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We met a few different puppies, but we knew that Libby was part of our family when we were at the foster home she fell asleep next to me with her belly in the air and her head hanging off the couch. From the beginning Libby has proven to be extremely smart and very loving. We could not have asked for a better dog to share our lives with!

I got Bella in Dec from you. Her new name is now Moxie. She was 5 when I got her. She is my joy to live with. She is the only dog that I have ever had that stays with me when we go outside. She loves to go for car rides and watch things from her car seat. I am so honored to have her in my life, thanks much! I had a hard time getting a dog, others told me I was too old, did not have enough time to spend with one, did not have a fenced in yard, etc. I am so glad you thought I would be a good partner for Moxie.

She is one sweet little girl. My husband and I were searching for a puppy. We knew we wanted a black dog because, like black cats, no one seems to want them.

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We also wanted a chow in the mix as that is another hard adoptable type. In we were ready! We had our home interview on a Saturday in Nov and Barb foster mom let us come over on Sunday morning what quick turnaround. We were in LOVE!! We had questions Jean and Barb responded so quickly each time we had such a great experience. We brought the pups home December They are the BEST! Rosie at 8 weeks was house trained! Thank you Barb the foster mom was working with them and Allie followed a few weeks later no more training pads for potty time!

They LOVE to swim! They play together so well share toys, play silly chase games. We are getting ready for their 2nd birthday in October lots of new toys!! I am going to do a DNA test on one of them just for fun so if any of the parents of the other puppies want to know the results I should have them back in October. We do wonder how Bama and the other puppies are doing.

We are sure they are bringing as much happiness to their families as ours are to us!! Here is Maggie! She was formally called Megan. We adapted her at the end of May and we love her to pieces. She is a very smart and loving dog. She has definitely filled a void that was left with the passing of our last pup. Here she is already for the Packer game! We think she likes her new home, we know we like having her here.

One of the many fun things she does is to sneaks up and takes our socks at the end of the day and place them in her bed. She doesn't chew them but just places them there. So cute! We thank her foster mom, Kathy for taking good care of her and teaching her so many things. We have added "roll over" and "play dead" to her command list that she learned super fast. We adopted "Lacie" the beginning of May. I changed her name to "Lilly". She is nothing but a barrel of fun. I immediately took her to puppy school and she did so good.

But these small dog mixes are always so smart, given half a chance. She potty trained very easy, however, we have a doggy door, open into the garage, and another which opens from the back garage door into a fenced yard. The only time we had any trouble was when it rained, and little princess did not want to get her feet wet. So, I started standing in the rain with her.

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That is now old news. We have only had her 4 months but she trained well, and we can leave her in the house, uncaged when we go shopping or out and about for awhile. After losing my last dog to old age, 14 last August and then to top it all, I lost my 30 year old son in February, I needed a distraction. Lilly was it, and I would not give her up for anything. We love her way to much! We adopted Butch Cassidy, who's name is now Roscoe in April of When we first met him, he was a very shy dog.

On the day he came to his new home, he spent most of his day exploring the house and the yard. Suddenly, Harvey was acting as if he was a puppy again also. Roscoe is now feeling right at home running around the back yard, playing with Harvey, or stretching out for a good nap on the couch or in bed. Roscoe graduated beginner puppy class recently and is a well behaved puppy. Every puppy can present some challenges, but he has had fewer of those challenges than we would have expected. The main thing we can say is he is very happy with his home, and he has brought a lot of love and happiness to both of us and to his big brother Harvey.

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Our family is now a little bigger and happier with Roscoe in it. Thanks to JR's for all that you do. Bert has settled in very nicely with us and his manners have improved tremendously. No more play biting, no jumping. He still likes to destroy toys, but those squeakers are annoying, so who can blame him? He truly loves every person and dog he meets and is so amazing with kids, much to our surprise.

The Saturday after we adopted him we started training classes at the Animal Motel. He graduated last week but we have enrolled him in another 12 week class. As the trainers have told us, Bert knows every trick in the book. He is the only dog that our trainer can remember who walks on the cone, over the cone or picks up the cone during training exercises. He keeps all of us in the class laughing, for sure. Thank you again for the tremendous work you do, the sacrifices you make and your tireless support to give so many a second chance. Speaking from experience, our lives are just not complete without four-legged kids.

