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If you've been around here very often, you know that marriage of convenience stories are my absolute favorite! Happy Tuesday! Can you believe it's almost July? Where has this year gone? Powered by Blogger. This person had taken my name, p Recently Read. The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill. I love Regency-set and slightly later movies, television series, and books that take place in villages and focus on a variety of characters. Or if at the end of Star Wars, Luke decided to never be a Jedi.

It was over. Just as the reader has to set aside the book and go paint the living room or something. This is a very rare kind of closure. The kind where the book closes with a resounding finality and without the promise of more of same.

It is heartbreaking. But with even in that, there is so much hope and joy. Fire and destruction can be rebuilt. Scars can fade. In the deepest of senses, the world can be saved. Republished from www. Jan 06, Alyssa Owens rated it really liked it. These books are incredible!!! One of my favorite series of all time.

Let me tell you, I have followed this series since the release of the first book and each book just seems to get better than the last. As Dark Halo is the final novel, I was very worried. There is always a lot of pressure on finales--especially for beloved series. I should not have been worried. Shannon Dittemore's story ends just as strongly as it began.

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I again feel the need to state that I'm not a very religious person 4. I again feel the need to state that I'm not a very religious person. I say that because this is a very religion driven series and I was still very much able to enjoy it. Dittemore's strong prose and plots made it impossible for me to feel anything but love towards this series.

Her talent gives Dark Halo the ability to stand on its own merits. There is something for everyone in this book. Though religion is a very heavy theme, I never once felt like it was being shoved down my throat. It is very common for authors to whether consciously or not push religion at its readers in novels with angels, and frustrate those who read them, too. I've had this experience several times, but Dittemore never made me feel uncomfortable.

I applaud her for that. There isn't much I can explain in regards to the plot without spoiling the first two books in the series, so I will just say that the cliffhanger from book two is immediately addressed. Jake and Brielle, along with their friends, must find the faith and strength to overcome their enemies while saving the world as they know it.

These characters… I don't even know how to properly describe them. Jake, Brielle, Marco and Kaylee all have found a place in my heart. While I originally found it strange to switch from first to third point-of-view, Dittemore pulls it off. It works well for this book. We get great insight into each of these "players. After this novel, I even found that I was able to care for Liv--albeit reluctantly.

Though she was not shown as a good guy, her redemption was excellent. Each character, major and minor, was given a role in Brielle and Jake's journey. No one felt out of place, or disjointed. Dittemore sees these each of characters through to the very end. There is so much intensity in this book, but that's to be expected after the last two. The plot is strong, and moves very steadily. It never felt rushed, or seemed to drag on. The pace fit with the themes and events within Dark Halo very well.

Dittemore shapes an excellent story and brings a beloved series to a close while being sure to answer any questions the readers may have. Even as we witness all of the trials these characters are put through, the author leaves us with hope in our hearts and a smile on our faces. I am so happy I decided to give this series a chance. It was an amazing journey, watching these characters grow and come into themselves.

Dittemore has impressed me and it saddens me to let go of these characters, but the ending leaves nothing but smiles. Dittemore is a very talented writer, who I hope to see more of in the future. I received an e-copy of this novel from the publisher for my honest opinion and review via Netgalley.


This review can also be seen here on my blog. Almost exactly a year ago today my reading world was brightened with the introduction of Shannon Dittemore and her Angel Eyes trilogy. Angel Eyes and Broken Wings were both fantastic novels, and I have eagerly awaited this conclusion of Brielle's story. Let's review: Brielle is the girl who can see beyond the Celestial veil and into the world of angels and demons.

She and her friend Jake, who also has a special gift from God, found themselves targets of the enemy's forces in "Broken Wings," and t Almost exactly a year ago today my reading world was brightened with the introduction of Shannon Dittemore and her Angel Eyes trilogy. She and her friend Jake, who also has a special gift from God, found themselves targets of the enemy's forces in "Broken Wings," and the ending of that book set the stage for a final showdown over the town of Stratus, and hinted that Jake and Brielle would come face to face with the Prince of Darkness himself.

Brielle must pray and wait for instructions while worrying about Jake's fate. When word comes from the Throne Room, Brielle sets off on an adventure that does lead her into a conversation with Satan. He has an offer for her: he can make her unsee the spiritual realm if only she will wear his halo.

When the battle for Stratus arrives and the lives of her loved ones are at stake, will Brielle be able to hold to the truth and resist the temptation to give up her angel eyes? One thing I love about these books is how human the characters are. Brielle has come so far and learned so much, but she still gets conflicted over the hard things that God allows even in His perfect faithfulness.

I can strongly relate to Jake's need to do something in times of crisis. On page it says of Jake: "Having the ability to act, to do, to fix, frees him from [fear]. It's when I'm unable to do something that I get discouraged and fearful. I only had one issue with this book. Jesus Christ was never mentioned or even alluded to. While stressing the importance of prayer and worship as vital battle tactics, and mentioning the Bible more than the previous two books, I thought it a big mistake to leave out our Prince of Peace.

