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We come to God on His terms as an act of faith that God will actually do and be what He has said He will do and be. Own our sin. There is no blame. No justification. Ask for forgiveness and cleansing.

Envision life beyond your bondage. The funny thing is that this desire often disappears with marriage. God wants men to be good at sex. No doubt. Sometimes we have to run in an ugly way from opportunities of temptation. Nor am I talking about vain and irreverent repetition recited around the dinner table just for the sake of saying a blessing. What made it so unique and desirable for His first followers? It does no good to talk to someone in a comatose state. Direction starts with vision …people will not become a part of a new work unless they are confident that the leader s have a clear and compelling vision for that work.

Self-motivated dreams 2 Tim 3 2. Passion for pleasing others rather than God Jer 3. Robin Maxon speak of the will of God as a sphere rather than a dot. Pray 2. Ask God for visionary and directional clarity 3. Write down the vision 4. Plan and strategize what it will take for the plan to come to fruition 5. Seek godly counsel 7. Make the necessary revisions 8. Work the updated plan with much prayer 9. Thank the Lord for bringing different aspects of the vision and planning to fruition. Phil It is God who sovereignly opens doors of opportunity for us.

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Acts ; Prov Along the way God utilizes the circumstances and the very process of decision making to change our character and bring us to maturity. Acts 10 Ch. Jun 07, Michael Boling rated it it was amazing. While those views of manhood are what most often is associated with that term, is that really the biblical picture of what a man was designed by God to be?

Thankfully the answer is no to those questions because if it were yes, quite frankly I would be in trouble. This approach of using the gospel to address the idea of wholeness and what that means for men is refreshing and theologically astute as after all, it is the gospel message found in Scripture that is the means of redemption through which we look to God to restore that which has been marred by sin. As the father of an adopted child, I am very aware of the impact of the lack of a quality father role on a child. In that regard, I truly appreciated Mason covering that topic in great detail.

This is not merely an unfortunate reality for urban youth. Mason aptly describes examples of what people try and fill the father void with, specifically noting the entertainment industry, the increase in the acceptance of gay parents, the reality of single motherhood, and the allure of gangs as issues for society today. To that extent, as Mason so wonderfully outlines, a father assists children to understand issues of identity and the father is a spiritual leader of the home.

Furthermore, we can see how fatherhood works with in the Godhead. Understanding God as our heavenly Father is often impacted by how we view our earthly fathers. Thus, any element of intimacy with God, something He very much longs to have with His people, is marred by the lack of intimacy and care demonstrated by many earthly fathers. As noted earlier, thankfully there is a solution to this seemingly overwhelming problem in our society and it is Jesus Christ, the restorer of manhood.

An important aspect of understanding Jesus is realizing his divine and human nature. He was fully human and was faced with the same temptations common to all of us. Jesus, and Jesus alone, stands apart as the perfect man, for not only was He born that way — perfectly God but also perfectly man — He remained perfect in His humanity. Of course not, however, that does not mean we cannot strive through the Holy Spirit working in our lives to look to that standard of perfection provided by Jesus and to desire to achieve that standard.

Manhood Restored by Eric Mason

We must of course realize we will stumble at times as our flesh wages war against the Spirit of God in our lives. However, the gospel message declares that Christ is the restorer and redeemer. Those who look to the author and finisher of our faith will find themselves noting areas in their life that need to be brought under the lordship of Christ. In doing so, men will become more like what God intended, people who reflect the example set forth by Christ, people who are the spiritual leaders in their families, communities, and churches, people who are willing to embrace the leadership role and people who constantly look to Jesus and the redemption provided at the cross.

Those who desire to understand true biblical manhood will find this book to be illuminating and something they will return to over and over. It is a timely book in an age where far too often men can be found shirking their God-given responsibility. Be a man, read this book, and look to Jesus to understand what true manhood looks like. I enjoyed it from cover to cover.

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Sep 12, Keir rated it liked it Shelves: men-s-group. I much appreciated the solid scriptural points he makes regarding our priorities as men. At the same time, I think it could be said that a number of the mandates he lays out for Christian men could be, in truth, asserted for both men and women.

How the Gospel Makes Men Whole

Mason frequently repeats many of his assertions throughout the book which may be a good way to drive home essentials to those not yet familiar with biblical ideas he wishes to present, although he does the same with some of the anecdotal illustrations he includes as well. To this point, I think some of the issues Mr.

Mason sees as predominant ones may be intrinsic to the culture he is most familiar in fact, he does make note of this and therefore are not necessarily issues at large or at least not as critical elsewhere. Aug 10, Nathan rated it liked it. The book drives forward with an urgency that is unusually stimulating writing in the male spiritualism genre.