My husband and I adopted Beamer formally known as Daisy on April 14th of this year. She loves to play with toys, being sassy, and play with all of the dogs in the neighborhood. She loves being at the race track with us. We thought we would never see her again. She had an injured paw. She has fully recovered from these injuries and is very happy in her forever home.

Her name is now Stella, after the movie "Streetcar named Desire". We wanted a dog that would get along with our 14 year old bearded collie "Yogi". Not only are they best buds, but Yogi actually has a new prance in his step and seems to be doing better than ever. Since my entire family are dog lovers, we always have dogs visiting our home. Stella is great with all the other dogs happy to share her yard, toys and even her bones. The other reason we wanted another dog was that since we lost our beagle "Bailey" the rabbits were taking over our yard, eating everything they desired while being protected by their friend Yogi.

Stella has hunted all these rabbits and our yard is now rabbit free and my garden is doing great. Stella loves that she has the run of yard, although we did have to put an electric fence around our real fence, as she saw a need to jump the fence and clear the whole neighborhood of rabbits. Stella has a doggie door and is able to let herself in and out of the house. We also have a lake home and Stella loves to run and swim there. Boat rides are her favorite past time. Stella has become an important part of our family and we don't know what we would do without her.

There's a saying that says you don't pick your dog it picks you, and that's how our story starts. We originally were looking for a large dog, but after attending Jr's dog event at PetCo in Delafield in June, Kiely now Charlie found us. She's perfect! She was so timid and shy when we first got her, she's getting better every day.

We try to take her everywhere we can and she's becoming quite the adventurous one. She LOVES swimming, going for boat rides and playing with other dogs she can be quite the little instigator. You can't look at her and not smile and fall in love. She's a perfect fit in our family and we're so thankful that our friend told us about Jr's!! We adopted Samoa now known as Sam in March and he turned 1 in April. Every week we can see something more he's picked up on.

He's very smart and the minute one of us puts our shoes on, he's standing by the door, ready to join us. Our son even took him to the Kettle Moraine for a 7 mile walk and he never even slowed down. He just had his first taste of the "lake life" this Labor Day weekend and had 4 other dogs to play with in the water. As an added bonus, both my husband and myself have lost weight because of all our dog walking! Harper formerly Ciara is one of the best things to ever happen to me. She is a great companion and very well behaved pup! She loves a good belly rub, going hiking, and playing with her furry friends!

With her rough start to life down south, she came to Wisconsin with an injured foot and cautious heart. It took a couple months of sleepless nights to build her trust and break her anxiety, but she has really come around. Thanks JR's for giving my girl a second chance at life.

She really is my best bud! My husband and I had wanted a dog for over 10 years at the point when we built our home in When we decided to build, we kept in mind that we needed a lot of open space for our future Newfoundland. We applied to many breeders over two years and were turned down for one reason or another. I had given up and lost hope of ever getting the dog we wanted.

Then, in the fall of , I got the itch to start looking again and saw Nanook on Petfinder. I set to work on filling out the online forms and crossing my fingers that maybe a rescue would give us a chance. Within a week we had a reply and after another we scheduled a home visit. The visit went well and we were told that, while we may not get the puppy we wanted, we were approved for adoption. I believe it was two days after the home visit when I received a call from JR's with the information for Nanook's foster mom.

As soon as I arrived home, I gave her a call and found out that he was available, but that another family was also interested and they are adopted out on a first come, first serve basis if approved. I left work early the next day and we drove out to see Nanook and make a good impression with the foster mom, but I had already known that I was going to take him home even if I had to beg. Darwin wasn't the dog we originally had wanted. He's definitely lab, but too small to be a Newfoundland, and that is ok. He's a great companion and so full of love.

One of the friendliest dogs I've known and chock full of personality. Everywhere we go, people fall in love with him. Darwin turned out to be just what we needed and every day I'm thankful to JR's for giving us a chance. Without them we might still be on a waiting list. Darwin has been such a treat, and the perfect model of what a rescue dog can be. I recommend this organization to everyone I know who is thinking about getting a dog or a puppy. He was adopted in February of He was found running in Oklahoma chasing cows.

