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Brand new Book. Have you ever finished the latest Honor Harrington novel from DavidWeber and wished you could linger in Weber's Honorverse just a bit longer?

BFRH: David Weber & BuNine Interview Part 2

Now you can with this treasure trove of tech, specs, and insights on DavidWeber's m. Seller Inventory BZV Book Description Baen. Seller Inventory ZZN. David Weber. Publisher: Baen , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. About the Author : With over seven million copies of his books in print and seventeen titles on the New York Times bestseller list, David Weber is the science fiction publishing phenomenon of the new millennium.

Buy New View Book. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Baen, Softcover. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Simon and Schuster. If none of these is enough for you, look into the Perry Rhodan series. A new novella has been published weekly since , and there are currently over stories. The second book, , alters the storyline of the first book to make the destination Jupiter as seen in the film. Brutal and noir, Alerted Carbon is generally considered the best of this brutal cyberpunk series, but I also loved Broken Angels , which is a little more space-y.

Lately, author Morgan has turned his hand to fantasy in The Steel Remains , which, if reviews are true, is at least as gruesome as his SF. I first learned about Iain M. The Culture books take place in a post-scarcity future i.

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Author Connie Willis can be a polarizing figure. Whoever can crack the Dune visuals and create a film or show that fans embrace will make shocking amounts of money. In the meantime, enjoy Dune and God Emperor of Dune the others are iffy. Anderson lack the depth of the original Dune , but are all entertaining reads.

For nearly thirty years, this series was a trilogy: Foundation , Foundation and Empire , and Second Foundation. When we found their technology, we acted like humans: not having any idea how it worked, we started pressing buttons and yanking levers. The Hyperion universe originated when author Dan Simmons, an elementary school teacher at the time, told an extended tale at intervals to his young students. Those of you who have read Hyperion and know what a nasty piece of work the Shrike is cannot help but wonder what kind of emotional troubles those young students ended up with.

This series contains a mixture of elements of science fiction and fantasy and takes place on the planet Majipoor, where all manner of alien species have been settling for thousands of years. There are remnants of advanced technology, but not much is still useful—most denizens are essentially agricultural peasants. With Neuromancer , author William Gibson made cyberpunk grow up. The trilogy takes place in a world controlled by corporations and infused with computers at every point. The unintended consequences of so much technology is examined in all the books. What are the odds? The Mars Trilogy follows the settlement and terraforming of Mars by following the personal tribulations of a wide number of characters over a couple centuries.

The Revelation Space universe is set in a future version of our world, with the addition of a number of extraterrestrial species and advanced technologies that are not necessarily grounded in current science. While a great deal of science fiction reflects either very optimistic or dystopian visions of the human future, the Revelation Space universe is notable in that human societies have not departed to either positive or negative extremes, but instead are similar to those of today in terms of moral ambiguity and a mixture of cruelty and decency, corruption and opportunity, despite their technology being dramatically advanced.

This series revolves around the Ringworld, a megastructure artifact million miles in circumference around a sun. In this history, human beings did not evolve on Earth but were the result of interstellar colonies planted by Hain long ago, which was followed by a long period when interstellar travel ceased. Some of the races have new genetic traits, a result of ancient Hainish experiments in genetic engineering, including a people who can dream while awake, and a world of androgynous people who only come into active sexuality once a month, and can choose their gender.

All the novels in the Vorkosigan Saga include humor and comedy, though sometimes quite dark and juxtaposed with tragic deaths or losses. Author Bujold mixes military adventure, political thriller, romance, and the whodunit in various proportions. The combination of intriguing characters and wild SF was a home run for me. The other two novels in the trilogy continue the trend. Strongly recommended. In the Uplift universe, an intergalactic civilization called the Five Galaxies, comprising a multitude of sentient races, has existed for billions of years.

The client species is typically indentured to its patron species for , years. A patron species gains considerable status, and patrons and clients often unite into powerful clans. Patron status can be lost due to extermination, or gross crimes against the galactic civilization. The Gap Cycle is an series set in a future where humans have pushed far out into space in the name of commerce.

