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Pichushkin's murderous impulses lay dormant for years until he began killing people in Moscow's Bittsevsky Park in the early s. Often targeting the elderly or the destitute, he lured his victims to the park to reportedly drink with him at his dead dog's grave. There appears to be some kernel of truth to this story. After the loss of his grandfather, with whom he shared a close bond, Pichushkin became depressed. He got a dog that he often walked in the park. It is unknown whether the dog is actually buried there, however. Pichushkin waited until his intended victim was intoxicated and then he hit him or her repeatedly with a blunt instrument - a hammer or a piece of pipe.

To conceal the bodies, he often threw his victims into a sewer pit. Some of them were still alive at the time and ended up drowning. As the killings progressed, Pichushkin's attacks grew even more savage. He left a broken vodka bottle sticking out of some victims' skulls and seemed to care less about disposing of the bodies, just leaving them out in the open to be discovered. By , Moscow residents -- especially those that lived near the park - feared that there was a serial killer on the loose.

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Authorities finally caught up with Pichushkin in June after he killed a woman he worked with at a supermarket. She had left a note for her son to tell him that she was taking a walk with Pichushkin. While he was aware of the risks involved in killing his co-worker, he still murdered her.

After his arrest, the police discovered a chessboard with dates on 61 or 62 of its 64 squares. Factiva Source for global news, and business, financial, and company information, providing access to thousands of newspapers and other publications.

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    Thousands mark 4th anniversary of Nemtsov's killing in Moscow

    He was 55 years old. The Guardian Obituary. The Economist Obituary.

    CCTV of Moscow shooting: Jilted man kills six colleagues in gun rampage

    The Economist: Russian liberals fear new wave of violence from the government. Alexey Navalny Russian opposition leader under home arrest discusses Nemtsov murder. Aljazeera: Putin has little to gain from murdering Nemtsov. The Telegraph reviews Nemtsov's ones astronomical career in Yeltsin's government and his role in Russian opposition. Subject Guide. Poaching was extremely uncommon in the Soviet Union , [33] but has recently become a significant problem in the country. The main cause for poaching in Russia is the consequence of the social and political changes since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

    Crime in Russia

    Between and , law enforcement agencies in Russia mainly focused on drug trafficking , arms trafficking , money laundering and the First Chechen War. Environmental crimes like poaching and illegal timber smuggling were generally not treated as national security issues. It is believed that sharp increase in poaching in the first half of the s resulted in rapid decrease of the Siberian tiger population.

    The collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in easing of border controls and gun laws, and it became an urgent need for the villagers to earn income in a destroyed economy with high inflation. The collapse of the Marxist-Leninist government in the country had a significant influence on the average Russian's economic ability to maintain his or her family.

    Because of the large population of bears in Russia and an increasing demand for bear parts, especially bile, [42] poaching of bears became increasingly popular.

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    Its main trade partners in bear parts are primarily nearby Asian countries like South Korea and the People's Republic of China. However several attempts were made to combat commercial poaching of animals. Operation Amba , started to curtail the poaching of Siberian tigers in the Russian Far East , [44] [45] is credited for bringing the Amur tiger back from the brink of extinction in the mids. Major General Vitaly Ivanovich Gamov, [49] a Deputy Commander of the Pacific Regional Directorate of the Border Guard Service of Russia , [50] was killed in in his house after refusing to take bribes and allow poachers to outsource their recourse to Japan.

    In January , the Altaigate Scandal developed after the Plenipotentiary of the Russian President in the State Duma was killed along with 6 other officials in the helicopter crash accident poaching for legally protected argali mountain sheep and an entire investigation was concealed from the public. In Russia's criminal legislation, " corruption " is not defined as a specific crime, but a collective term which include bribery, abuse of office and others.

    In the Corruption Perceptions Index , Russia was ranked rd out of countries for corruption least corrupt countries are at the top of the list. Corruption in the police force is a significant problem in the country. Corruption is what happens in all countries when businessmen offer officials large bribes for favors. The businessmen, the politicians, and the bureaucrats are the same people. Such views are also shared by former CIA director James Woolsey who said in a Congressional Statement: "I have been particularly concerned for some years, beginning during my tenure, with the interpenetration of Russian organized crime , Russian intelligence and law enforcement, and Russian business.

    He may be what he says he is. He may be a Russian intelligence officer working under commercial cover. He may be part of a Russian organized crime group.

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    But the really interesting possibility is that he may be all three and that none of those three institutions have any problem with the arrangement. Comparison of the crime rates of the Soviet Union with those of other nations is considered difficult, because the Soviet Union did not publish comprehensive crime statistics. Corruption in the form of bribery was common, primarily due to the paucity of goods and services on the open market. Theft of state property embezzlement by state employees was also common. Crime was never able to gain enough strength to compete with the state's law enforcement system.

    The criminal world had ties with the police, but it was all kept deeply hidden. Money had influence, but it was not all-powerful. Laundering the profits from crime was difficult, and spending the profits equally so. There were millionaires, but they were underground. There were gangs - but to get weapons they had to run numerous risks. We had it all. But it was all under the surface. The crime rate in Russia sharply increased during the late s. The collapse of the Soviet Union destroyed much of the systems and infrastructures that provided social security and a minimal standard of living for the population, [64] and law and order across the country broke down resulting in outbreak of crime.

    Due to these factors, economic instability increased and a newly impoverished population emerged, accompanied by unemployment and unpaid wages. The internationalization of the Russian Mafia along with the Sicilian Mafia , the Camorra , the Triads and the Yakuza played a vital role in the development of transnational crime [32] involving Russia.

    Russian Senator Detained on Murder Charges Inside Parliament - The Moscow Times

    In , the number of registered crime was 1. Among white-collar crimes, swindling increased In the first four months in , Russia averaged eighty-four murders per day. Crime statistics of Moscow for included a total of 93, cases of crime, of which 18, were white-collar crimes , an increase of 8. The majority of car thefts were reported from Moscow and Saint Petersburg , which increased through the first half of the s. In the early s, an estimated "two-thirds of murders and violent crimes were committed by intoxicated persons; and drunk drivers were responsible for 14, traffic deaths and 60, serious traffic injuries".

    The homicide rate in Russia more than tripled between and and was among the highest in the world.