He was thought to be a wheaten terrier mix that was about 2 years old. After having him for a while, I had decided he was a lot younger he just celebrated his 3rd birthday , had basset hound, golden retriever, and some sort of terrier in him, just can't figure out what. When we first met I had decided not to take him, changed my mind the next day, and drove back out to get him. I'll have to say he hasn't been the easiest pup I have ever adopted because he came with a few ailments. Had a huge wart on his foot, which JR's kindly took care of removing, had a peeing and pooping in the house issue and also brought with him a fungus that you can only get in the Gulf of Mexico, which he is still struggling with.

He also has a BB lodged in his leg! Still with all this he has a happy attitude and a well demeanor, which is his saving grace. Harvey loves the water, camping, fetching anything you throw, sleeping in my bed, and of course all his canine, and feline brothers. He also has a fetish for rabbits and other rodents which is the terrier in him. Harvey now is wart free, and potty trained! The BB will stay, but the fungus must go, unfortunately with surgery. He is one happy little dude which we all love and our lives wouldn't be the same without him here Thanks JR's for the great adoption experience!

Nice to get another one off the streets! I recommend you, all the time. I adopted both of my furbabies from JR's, and both dogs are the loves of my life. On August 3, , I adopted Milo formerly Bolow on the website. Milo is the sweetest, kindest, best dog in the world. He is always happy, loves all people, is great with kids, and thinks that his 65 pounds can be made into a lap dog at all times.

He is not content unless he is touching a human. Don't even think of going to sleep without Milo laying his head somewhere on your body. He also has a knack for knowing exactly when I am sad and will bring me his toys and climb into my lap to cheer me up. He made my life complete. In early , I decided Milo needed a buddy--in particular, a sister. On January 28, , I adopted Lucy formerly known as Martha. Lucy was a puppy and exactly the ball of energy Milo needed.

The two immediately became best friends and have been inseparable ever since. In fact, Lucy and her brother George both met Milo for a meet and greet, and there was no doubt Lucy was the dog for Milo--and me. She is always so happy, loves going on walks and exploring. She is my little swimmer and always wanted to be in the pool with me. She is a cuddler and loves snuggling with you under blankets, but her absolute favorite things are pillows. If there is a pillow anywhere, Lucy will be laying her little head on it.

She is the sweetest dog and seeing her and Milo together absolutely melts my heart everyday. They have brought more joy and love into my life than I ever imagined possible. Thank you to their foster moms for taking such good care of my babies until I found them, and thank you to JR's for rescuing my pups, who turned around and rescued me. I was at a JR fundraising event when I met Tara. While I loved all the dogs there, I really was not looking to add another into my current mix of a special needs Carin Terrier and two cats.

However I gravitated towards her despite not really liking the breed to be quite honest! I loved how she was so friendly with all the dogs and especially the kids. She didn't care what they did to her, she just wanted to play! I told my boyfriend about her, about how I felt she was the perfect dog but he said not right now. Well a few short months went by and I could not get her out of my head, checking the website constantly to see if she had gotten placed in a home.

One day I decided to message her foster and before I knew it I was filling out an application and she was meeting my other animals. We brought Tara home on May 30, and could not be happier. Her tail is always wagging and she loves to cuddle as much as she loves to play. She truly brings a little something extra to our lives and aways keeps us smiling. I am glad I listed to the little voice in my head and decided she was the dog for our family. We just adopted Simba about a week and a half ago.

He is truly just right for our family. He is a little cuddler and is starting to help us explore the nearby parks in our city.

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We are quickly falling in love with this sweet boy. Thanks for helping us find our fit! We are very grateful to JR's for giving us the opportunity to be puppy parents. Since we adopted Parker, we have changed his name to Copper like the Fox and the Hound. He sleeps in his crate at night with his stuffed Fox sleeping pal. He has lots of toys and has really started to enjoy playing fetch though he is also content to just chew on his bone or rope toy by himself.

He loves to go to the dog park and run free especially in the bushes where he can chase the birds. He is still a little shy around new people and new doggie friends but he is getting better at socializing. He is enrolled in puppy classes at Petco and is learning to respond to his new name, learning "come", "lay down" and basic commands. He had his puppy exam at the vet and is doing very well! He is now up to date on all his required vaccinations and some that are not required. He is a healthy, happy puppy. At home he relaxes and spreads out on the couch or his dog bed.