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Like his earlier Chronicles of Thomas Convenant the Unbeliever , the Gap Cycle is dominated by a dark and bleak atmosphere. This series details a secret history continuing from the Ancient Egyptian period to the far future that involves telepathic mind control and an extraterrestrial plague. The Lensman Series was a runner-up for the Hugo award for Best All-Time Series, and was beaten by some nobody named Isaac Asimov who wrote something called Foundation , which is possibly about concrete. In the not too distance future, while fleets of commercial space ships travel between the planets of numerous solar systems, a traveler named Virgil Samms visits the planet Arisia.

There he becomes the first wearer of the Lens, the almost-living symbol of the forces of law and order. These solders are the best of the best, with incredible skills, stealth, and drive. They are dedicated and incorruptible fighters who are willing to die to protect the universe from the most horrific threat it has ever known. I really like your site.

I often find new books browsing on it. I want to make some additions to this list. Titan, Wizard and Demon are my favourite science fiction books hands down. One question though. Why no Enderverse? One author who writes excellent space opera is Peter F Hamilton.

Both series contain those moments where you actually shout or laugh out loud from something you just read. The audiobooks were also very well read too. Glad to see the Gap series by Donaldson here. So many sci-fi readers never read it. Dark yes, but it just gets better as it goes! The first was touted as a YA novel, but Varley does the J. Rowling thing: in each successive volume, the narrative and characterization becomes more sophisticated.

I find this site to be a very good reference for future reads since I enjoy reading sci-fi novel series. I really need to find the author of these books featuring Vardo… It also features interplanetary, brutal sports where bionic humans play a kind of futuristic football game and people die… Please help me find these titles I read as a teenager 30 years ago!

Are you talking about the Vardo series? A question: Does anybody know of a current sci-fi trilogy, of which the first book has come out but not the next two and has something to do with rings or the word ring? Please let me know if you have any ideas ps. This is strictly a science fiction book site. Once in a blue moon, a fantasy book is mentioned, but I prefer to stay focused on SF. Terrific and believable Sci Fi. Hey Dan, Richard Morgan got on a roll with Takeshi Kovacs and each succeeding book was better than the one before.

  • Les Témoins de la mariée (LITT.GENERALE) (French Edition).
  • Water Management in Megacities (Routledge Special Issues on Water Policy and Governance).
  • Senilità (Italian Edition).

Classic hard SF. Books recommended above seems so interesting. I would like to recommend the Maze Runner and Divergent series. Enjoy reading. Lost Fleet series 2. Honor Harrington Series 3. Dorsai 2. Necromancer 3. Tactics of Mistake 4. Spirit of the Dorsai 5. Lost Dorsai 6. Soldier, Ask Not 7. The Final Encyclopedia 8. Chantry Guild 9. Young Bleys Other Dickson wrote in this universe. Good list. Most of the series you picked are great. I was really excited to read the lensman when I saw it was the runner up to the Foundation. Worst mistake ever!

Horrible books! I pushed through to Grey lensman but stopped half way. Just unreadable. Just the language in general is horrible. Now I know why I had never heard of it before. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. A Space Odyssey series.

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Zones of Thought series. A Fire Upon the Deep — A Deepness in the Sky — The Children of the Sky — Takeshi Kovacs novels. Altered Carbon — Broken Angels — Woken Furies — The Culture novels. Consider Phlebas — The Player of Games — Use of Weapons — State of the Art — Excession — Inversions — Look to Windward — Matter — Surface Detail — The Hydrogen Sonata — Oxford Time Travel. Doomsday Book — To Say Nothing of the Dog — Blackout — All Clear — The Dune Chronicles. Dune — Dune Messiah — Children of Dune — God Emperor of Dune — Heretics of Dune — Chapterhouse: Dune — Dune: House Atreides — Dune: House Harkonnen — Dune: House Corrino — Dune: The Butlerian Jihad — Dune: The Machine Crusade — Dune: The Battle Of Corrin — The Road To Dune — Hunters of Dune — Sandworms Of Dune — Paul Of Dune —