of the pan, so I consider it a win. They were done after approximately 28 minutes in a degree oven. Although denser than I expected consider how much the cake rose.

    I grew up on Duncan Hines — so back of a little on the harsh prejudice. My mom also worked at the Culinary Institute and had some of the best chefs make me birthday cakes. Do not worry mommy to be: the cakes that had love baked into them are the ones that made me who I am today. Oh my — this is just what i needed today! The cake looks great : How did you get such a clean, perfect cut? Hi Deb, looks wonderful. Can you recommend a decent substitute for buttermilk?

    Is there a way to make it? I love it when you find the perfect recipe for something. I really only have that down pat with a few things. Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla cupcakes. Still searching for the rest. Anybody out there know a good substitute for corn syrup? Danielle and others without buttermilk — It can be made at home, easily. Simply add one tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar. This post is for others who have ever wanted to do the same. Shannon — You can make it with 3 8-inch round pans or 2 8-inch round that have more than 2-inch sides.

    The 3 pan version will be thinner, but not horribly so. Jenny — I really like that Vanilla Buttermilk Cake, but I would say it is a bit sturdier and benefits a bit more from a syrup especially for longer-term resting, as we were doing with the wedding cake. This cake is a little more moist and rich, possibly a little heavier from the moisture, not density. Kim — Usually an hour is enough to get anything back to room temperature. But of course this will depend on how cold your fridge was an how warm your home is.

    Thank you so much for this! This looks exactly like what he wants and i will make this for him this year.

    SYFY about to get superstitious with new supernatural series Superstition - Blastr

    It looks absolutely fantastic by the way :. My second son spent his first month in a sheepskin lined drawer, placed on a table next to my bed, within easy reach. It worked perfectly, much better than a crib across the room, needing me to get up and reach into. We all are so excited about this baby, Deb.

    Aunties, all. Congratulations- the cake is perfect party fare and guaranteed to please any child on their big day. What a lovely thing to find in my inbox on my actual birthday! You made my day with this. I know people say it and I never believed it, but our standards DO change when we have a baby. Gosh, I am jealous of your child. The frosting especially looks good, I hate that crunchy, sugary frosting on grocery store cupcakes that makes you want to hurl.

    I agree, making these into cupcakes is a great idea! Congratulations on your little one. I am a cupcake baker and I have been searching for a full-proof yellow cake. This one is on my to-do list for the weekend. The frosting looks perfect. My buttercream frosting is too sugary and sometimes grainy. I have high hopes for this one! Thanks for your inspiring post. As usual, the photos are luscious. Now I am confused though-I always understood butter cake to be different from vanilla cake.

    Are they actually one and the same? I get requests from my kids to bake one or the other, depending on whose birthday is coming up. I would appreciate any clarification, since I feel rather silly now! We have no summer birthdays in the family, however I am going to bake this cake today just because you posted it and it is too dreamy to pass up! Congrats on ordering your crib! I remember how excited I was, and how much I yearned to make food and get it just right while I was in my last tri-mester! Deb, How does this compare to the Vanilla-Buttermilk Cake that you made for the wedding?

    Thanks again! This is probably a really dumb question, but you mention 8in square pans, not 8in round. Would it be possible to make this recipe with 3 8in round pans, or would the layers be too thin? I really do love your website. I am never worried when I make a recipe from here for the first time. I know it will always come out delicious and impress my friends. It does every time! This, from a guy who has a deep love of Funfetti!

    That is to say, This is a Big Deal. I only have 4 weeks left so you saved my day too! Seriously, this cake looks wonderful and I may have to try it out this weekend. Do you notice a funny smell when using cake flour? The reason for that is a trace amount of hydrochloric acid that the processing leaves behind. Can you substitute regular flour? Linda — OMG, yes! I notice it every time smell, not taste, then again, I often bake with buttermilk and would never guess that a sour taste was coming from the flour and I can never figure it out.

    Love Joe Pastry. I have made this cake with regular flour. It does work fine, but sift it twice. Cake flour is already sifted once pre-box and then again in this recipe so it is lighter than light. You can also make your own cake flour: Add two tablespoons of corn starch to each cup of regular flour and sift it twice. Measure your cups of flour from this mixture. I always use that instead of corn syrup — pecan pie, for example — and it is delicious.

