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Every year we take a trip there and sometimes a few times a year we meet up with family that live in flordia. And hit the parks. Would be a hoot to stay there and at the end of the day surprise a few when you go back there for the night. Am surprised at no real windows. It feels a bit tight for me. Would like to be able to see out here and there. With the technology in glass today one way windows would be possible allowing them to blend with exterior. Learned this summer that Disney does not really want guests to have views of the park from the suite.

Cleaning, decorating, etc. In WDW, you are supposed to think that kind of stuff just magically happens. I would love to propose to my girlfriend here and stay one night. So it seems we either have to know a celebrity or be a celebrity or win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It would be cool but I might feel a little claustrophobic…. The suite is beautiful. I was one of a few allowed to tour in December This was a special AP perk. Once announced, it filled quite rapidly.

I entered my request at just the right second. My wife was not with me on this trip so she has not seen it. I would so like to win the contest so she could get to stay there.


Your pictures are great. But I only counted two queen beds. How does it sleep six? Is there a second bedroom? It would be hard to get me out of that tub. Everyone needs to check out Omaze! I stumbled on this blog after seeing the possibility of winning and wanting to know what the suite looks like inside. I really hope and pray that I can stay in this suite just once in my life. Cinderella is my all time Disney favorite.

I love the castle so much I have the lego Cinderella castle on my dresser in my room so Disney World is with me every day. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Ella April 13, Gayle Joseph April 11, How I would love to spend the night in this suite.

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It is what dreams are made of. Jennifer March 4, Sanders March 5, Sanders February 21, Intrigued and compelled by Kaley and her life story, Blake decides to help her. What begins as a one night stand may turn out to be a lifelong affair. Will cautious Kaley finally accept Blake into her life? Will Blake risk the wrath and judgment of his aristocratic family by going out with a woman below his class?

For Ayla, everything started with that sentence. As any other aspiring person interested in drawing that style, she had a dream of making her own anime and manga - where the first sparks of writing appeared. You need a good plot for a good drawing, after all. But even then, she didn't think of writing. It all happened while she looked for reference material and stumbled upon wattpad - site where many great things began. As someone who wasn't a native English speaker, but loved it anyway, she found herself fascinated by the books written in English and it was then that she stumbled upon that fateful quote.

So she decided to give it go. Two years later after writing the first draft of "One Night Stand with Billionaire", she finally created the work she had in store, and now that she finally managed to get her first work published, she has no intention of ever stopping with writing. Her real name is Andrijana, surname doesn't matter seeing as she might change it in near future.

  2. Towboat Terrorists;
  3. El secreto de las letras (Spanish Edition)!

Her birthday is on April the 1st, , and oddly enough, everyone thought that she was going to be a boy. It doesn't help that she acts like a tomboy from time to time. Aside from ONSWB, she has few more books online that will hopefully become published in the near future and doesn't plan to stop just there. She has a lot of ideas that she'll eventually put down on the paper, but everything in its own time.

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