He enjoys being close to his puppy parents and loves snuggling. He goes on walks a day and loves to chase bunnies, squirrels and birds. He is a great puppy with a good mix of puppy energy and relaxed personality. Life wouldn't be the same without him! He is a part of the family. When we first came to JRs, my husband and I had a list of three dogs we wanted to meet. However, when we met the first one, we were really disappointed. On the heels of this, instead of waiting for our next visit I begged my husband to go to the Waukesha Petco event with me to just "look at the puppies.

But one little munchkin stood out. Bear fka Sven was a muscular puppy with the most soulful eyes I had ever seen. He was getting over mange but I could care less. The minute I held him, I looked at my husband with a small tear in my eye and said "Please? I was so scared for him and our roommate's dog to meet as well as other potential adopters. But it turns out they were immediately best friends and we were the only ones to set up a visit!

Because of his manage, Miss Lisa had to keep him for a while, but he's been with us since June 7th and I couldn't imagine it any other way. He's playful, cuddly, and protective. He takes to kids like he's their dad and filled a giant hole in our heart. We couldn't speak enough kind words about JRs.

And are planning on moving into our own house in a few months and again plan to grow our family with JRs. Our story is a lesson in thinking you know the type of dog you think will mesh the best with you and your pack furry and otherwise. I originally wanted to rescue a senior dog but after looking into one particular dog, realized she wouldn't have been a good fit with our other two dogs.

We continued the adoption process anyway knowing that JRs was going to have an adoption event in Racine Petco and we would be meeting two dogs that I had spoken to their fosters about. Upon entering Petco I was greeted by a little black and white girl and her sister.

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  6. She came up to me as long as her lead would allow and put her front paws on my jeans. I met one of the two dogs and didn't feel an instant connection. I knew that no matter what I would feel that emotion and just "know". My husband and I continued to walk around and ended up in the back penned area of dogs. I took one look at him and said, "Should I get in there instead of just watch?

    He said, "Honey we are here for you to find your pup, do whatever you feel you need to do. Little did I know, little miss from the entrance of Petco was in the pen and made a beeline to my lap, curled up, kissed me and fell asleep. It literally took seconds. That is how Gracie picked me. I never for a minute had a say about anything It's a feeling unlike anything I have ever experienced. I also instantly knew her name Her capacity to love amazes us still every day. We are looking forward to many more. I adopted Adelaide last October. She is a prize! She is such a good girl.

    She's so cute with her one ear up and one ear down and she is a star at the dog park. She is a little stealth bomber, sneaking up on dogs by crawling on her belly and front legs until they get just that certain distance away and then she pounces! She rushes up to meet and greet them. She makes everyone laugh. I am totally in love with this little girl and her and my other rescue get along great and play hard every day.

    It was a lovely experience working with the volunteers as they really help you look for the right dog for your family. We have been given the opportunity to give "Bobble" a loving home where he is playful, full of energy and greets us with slobbering kisses! He's a big teddy bear! We renamed him "Luke". First best thing I have ever done. I adopted my dog over a year ago. When she arrived it was evident she was very mistreated. Her name is Lauren. She was found in a dumpster with three puppies. Lauren did not want to play and wanted little human contact. Now I call her "Dumpster to Diva".

    Lauren is happy all the time. She loves hugs and kisses all the time. She has a silly grin on her face and is happy. Lauren needed someone she could trust to overcome what was done to her. I highly recommend your organization. Thanks for adding this joy to my family. We enjoyed countless adventures, all of which can be difficult with multiple dogs in tow. How I knew the time was right remains undetermined, but our household was definitely ready for four more paws. I would not spring a puppy on my beloved 12 year old senior. Besides, my full time work schedule would not be fair to a small house breaking bladder.

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    After a long day, I couldn't even imagine returning home to chewed up property and boundless puppy energy. So I searched the country for a year old. During a ladies' night at my house, a dear friend of mine found "Sterling" on my computer. Sterling was not the age or even breed I was searching for.

    She continued encouraging me to focus my attention on this guy, however. Sterling was being fostered by Jean with his friend and possible brother Ruger. Following a successful meet and greet with my Lab and a Milwaukee area Petco adoption event featuring JR's, this goofy Black and Tan Coonhound once dumped roadside was part of my household. His name was now Timmy. All I can say is that this dog has an amazing temperament and he does everything with me, literally. First of all, he has rarely chewed anything and has had nearly zero "accidents. He regularly runs my four mile route with me, both on and off trail and leash.