It is only through Him and His blood that we are even able to take part in the fight against evil!

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There is talk of God, His will, and how He will always triumph over darkness, but there was a very definite void where Christ is concerned. While I want to believe that Shannon Dittemore left Him out because, as she explains in a recent blog post on her blog, the enormity of God often leaves her without words. Another part of me wonders if it wasn't an intentional omission to make the book more accessible to the general public.

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Nothing would be so offensive to them as a mention of Jesus Christ. I can't tell you why Shannon wrote it that way, but I would encourage every reader to keep Jesus in mind. He is key! This book did make me want to be more aware of the spiritual world around me. I want to pray more, to worship more, in order to make more of a difference in this world. We too often forget how real that battle is. Thank you to authors like Shannon who come along every now and then to remind us to be alert and not passive bystanders in the fight.

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I received my copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this honest review. All opinions are my own. How can a person refuse a gift from Lucifer? The Great Deceiver has only had one person in history deny his temptation—and we all know what happened to Him. One designed to undermine her faith—not only in God, but in herself and the power within her. From simple deception to outright seduction, Brielle, Jake and How can a person refuse a gift from Lucifer? Damien wishes to use the halo for his own purpose, but it weakens him.

A sulphrous salt desert, Danakil is otherwise known as Hell on Earth. Why not? For Brielle seeing the human fear and Celestial war is exhausting. In the end, Brielle refuses his gift, but Lucifer slips the halo onto her before he disappears. Jake endeavors to keep Brielle sane, yet her moments of weakness are frequent and consuming.

He promised to avenge the murder of his girlfriend, Ali. Among his other sins, Henry is pedophilic and ran a blackmarket baby-selling operation. What this story excels at: revelation of story through multiple view points. The prose is spectacular and the decisions are meaningful and universal. Who among us has never felt an overwhelming need for peace, at any cost? The trilogy is enchanting, and a wonderful selection for readers who enjoy faith-based fiction.

For myself, I found it to be compelling without feeling preachy. You can pick it up today! Review of Dark Halo! Synopsis : One halo brought sight to Brielle. Worst of all, Jake Review of Dark Halo! So, this is the third book in a YA trilogy by Shannon Dittemore. I really enjoyed the story. It was full of characters that you could connect and relate to. The character that the entire trilogy is mainly told through is "Gabrielle", a talented dancer who got out of her small town by way of a scholarship to a expensive and exclusive school for the arts.

Tragedy slams her emotionally , the loss of her best friend and mentor makes her question everything she had thought she knew about life. I can't deny that I was captivated by this trilogy. I thought the visual description of the celestial vs. The story was exciting. The way this trilogy evolved also compelled the reader to think about their own faith and values, as well as coping skills. These are all valuable and healthy things. For the age group this trilogy is aimed at it is a very clever way to get readers to look at religion not as something to just blindly follow but to actually use as a tool to find personal strength.

I gave this book 3 stars because I did enjoy it, against my will. I believe faith is personal.

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I thought that manipulation was the "Prince's" specialty? I thought some of the religious undertones in this went to far. I would recommend this book to readers that want more than just a young adult "fallen angels romance". I can't help but say this. If this book makes you want to look into religion, beyond what you were taught by your family that's fantastic.

Spirituality can be a life saver! Just keep an open mind and be aware. Sadly you can find just as much horror in the name of God as you can in the worst "slasher film" ever dreamt up. When the fear starts dripping from my hair, when it snakes itself around my arm and wraps the very hand I just defeated it with--when I find myself suffocating on the black thickness as it pours from my mouth, that's when I know. I can't win without Jake. Without the halo. I'm not strong enough.

I've never been strong enough. I went into Dark Halo with a whole bunch of mixed feelings. After the ending of Broken Wings I was desperate to find out how things were going to play out. But then on the o When the fear starts dripping from my hair, when it snakes itself around my arm and wraps the very hand I just defeated it with--when I find myself suffocating on the black thickness as it pours from my mouth, that's when I know. But then on the other hand, knowing that Dark Halo was the last book in the trilogy, I really didn't want it to be all over. But in the end, my need for answers on what the outcome would be for Brielle and Jake outweighed anything else.

Dark Halo kicks off right after the heartbreaking conclusion to Broken Wings. War rages in the skies above and Jake is gone. Snatched away by the evil that is Damien. After the discovery of information in the chest, Brielle sets out with her best friend Kay and vows to find Jake. What she doesn't count on is the offer that she receives from The Prince of Darkness. A halo that will allow her an escape from the things she see's and the promise of a lifetime with Jake.

It doesn't matter how far Jake is from me. Doesn't matter what fills the chasm that separates us. It only matters that he can't be separated from the love of the One who has the power to save him. And as painful as it is to admit it, that's not me. I can't save him. But I can fight. Brielle's gift is sight. And as the battle between good and evil intensifies the impact on the town is there for Brielle to plainly see. She see's so much fear. The town is oozing in it. And that's when Brielle questions whether she can handle any more of it and the escape offered by the Prince of Darkness begins to hold more and more appeal.

