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A baser meaning has been read into these characters the literal sense of which decency can safely scarcely hint. It has been blurtingly bruited by certain wisecrackers the stinks of Mohorat are in the nightplots of the morning , that he suffered from a vile disease. Athma, unmanner them! To such a suggestion the one selfrespecting answer is to affirm that there are certain statements which ought not to be, and one should like to hope to be able to add, ought not to be allowed to be made. Hay, hay, hay!

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Earwicker, prize on schillings, postlots free , the flaxen Gygas tapped his chronometrum drumdrum and, now standing full erect, above the ambijacent floodplain, scene of its happening, with one Berlin gauntlet chopstuck in the hough of his ellboge by ancientest signlore his gesture meaning:! Me only, them five ones, he is equal combat. I have won straight. This, more krectly lubeen or fellow — me — lieder was first poured forth where Riau Liviau riots and col de Houdo humps, under the shadow of the monument of the shouldhavebeen legislator Eleutheriodendron! Spare, woodmann, spare!

The wararrow went round, so it did, a nation wants a gaze and the ballad, in the felibrine trancoped metre affectioned by Taiocebo in his Casudas de Poulichinello Artahut, stump-stampaded on to a slip of blancovide and headed by an excessively rough and red woodcut, privately printed at the rimepress of Delville, soon fluttered its secret on white highway and brown byway to the rose of the winds and the blew of the gaels, from archway to lattice and from black hand to pink ear, village crying to village, through the five pussyfours green of the united states of Scotia Picta — and he who denays it, may his hairs be rubbed in dirt!

And around the lawn the rann it rann and this is the rann that Hosty made. Boyles and Cahills, Skerretts and Pritchards, viersified and piersified may the treeth we tale of live in stoney. Here line the refrains of. Have you here? Some ha Have we where? Some hant Have you hered? Others do Have we whered?

The clip, the clop! All cla Glass crash. The klikkaklakkaklaskaklopatzklatschabattacreppycrotty-graddaghsemmihsammihnouithappluddyappladdypkonpkot! Jail him and joy. Chorus His butter is in his horns. Butter his horns! Repeat Hurrah there, Hosty, frosty Hosty, change that shirt on ye, Rhyme the rann, the king of all ranns! Balbaccio, balbuccio! We had chaw chaw chops, chairs, chewing gum, the chicken-pox and china chambers Universally provided by this soffsoaping salesman.

On the harbour bar. Where from? Chorus A Norwegian camel old cod. He is, begod. Lift it, Hosty, lift it, ye devil ye! The general lost her maidenloo! He ought to blush for himself, the old hayheaded philosopher, For to go and shove himself that way on top of her. Billing and Coo. Give him six years. Chest Cee! Corpo di barragio! The Blackfriars treacle plaster outrage be liddled! Therewith was released in that kingsrick of Humidia a poisoning volume of cloud barrage indeed.

Yet all they who heard or redelivered are now with that family of bards and Vergobretas himself and the crowd of Caraculacticors as much no more as be they not yet now or had they then not-ever been. Of the persins sin this Eyrawyg-gla saga which, thorough readable to int from and, is from tubb to buttom all falsetissues, antilibellous and nonactionable and this applies to its whole wholume of poor Osti—Fosti, described as quite a musical genius in a small way and the owner of an exceedingly niced ear, with tenorist voice to match, not alone, but a very major poet of the poorly meritary order he began Tuonisonian but worked his passage up as far as the we-all-hang-together Animandovites no one end is known.

Under the name of Orani he may have been the utility man of the troupe capable of sustaining long parts at short notice. He was. Han var. Bhi she. Again, if Father San Browne, tea and toaster to that quaint-esttest of yarnspinners is Padre Don Bruno, treu and troster to the queen of Iar—Spain, was the reverend, the sodality director, that eupeptic viceflayer, a barefaced carmelite, to whose palpi-tating pulpit which of us but remembers the rarevalent and hornerable Fratomistor Nawlanmore and Brawne.

It is nebuless an autodidact fact of the commonest that the shape of the average human cloudyphiz, whereas sallow has long daze faded, frequently altered its ego with the possing of the showers Not original! Ya, da, tra, gathery, pimp, shesses, shossafat, okodeboko, nine! Those many warts, those slummy patches, halfsinster wrinkles, what has come over the face on wholebroader E?

Time to won, barmon. Having reprimed his repeater and resiteroomed his timespiece His Revenances, with still a life or two to spare for the space of his occupancy of a world at a time, rose to his feet and there, far from Tolkaheim, in a quiet English garden commonplace!


Our eyes de-mand their turn. Let them be seen! And wolfbone balefires blaze the trailmost if only that Mary Nothing may burst her bibby buckshee. Then, stealing his thunder, but in the befitting le-gomena of the smaller country, probable words, possibly said, of field family gleaming a bit duskish and flavoured with a smile, seein as ow his thoughts consisted chiefly of the cheerio, he aptly sketched for our soontobe second parents sukand see whybe! The solence of that stilling! Here one might a fin fell. Boomster rombombonant! And there oftafter, jauntyjogging, on an Irish visavis, instea-dily with shoulder to shoulder Jehu will tell to Christianier, saint to sage, the humphriad of that fall and rise while daisy winks at her pinker sister among the tussocks and the copoll between the shafts mocks the couple on the car.

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Chee chee cheers for Upkingbilly and crow cru cramwells Downaboo! Hup, boys, and hat him! Farseeinge-therich and Poolaulwoman Charachthercuss and his Ann van Vogt. Edned, ended or sleeping soundlessly? Favour with your tongues!