    Timmy swims, kayaks and also naps very well. He is a regular at several area shops and restaurants. Timmy has brought countless smiles into a local hospice and continues to do so during frequent visits to an assisted living facility. I could not be more grateful to JR's for all they do and for connecting me with this wonderful and special companion! Wow, where do I begin? My husband and I had been casually looking at adopting a dog for a while. We'd visit our local humane society every few weeks and met a lot of great furry friends, but none of them seemed right for us.

    Once our application was approved, there were two or three dogs we requested visits with, one of which being Miss Madelyn Elizabeth, the adorable hairless boxer mix. Madelyn had demodectic mange and she had very little hair at this time. When we met her, we instantly knew she was our baby. Madelyn's foster mom, Kelly, even said, "I think she's picking you! A few weeks later once Madelyn was spayed, we brought her home with us. Madelyn fits into our family perfectly.

    She loves to give kisses, snuggle under the blankets, and play with her friends at doggy daycare. She is the sweetest girl, who manages to make everyone fall in love with her. Our life feels more complete now that Madelyn is a part of our family. Thank you! Two of our three dogs are JR's alum! We adopted Flora formerly Feta on February 14, at the age of about 10 weeks old. Flora is our Border Collie mix who loves to chase all manner of animal out of our yard and up trees. She loves long walks, playing in the water, and belly rubs.

    Flora was an adorable puppy and has grown into a beautiful dog. Marley, an Australian Shepherd mix, joined our family about six weeks ago, in early August, after being surrendered by her former owner to JRs. Marley is three and came to us knowing tons of commands and being fully potty trained. Someone spent a lot of time training her. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is a high-energy playmate for Flora, which is what we were looking for.

    Marley, too, loves long walks and playing in the water and she is almost always ready to snuggle. Although Marley still gets a little stressed when we leave the house we think maybe she was left alone for long periods of time by her previous owners , she does calm down in her crate and she's very happy to see us when we return. We can't imagine our lives without these two beautiful girls, or without our Boxer rescue, Jessie. We encourage all of our friends and family to adopt through JRs! Almost 2 years ago, we adopted Murphy. It was hard at first seeing as how we had bought our first house 2 months prior and had our first daughter a month prior.

    Everyone said we were crazy for rescuing a dog, especially a mastiff, during all that commotion. My wife and I said we wanted our daughter to like dogs from the start. As you can see, they're best friends. He is her protector, playmate and scapegoat when things go missing. Murphy completed this house and he is truly the best dog I have ever had. Even if he does lay on my face. I feel comfortable going to work every day knowing he is here to watch over my wife and daughter. Thank you, JRs. After 10 years of saying "I don't want a dog", I finally caved into my husband and started looking at adoptables online.

    In browsing petfinder. His was name was Benji and I fell in love with his sweet face instantly. My gut just said he needed to be a part of our family. JR's was having an adoption event the very next weekend a short hour drive away and we were able to meet Benji. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect furever friend, he's my very first dog grew up with only cats. I can't imagine life without him by my side, hopping along with me wherever I go literally. Thank you, JR's, the fosters and to all who had a hand in helping Walter come so far. After I lost my dog to cancer I swore I'd never get another dog.

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    7. About 9 months later I found myself stalking rescues facebook page when I found JRs. Then I decided to do the application process so when I was ready, it would be quick. I guess I was ready right away, when I saw "Bellatrix" on the website. Adopted her in January and she's been keeping me on my toes ever since. Love everyone in this rescue from her foster mom, Carol, to her home visit volunteer, Emma. Thanks everyone! Below, is the first picture I ever saw of our Dexter.

      Little, scared, and a bit pathetic looking. My boyfriend and I had just begun fostering for JR's and were looking at the list of dogs needing foster. I instantly wanted him, but then realized he was only months old and tried to convince myself otherwise. Puppies are hard work and something we had always said we didn't want. But I kept going back and looking at that picture. About a week later, Dexter then Lawrence had arrived to Wisconsin and still didn't have a foster! I was at a Petco Adoption event with our current foster, and there he was, in a puppy pen, barking his little head off.

      And I just knew. He had to come home. I packed him up in a little kennel the only available one that day was hot pink, he was very embarrassed and carted him home. My boyfriend was quickly convinced as well, and we signed adoption paperwork as soon as we could. Now, just about one year later, we can't imagine our lives without this spunky little terrier mix. He brings us so much laughter and joy.