    Woweeee for the cake and icing recipes! More woweee that your Super checks on the progress of your appliances. Hope your crib arrives pre-baby. Thanks for sharing the love. The timing of your post could not be more perfect. I was looking for a drop dead delicious bday cake for someone and here you are. Thanks for being you and doing what you do :.

    This is defiinitely, definitely a very pretty cake. I love the coloured sprinkles at the side and a very timely post at that. I need to whip up a birthday cake pretty soon. Deb — did you ever lose your urge to cook during your pregnancy? Just the thought of preparing a meal does slicing cheese and opening crackers count as preparing a meal? Lisa — Yes. I think I cooked like 4 times in the first trimester. It comes back, promise. Lovely cake. There is always something in life worth celebrating, right? Also, do you have any idea what the reduced baking time would be for smaller pans?

    How do you find the time? Lulu — 6-inch cake pans usually make a perfect half of a 9-inch round cake batter amount, keeping the height the same. I played with this proportion in my almond cake. However, if your cake pans are less than 2-inches tall, it is a little risky as this cake took up most of my 2-inch tall cake pans. You might want to a divide it between three pans, to make a three-layer cake or b one-third the batter, instead of halving it. Gorgeous cake!

    This cake looks amazing! Quick question about the frosting — how prominent is the sour cream flavor? My husband loathes sour cream and refuses to eat anything that contains the stuff. Lindsay — I would not use this frosting if your husband hates sour cream! The chocolate mellows it a lot, but there are probably less tangy frostings out there for him. I am currently in the final stages of studying for the California Bar Exam, which is…not a lot of fun. I am also a stress baker. After recently making lime cookies, chocolate cookies, and a number of savory pies, I just informed my roommates that I was nearing the dire point of turning to box mix for the ultimate comfort food that I have NOT been able to make from scratch: yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

    Moral of the story: Thank you for providing a bright point of joy amidst my studying! I am going to bake this and eat it possibly all by myself to get me through practice exams. I have been reading and cooking constantly from your blog for some months now, but this is the most miraculously timed recipe I have found!! I want some birthday cake now! That looks delicious!!

    I like the fact the frosting is sour cream and tons of butter! Your ready to be a parent concern cracks me up — when I was pregnant with my son I was convinced that I would not be a good mother unless I was able to make dogs in blankets with cheese bread dough wrapped around hot dogs with cheddar cheese. I still suck at anything with yeast, but thanks to you and Molly of Orangette I can make the best chocolate chip cookie ever. And who wants a hot dog when you can have a cookie? Gorgeous cake; the yellow-cake-chocolate-icing has always been my favorite. I have always refused to bake my own birthday cake, on principle, but I might have to rethink that.

    I have until May to think about it. Get a folding bassinet that is narrow enough to roll through your doorways. Teeny one will just look lost and alone in the big crib anyway. My second grandbaby was just born July 1. I feel joy for your mom! Do you have any recommendations for good vanilla frosting? My favorite vanilla is my Swiss Buttercream. Also, baby and crib advice: Thank you, really. And confetti sprinkles. The kind who dropped the kids off at daycare before school, and sent grocery store cupcakes for birthdays. Somehow, in spite of the fact that they both worked, mommy or daddy always found time to pin a tea towel to my waist, grab the Betty Crocker cookbook and make a batch of birthday cupcakes with me.

    Of course, at the time, I would have preferred the airbrushed Care Bears cake, but I appreciate the effort in hindsight. The cake looks amazing! Is it sacrilegious to top this cake with something other than chocolate frosting? I know, a freak. I needed something special, easy, and trustworthy. This seems much doable and worthy of a try. When I read a cake recipe, I usually skip the butter and oil part totally. Rather compensating for that with 1 cup of sour cream or yoghurt. So far, it worked. Thanks to you again. I would try the recipe as it is.

    Of course the frosting — for this one cake, the frosting cannot be skipped and should be made as the recipe demands. Now questions, what do you mean by pure vanilla extract. Should I make the extract at home from vanilla beans? Any tips?

    4 Easy Halloween Appetizers

    Also, can there be a substitute for butter milk? We have no more birthdays until mine in September. Looks divine. I know you are nothing but a common-sense gal, so perhaps you know all this already. I know garage sales are few and far between in NY but now there is Craigslist, where people are begging you to take all the bulky plastic crap that comes hand-in-hand with parenthood off their hands. Let other people spend their money on adorable togs for your baby. More money for all the expenses you will now have. Just facts.

