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The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme will also be one of the instruments supporting the implementation of the Environmental Technologies Action Plan18 , which aims at removing the obstacles so as to tap the full potential of environmental technologies to protect the environ me n t while c o nt ributing to competitiveness and economic growth, ensuring that over the coming years the European Union takes a leading ro l e in d e ve loping and applying environmental technologies, and mobilising all stakehol de r s in s u pp ort of these objectives.

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We look for candidates who should: have the capacity to lead a dynamic policy process of change; be outstanding and dynamic professionals of sound judgement and high conceptual ability, with the capacity to think freshly and strategically about the evolution of mergers; show strong achievements as a leader, manager and communicator, involving the management of large teams and financial resources; have proven experi en c e in p o li cy formulation and management, preferably ga in e d in a hi gh level position; have an excellent ability to communicate, set priorities, decide and negotiate; have a very developed knowledge of EU competition policy; have a good ability to ensure an effective and dynamic coordination and management internally and externally; and have a thorough knowledge of Engl is h , while F r en ch would be an asset.

The existing ex-post control mechanism in the form of infringement procedures does not address this pro bl e m in t h e most efficient way. Articles 52 of the EC Treaty now, following amendment, Article 43 EC , 58 of the EC Treaty now Article 48 EC , 73b of the EC Treaty and 73d of the Treaty now Articles 56 EC and 58 EC respectively must be interpreted as not precluding tax legislation of a Member State, such as that at issue in the main proceedings, which provides for the retention of tax at source on interest paid by a company resident in that Member State to a recipient company resi de n t in a n ot her Member St at e , while e x em pting from that retention interest paid to a recipient company resident in the first Member State, the income of which is taxed in that Member State by way of corporation tax.

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The recognition of the Hellenic Register of Shipping, originally granted by the Commis si o n in 2 0 0 1 5 in a c co rdance with article 4 3 [now 4 2 ], was extended on 2 August for a period of three years with effects limited to Greece and Cyp ru s 6 once a t he Commission verified that the organization continues to meet the directive criteria and b the Hellenic Register of Shipping committed itself to the objective of bringing its performance records into line with the average of the recognised organisations.

The definition of clear roles and responsibilities of the competent authorities, as well as of Member States themselves and all relevant market actors, is therefore cru ci a l in s a fe guarding security of electricity supply and the proper functioning of the internal ma rk e t while a t t he same time avoiding creating obstacles to market entrants, such as companies generating or supplying electri ci t y in a Me mber State that have recently started their operat io n s in t h at Member State, and avoiding creating distortions of the internal market for electricity or significant difficulties for market actors, including companies with small market shares, such as generators or suppliers with a very small share in the relevant Community market.

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I think I probably imagined that was one of many different queries the OP would be putting in. I was a bit confused by what you were getting vs what you wanted to display in Post 1 which looks like you want some kind of table. Why not spell out one question at a time, and we'll help you devise the sql query to get that, and then if you need it, some strategies for how to have PHP build those SQL queries.

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Your code works great. But it isn't what I expected. I want to show how many urgency request John has sent to Adam.

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The result would look like this:. In the code above the result 0 would not show up and if I want it show up it would run too many loops. Anyway, I wrote three separate queries for each type of urgency request. It's not effective though, but I get what I want.

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How to show these items only once in the while loop PHP. Cups August 30, , pm 2. I have not understood your main formatting question, but Thank for response. I don't know what this mean? DarthGuido September 8, , pm 4. Cups August 30, , pm 5.