      We're so thankful to everyone from JR's that helped save our furry child. We continue to foster and volunteer with the wonderful JR's family of dedicated and loving individuals. And we will continue to spoil our Dexter with many trips to the dog park, bones, tennis balls, and love for the rest of his life. When I saw her I knew she'd be the perfect addition! Now known as Addie, she still has lots of love for her foster mom, Kathleen, who we see while training at the Milwaukee Dog Training Club. Huge thanks to all the volunteers who worked to bring my goofball up from a kill shelter in the south.

      We are both loving life! We had lost our Aussie in May '14 and my husband did not want another dog. I applied and only told my husband a few days before the home visit. He agreed to do the visit but wasn't thrilled about it. Once approved, Joe spent a lot of time on the phone with me answering my million questions Nala had been treated for heart worm and I knew nothing about the treatment before we scheduled a time to meet. Within moments of meeting our "mellow yellow" giant we BOTH were in love and it was no question she was meant to be part of our family.

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      Nala has been with us since July and we can't imagine life without her. We are so appreciative of all that JR's does! We found a wonderful addition to our family with Daisy formerly Honey. She is feisty enough to keep us on our toes but generally a well behaved little lady. We don't know what we would do without her as she is a perfect fit for us! Tuffy, fka Tibit, has been a blessing in my life. We have been together for 6 months now and he continues to share love and laughter with me everyday!

      Lisa and JRs Pups N Stuff did an excellent job of helping me find the perfect low key quiet guy for my life in a condo. Thanks for what you do! This is my first and only son, Sid. We also call him Sidmon He was found in Alabama and unfortunately he had a pretty bad break of his right front elbow which was casted down south and fixed as best as they could manage. I knew nothing about why it was broken, what or who did it and none of that mattered to me because when I saw Sidmon's face on JRs Facebook page my heart lit up and I knew immediately that I was supposed to be his mommy.

      I had adopted from JRs 4 years prior with my parents and already knew them to be a wonderful rescue. When we met Sid he was very scared and barely came out to see us. With some patience and complete understanding he quickly became a momma's boy. JRs stepped in and gave my boy a chance by saving his life For that I will always be grateful. They aren't only a rescue, they are a community of animal lovers devoted to saving those in need and making happy families. I am proud to say I am now a home visit AND foster volunteer for them and loving every minute and now Sid teaches other puppies not to be scared anymore!

      Sid is loved more than I can explain and he will never know a bad day again for the rest of his life. We moved from an apartment to a house just to get a dog! When we met Midge we knew she was the one. She makes us laugh every day and we are so grateful to JRs and her foster family for bringing her to us!

      On our one year anniversary, Midge tried on my wedding dress I started the adoption process with JRs last spring, looking for the perfect dog to help me through recovery from a horrible case of mono. They found my Chica, fka Anna, who was in a shelter in MO, got her into a foster home, vetted, and transported up. Jean delivered Chica to me straight from transport, and it was truly a perfect fit! I honestly don't know what I'd do without my snuggle bug! Trapper Jon PupE, came up with his mother and siblings from Alabama. Unfortunately, he lost several of his litter mates to Parvo. With love and commitment, 3 pups made it through.

      Out of all the dogs we've had, I can honestly say he's been the best overall with people, dogs and kids. Have to say it has a lot to do with the foster families commitment and love! Buddy aka Goober we adopted him in February this year. He is such an amazing addition to our family! We couldn't have found a better fit for us. We also foster with JRS.

      We love this rescue and organization. Such an amazing people! We knew it was meant to be when Bama fka Billy peed all over us the first time we met him! This little guy was the perfect addition to our family. He provides endless love and laughter to all who meet him. Thanks JRs and especially Jessie for bringing us together!

      We spent a lot of time waiting for the 'right' dog.

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      Olive right was our first adoption. She was heart worm positive and was nursed back to health, thanks to the awesome fosters with JRs.

      Three distinct weights

      A year later, we adopted Ellie left. Turns out she also had to be treated for heart worm. We love them both so much. After we adopted Olive, we knew we would stick with the JRs family for any future adoptions and continue to encourage those we know to go through them. We have been blessed to have met so many great people through JRs. JRs always helps the underdog, when everyone else has given up on them.

