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Course: Main Course. Cuisine: American, Caribbean. Servings : 6 Servings.

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Calories : kcal. Author : Stephanie O'Dea.

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Use a 6-quart slow cooker. I love rice brown parboiled in just about any way it can be cooked, so having leftover rice in the fridge is like seeing the pieces of puzzle waiting to be put together. Said puzzle does not have an after picture to follow, so it's rare that my final fried rice is ever the same. This time I'm using some fresh Jamaican callaloo called chorai bhagi or spinach in the rest of the Caribbean from my garden.

If you grew up on the islands you'd have at least one experience with cheese paste sandwiches A zesty cheese spread made with grated cheddar, spiced with mustard and usually done in different colors so you get that sort of rainbow effect when you look at a cross-section of a sandwich. This recipe is the gown-up version of said cheese paste as we'll add some fresh vegetables to the mix and instead or grated cheese, we'll employ the use of cream cheese.

Outstanding Oven Jerk Pork. Amazing Shrimp Callaloo Spinach Soup.

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Amazing Pineapple Jerk Chicken cheat version. Amazing Shrimp Broff shrimp soup Recipe.

Sato: What's up Soldier, man you could have added some c Felecia Roberts: I make great cold slaw exactly like this already. Dinora: Hello Chris: I cooked this dish and it was sple Zakaria: Eeverything came out great, I let it simmer for an Tag Archive "gluten free caribbean" RSS feed for this section.

Amazing Lobster Callaloo soup Posted on 14 May We've done several versions of Callaloo soup to date and it's only natural that I share another version I prepare at home, using lobster tails. Delightful Tomato Rice. Posted on 04 May As part of our ongoing MeatFreeMonday series, I' decided to share a rice recipe my girls and I get excited about. Posted on 14 January Baigan and Aloo eggplant cooked with potato was one of my favorite things to eat as a kid growing up on the islands..

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Traditional Caribbean Salted Pigtail Pelau. Deglazing A Pan. Healthy Whole-Grain Baking. Knife Skills. Preparing Sea Vegetables. Pressure-Cooker Cooking. Rice-Cooker Cooking. Slow-Cooker Cooking. Stove-Top Smoking. How To Make. Chocolate Confections. Fruit Spreads.

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Gluten-Free Pizza Crust. Homemade Stock. Mashed Potatoes. Quick-Start Sourdough. Slice-And-Bake Cookies.