I've said it before about Shannon Dittemore's writing. It is quite simply, beautiful. All of us have been given the same words to use when we form sentences. But Shannon Dittemore take's the very same words that you or I have and places them together so that they form stories that are dark and evil and twisted but written with such beauty. The Angel Eyes trilogy got better with each book. Not just slightly better, Shannon Dittemore raised the bar higher each and every time.

Her descriptions during each moment of the story are so vivid. The growth of the characters, not just through Dark Halo but throughout the whole trilogy was superb.

Dark Halo (Angel Eyes, #3) by Shannon Dittemore

Dark Halo was amazing. People always describe a book as one that they can't put down, but that was truly the case with this book. It was overflowing with action but it was also jam packed with emotion. There are secrets revealed and discoveries made. It was the absolute perfect conclusion to the Angel Eyes trilogy. I'm so sad to see it come to an end. I could read a thousand angel and demon books and love each and every one of them, but none will be written or have the same impact as the Angel Eyes trilogy. Jul 28, Stephanie Ward rated it really liked it Shelves: ebook , for-review , netgalley , blog-tour.

Brielle is constantly aware of the Celestial Realm - she can see it all the time now, without the halo. She's afraid of all the carnage and war she sees above her town of Stratus and wishes that she could find relief from the sight she was given. Then Brielle receives a message from the Throne Room telling her where to find Jak 4. Then Brielle receives a message from the Throne Room telling her where to find Jake - only to realize too late that it was a trap. Now the Prince of Darkness himself is offering her a halo of his own - one that will free her from her Celestial sight forever.

He also promises that along with severing her sight, she will get a life with Jake. Brielle's mind is confused, but her heart knows that the only way to really live and get Jake back is to fight - with her eyes wide open. Will she have the courage to do it or will she give in to the promises of the Prince of Darkness and his dark halo? This was an exciting and phenomenal final installment in a truly fascinating YA fantasy trilogy. The writing continued to flow effortlessly and at a fast pace. Brielle continues to be an awesome lead character - she's still broken and flawed - and she knows this - but she refuses to give up, even when she feels like she can't bear it anymore.

She always does what needs to be done - what must be done - and she gives everything she has for what she believes is right. The other characters in the series seem almost as background characters to highlight the depth of Brielle's character. I loved the relationship that has developed between Brielle and Jake and I was eagerly waiting to see what would happen with them. Would she be able to bring him back or would she lose him forever? The action and adventure in the book were astounding and I continued to root for Brielle, Jake, and the Shields in all of their struggles and obstacles.

I continued to love learning as much as I could about the Celestial world and the beings that seem to almost co-mingle with human reality. I found that aspect of the novels to be utterly fascinating and I feel it adds a great layer to the already interesting novels. The writing itself has a great pace - not too slow and not so fast that it feels like things are rushed either.

The descriptions and details are vivid and I could easily picture myself alongside Brielle and the others throughout the book. The story was a great blend of action, fantasy, adventure and romance along with some religious aspects thrown in but they weren't "preachy" at all. This was a wonderful final installment that will leave fans of the trilogy happy to have endings, but also sad that the adventure is over. Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Dec 26, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , favorite-series , series. Actually 4. I seriously had a moment yesterday when I finished re-reading Broken Wings before returning it to the library and was moaning to myself about how my library didn't have book three, then I went to the library ebook site and On my to-read list.

Really, Amanda. But anyway, I dove into this with gusto, expecting quite a lot and getting those expectations fulfilled and exceeded. Good, yes? Let's see The author is very clear that there are many times we just won't understand the plans of the Father. She shows us how the characters struggle to come to terms with that, accept it, and trust. It's something very close to home as I continually have to remind myself that he really does know best and I really do need to trust that. A few things this series has done immensely well Provide a breathtaking, astonishing view of the supernatural, unseen world around us all.

I can honestly say I've never, ever thought of it like that before. It's there. Hold me glued to the page. For the first time in his life he envisions a future not birthed through bloodshed, and the clash of his dreams with reality is heartrending to witness as he is ultimately forced along an all too familiar path now with a homicidal female with in tow! Introduced early on as a sensitive and dutiful wizard of the Venarium, he then disappears for a large chunk of the novel before returning towards the end for the big finale.

Though the characters deal it out so deftly, it also consumes them to the core, enabling some insightful and occasionally quite profound prose. Hacking, slashing and severing their way onto the pages, the netherlings wreak as much havoc as possible, littering the story with corpses in a superbly imaginative display of death dealing. This Black Halo book review was written by Alice Wybrew. Tome of the Undergates Aeons Gate: Book 1 8. Lenk and his band of murderous misfits are loathed by society, spurned by all merciful gods, and motivated only by their distrust of each other.

Hired to track down a stole Black Halo Aeons Gate: Book 2 7. The Tome of the Undergates has been recovered, and the gates of hell remain closed. Lenk and his five companions set sail to bring the accursed relic away from the demonic We've found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for them.

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