      Olive and Ellie would not be here today without the love and support of the rescue. We were heartbroken after our first dog, Comet needed a new home. We spent several months watching the JR's Facebook page and searching for our forever dog. Finally, our forever dog found us. We kept seeing posts about a very special dog named Thor. Thor's litter was born from a stray in Alabama. He spend the beginning of his life living outside, so he was a little timid of new noises and places at first. But with the support of his foster family with Katelyn, Thor conquered his fears.

      He is one brave pup. Something kept bringing us back to Thor, so we finally requested to meet him. It was love at first sight, and Thor adopted us. We kept Thor's name because he truly is a super hero. He has filled the puppy-size hole in our hearts and brought the kind of happiness only given by a dog back into our lives. He has the most gentle soul and spreads his super hero power of love wherever he goes. We are forever grateful to JR's and all of the people who gave Thor a chance.

      Not only do we have our perfect, forever dog, but we also have made a close friendship with Thor's foster parents. We love being a part of the JR's family and hope to be able to give back to them in the future! As we like to say about Thor, "Who rescued who? He was in bad shape, with bronchitis and weighed in the mid 90s. Jodie, his foster mom, took such great care of him and nursed him back to health. Chief joined our family December 18th, He has two furry siblings, Clark the Pyr and Josie the lab mix. Chief is a regular Beethoven, the center of attention wherever he goes! The icons have been pre-made into 24x24 symbols, meticulously named and organized for you.

      Works great with Sketch Runner and symbol overrides in general. Using these icons in Sketch has never been easier. Figma opens Sketch files pretty flawlessly, but we went ahead and did the dirty work for you by converting the same Sketch icon category files into nice and tidy. You're welcome. Fun fact: Vincent and Matt used Figma to design this website. We've ran some initial tests on converting our.

      The results are very promising and as soon as Studio is out of beta, our official files will be ready too. Ahh, old faithful. The grandfather of all vector editing software. You can bet your bottom dollar we've got a bunch of. The light and regular weights are constructed with strokes and have not been expanded to filled paths. The bold icons are shape-based paths with a fill. Customize and tweak to your heart's content! You can also open the Streamline Sketch files in XD to keep each icon as a linked symbol for use in multiple XD documents. SVGee whiz. We spent a lot of time converting all of these icons into clean code for all of the developers out there.

      All of the hard-coded HEX codes have been refactored to currentColor and the markup has been stripped down to the bare essentials. I've found them to be super useful across a range of projects. Streamline was created to enhance any project you're working on. Doesn't matter if it's a website, a mobile app, or a slide deck. The light weights have a little more detail and can be scaled larger when more details are required. The regular weights are stripped down to very minimal shapes and work well for UI even when scaled down to 16px.

      The bold weights are nice and contrasty—perfect for iOS work, wayfinding, and more. The new bold Streamline style works amazingly well for iOS apps. The style was largely inspired by the latest iOS guidelines, which feature nice bold shapes for optimal legibility. The grid of icons at the top of this example are regular weight and the tab bar is using bold weight.

      The website example above is using the regular weight icons in the left navigation. All of the icons are designed on a 24px grid, but the regular weight works well at smaller 16px sizes. One of our sister products, Streamline UX , is featured in the right panels. When you're designing interfaces, every single pixel matters. This is especially true when designing for tiny wearable screens.

      With Streamline you can be certain that each little vector shape has been fine-tuned for maximum value. CMYK designers rejoice when they can access all 30, icons in infinite-scaling vector format. Illustrator files and SVG are perfect for popping these icons into InDesign to support your biggest print projects. It's become the de facto standard set for all my design needs since its inception. A must-have for any designers' toolkit. When you put over 10, hours into developing a product, good things are bound to happen. Over the years, Streamline has been used by top companies from lots of different industries.

      Vincent does a great job of keeping the styles consistent. They have a huge collection so if you're looking for a particular icon, they will probably have it. It's definitely worth the investment. We know that everyone's needs are different. That's why we're offering two package types and single weight options within each package. The Essential package contains the categories most commonly used for interface design. The Ultimate package contains File types included:. And the only one I will ever use. No regrets and not even worth looking at other ones.

      Join the Streamline list today and try before you buy. They really speed up the design process. Most importantly, my clients really like them. It's clean, simple, and crisp. Welcome to Streamline. Over 30, something icons.