A number of delightful nuggets are contained within. There are some flaws in the pictures drawn; Mason asserts that Jesus is the ultimate picture of manhood true , but he doesn't address the fact that Jesus is also the picture that women are called to conform themselves to, which leaves large question marks about the differences between men and women. While the author affirms that men a The book drives forward with an urgency that is unusually stimulating writing in the male spiritualism genre.

While the author affirms that men and women are different, he only discusses the differences in vague references to "femininity" , which is seems to be overly critical, not recognizing that femininity is also a positive attitude specifically for women. In sum, the book contains some valuable truths and reminders of how to live responsible and Godly lives that don't diminish the value of manliness, but the book lacks balance and nuance.

Dec 30, Joshua Mitchell rated it it was ok. The title and price originally drew me into this book but I found that a lot of the material in the book was not fresh and new. It seemed like stuff I have read in other books or articles. Took a while to get through it because it was not captivating.

Plus it was written for a target audience that I don't really fit into. There were still some good thoughts and concepts but nothing really quotable. Jun 22, Jonathan rated it liked it. Not a bad book, but unimpressive. Mason outlines the issues the men are burdened with and otherwise face. As a survey of the topic it's fine, but it lacks depth. The thesis of the book is that men need the Gospel to be restored. No argument there. But it doesn't go further than that. If I read this earlier in my Christian journey, it would be a nice starting point.

But as it stands now, it's a little too simple.

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Pastor Mason offers a systematic and biblical review of manhood. With references to bugattis, Lil Wayne, and Hip Hop specifically, he shares a uniquely urban perspective to the topoc without isolatimg those that may be unfamilar. Jun 19, James Budzinski rated it really liked it.

I have listened to a lot of Tony Evans material and definitely see his influence in this book. I have a couple of chapters that stand alone as a five star chapter but not everyone. I do recommend this for fathers. And then I recommend passing it on to other fathers. I have recently reread some of this book before I share it with someone. Jan 27, Colton Wyatt rated it it was amazing. Excellent read! I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to catch a vision of what godly manhood looks like.

The 2nd-to-last chapter hit me especially hard. I earnestly pray that God molds me into the sort of man presented in this book - a man after His own heart - in my person, my family, and my church.

Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole - Leader Kit

Apr 05, Timothy Goldsmith rated it really liked it. A thoughtful, biblical exposition of what it is to be a Christian man, looking to shape one's manhood on Christ's bold, strong, yet tender and self-sacrificial character rather than modern misrepresentations pushed by popular culture. As an American book, I'd say there are some culturally loaded opinions, but on the whole it's a great read. Jan 20, Gary Hinkle rated it it was amazing. Pastor Eric Mason has hit the nail on the head in my opinion regarding what a Biblical man should be.

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His writing seems to be coming from a more urban setting, but is definitely needed in all areas. I commend him for tackling such a strong topic in such a volatile time for men, especially in the church today. Very well written and resourced. A fine read with solid encouragements to push back against the emasculation epidemic of our culture. Some fresh and profound insights particularly when wrestling with popular culture and the fatherless issues of our day, but wasn't earth shattering.

Manhood Restored | Eric Mason | LifeWay

Found little application for the specific situation single men find themselves in beyond a "get married" emphasis. Jul 28, Matt Moran rated it really liked it Shelves: adventure , discipleship , pastoral , theology , leadership , masculinity , missional-engagement , fatherhood , cultural-commentary. Compelling, practical, and theologically strong. I was provoked and challenged - this is a book that churches should be handing out to their men. There are a couple spots where the flow of the book feels awkward - not chapter to chapter, but paragraph to paragraph.

Jun 09, Jay rated it it was amazing. This book is so relevant yet original. The book was hard to put down! Feb 19, Doug Newell rated it liked it Shelves: Good thoughts early on, but started to loose me towards the end with the "vision casting" section. Overall, pretty good basic overview. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Eric Mason. Eric Mason. He and his wife, Yvette, have four children. After more than two decades of gospel ministry, Dr. View cart. Ask a question. Connect With Us Receive news and occasional offers!

Email address. Sign Up. Although this study is theologically rich, it also has very practical components to give men the beginning steps to walk in gospel-centered manhood, including individual journaling exercises and personal interviews and testimonials included on the video. Kit Includes: Small-group member Study GuideDVD with a promotional video and six to minute teaching sessionsLeader helpsThe book on which the study is based Features: Interactive teaching videoLeader material environment, guides to questions, general leadership, etc.

Six-session Study Guide with group and personal componentInterviews with individual men included in the video Author: Dr. Eric Mason is the co-founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia. He is known for articulating and proclaiming the gospel with clarity, passion, and authority at churches and conferences nationally.

The Corner: Manhood Restored with Eric Mason