    This cake looks so marvelous! Thanks for doing all the leg work for me and coming up with this great recipe. I am out of the country and the cup measurements are a bit off. Also the flour is packef tightly in packages so I am afraid it will throw me off. I will have to substitute many things in this recipe. But I am planning to make it for my FIL bday tomorrow. I was planning to make the one you made a couple of month ago.

    But will try this one. I alsomade your choco chip cookies today. My 2 year old twins ate them on the beach. Thank you for sharin great recipes with us. And dont worry about your crib being late. Both twins slept in a pack-and-play for 3 months. Daddy was making the cribs. One had to sleep in that thing for 10 months. Daddy will have to explain him that when he grows up:- good luck with your pregnancy.. I have tried a couple of your cakes , chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is smashing hit so much so a couple of friends asked me to bake it for their birthday.

    I will have a couple of people who dont eat eggs , how can I make this cake eggless. I really appreciate you replying to my query. Thanks :. I hear you, Alpa! My son is allergic to eggs, and his birthday is next month! I got away with it last year by giving him ice cream while everyone had some cake.

    Sour cream chocolate frosting? Just sour cream, salt, and Parmesan cheese. However, 4. Cheryl — I have never worked with egg substitutes before. Perhaps someone else who reads will be able to advise. Thank you for the perfect mommy-made birthday cake recipe.

    In fact, it was the first food blog I discovered and has helped this novice cook immensely. I always go here when I need some inspiration. This year I will be making this one! I have no baby advice for you since I have 9 weeks to go with my first child. I do wish it was a bit sturdier, but I still love the look. What can I say…I like plain. Yay yay yay. How did Yellow with Chocolate Frosting become the classic? Thanks for the from scratch recipe! I just wanted to share that children love anything well most anything made by their mothers.

    I frosted them as planned and was informed they were my best yet. The love you put into the things you make are always what makes it so memorable. I checked your layer cake tips, but maybe I missed your measuring method. Excellent question! Featuring narration by the author himself, the movie explains some of the history of the holiday as experienced via an across-time adventure with a group of trick-or-treating kids. The hand-painted backgrounds, haunting music of John Debney, and Bradbury's narration elevate this to much more than a children's Halloween special.

    This television anthology Halloween special was hosted by Vincent Price. Starting in Season 36 , when Drew Carey began hosting the show, each season of the popular US game show has featured a full Halloween episode, with the host, announcer, models, set, and Showcases decorated for this holiday.

    The Season 36 and 37 episodes featured models in costume during all One Bids and prize presentations in , models presented cars as police officers and carhops , and monster-themed Showcases. Drew Carey has appeared with fake fangs and a hatchet , and Rich Fields appeared as Zorro in The Season 38 episode featured contestants and the show's host, announcer, and models in costume traditionally prohibited , and debuted the annual Halloween theme, with the show's game props being the theme.

    The entire set was decorated for the holiday, with many of the set's changes in playing key roles. A "haunting" arrangement of the show's theme was played during the introductions, Carey introduced by his costume , and Halloween-themed decorations around the set, including appropriate colors replacing the show's usual colors. The new Showcase podiums were covered with tombstones featuring a door that opened to unveil the price without the prize description screen , with different fonts used for both Grocery Game price cards and the Showcase video screen. Also, the traditional buzzer and losing horns except in Plinko were replaced with screams.

    The following was how the show's major figures were dressed: [3]. Season 39's Halloween theme was " The Wizard of Oz ". Season 40's Halloween theme was a "s Dance Party," in celebration of the show's 40th anniversary. A disco theme was announced, with the staff in costume of the era, disco balls on the set, and disco-style remixes of the show's cues are used. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween knows what its target demographic wants but also resonates with adult audiences, thanks to the zippy plot and across-the-board excellent performances from the totally game cast.

    40 ideas for Halloween costumes, inspired by demonic creatures

    Just as important, director Sandel and in particular the team at visual effects house Mr. X The Shape of Water really capture that crucial small-town Halloween vibe. Now more than ever, we need your support to continue supplying Austin with independent, free press. Support the Chronicle. Information is power.

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