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Millecientotrigintadue scudi. Tippoty, kyrie, tippoty. Cha kai rotty kai makkar, sahib?

Fifty Essays

Despenseme Usted, senhor, en son suc-co, sabez. Epi alo, ecou, Batiste, tu-vavnr dans Lptit boing going. Ismeme de bumbac e meias de por — tocallie. Os pipos mios es demasiada gruarso por O pic — colo pocchino. Wee fee? Ung duro. Kocshis, szabad? Mercy, and you? Gomagh, thak. Maggis, nick your nightynovel! And that bag belly is the buck to goat it! I tell you no story. The house of Atreox is fallen indeedust Ilyam, Ilyum!

Mae-romor Mournomates! Life, he himself said once, his biografiend, in fact, kills him verysoon, if yet not, after is a wake, livit or krikit, and on the bunk of our bread-winning lies the cropse of our seedfather, a phrase which the establisher of the world by law might pretinately write across the chestfront of all manorwombanborn.

The scene, refreshed, reroused, was never to be forgotten, the hen and crusader ever-intermutuomergent, for later in the century one of that puisne band of factferreters, then an excivily out of the custom huts retired , hurt , under the sixtyfives act in a dressy black modern style and wewere shiny tan burlingtons, tam, homd and dicky, quopriquos and peajagd rehearsed it, pippa pointing, with a dignified copied bow to a namecousin of the late archdeacon F.

Preserved Coppinger a hot fellow in his night, may the mouther of guard have mastic on him! For as often as the Archicadenus, pleacing aside his Irish Field and craving their auriculars to re-cepticle particulars before they got the bump at Castlebar mat and far! There was not very much windy Nous blowing at the given moment through the hat of Mr Melancholy Slow! But in the pragma what formal cause made a smile of that to-think?

Who was he to whom? Whose are the placewheres? Kiwasti, kis-ker, kither, kitnabudja? Tal the tem of the tumulum. Giv the gav of the grube. What regnans raised the rains have levelled but we hear the pointers and can gauge their compass for the melos yields the mode and the mode the manners plicyman, plansiman, plousiman, plab.

Tsin tsin tsin tsin! The forefarther folkers for a prize of two peaches with Ming, Ching and Shunny on the lie low lea. They answer from their Zoans; Hear the four of them! Hark torroar of them! I, says Clonakilty, God help us! I, says Deansgrange, and say nothing. I, says Barna, and whatabout it? Hee haw! Be-fore he fell hill he filled heaven: a stream, alplapping streamlet, coyly coiled um, cool of her curls: We were but thermites then, wee, wee. Our antheap we sensed as a Hill of Allen, the Barrow for an People, one Jotnursfjaell: and it was a grummelung amung the porktroop that wonderstruck us as a thunder, yunder.

Thus the unfacts, did we possess them, are too imprecisely few to warrant our certitude, the evidencegivers by legpoll too untrustworthily irreperible where his adjugers are semmingly freak threes but his judicandees plainly minus twos. Oblige with your blackthorns; gamps, degrace! And there many have paused before that exposure of him by old Tom Quad, a flashback in which he sits sated, gowndabout, in clericalease ha-bit, watching bland sol slithe dodgsomely into the nethermore, a globule of maugdleness about to corrugitate his mild dewed cheek and the tata of a tiny victorienne, Alys, pressed by his limper looser.

Yet certes one is. His Thing Mod have undone him: and his madthing has done him man. His beneficiaries are legion in the part he created: they number up his years. Greatwheel Dunlop was the name was on him: behung, all we are his bisaacles. As hollyday in his house so was he priest and king to that: ulvy came, envy saw, ivy conquered. For his muertification and uxpiration and dumnation and annu-hulation. With schreis and grida, deprofound souspirs. Steady, sullivans! Mannequins pause! Have a ring and sing wohl! Chin, chin! And of course all chimed din width the eatmost boviality.

Swiping rums and beaunes and sherries and ciders and negus and cit — ronnades too. The strongers. But softsies seuf-sighed: Eheu, for gassies! But, lo! Tap and pat and tapatagain, fire firstshot, Missiers the Refusel-eers! For saxonlootie! Guards were walking, in pardonnez-leur, je vous en prie, eh? Montgomery Street. One voiced an opinion in which on either wide pardonnez! It was the first woman, they said, souped him, that fatal wellesday, Lili Coninghams, by suggesting him they go in a field. Wroth mod eldfar, ruth redd stilstand, wrath wrackt wroth, confessed private Pat Marchison retro.

Thus contenters with san-toys play. One of our coming Vauxhall ontheboards who is resting for the moment she has been callit by a noted stagey ele-cutioner a wastepacket Sittons was interfeud in a waistend pewty parlour. Prehistoric, obitered to his dictaphone an entychologist: his pro-penomen is a properismenon.

A dustman nocknamed Seven — churches in the employ of Messrs Achburn, Soulpetre and Ashreborn, prairmakers, Glintalook, was asked by the sisterhood the vexed question during his midday collation of leaver and buckrom alternatively with stenk and kitteney phie in a hash-housh and, thankeaven, responsed impulsively: We have just been propogandering his nullity suit and what they took out of his ear among my own crush.

A more nor usually sober cardriver, who was jauntingly hosing his runabout, Ginger Jane, took a strong view. Lorry hosed her as he talked and this is what he told rewritemen: Irewaker is just a plain pink joint reformee in private life but folks all have it by brehemons laws he has parliamentary honours. Good, mein leber! Your hegg he must break himself See, I crack, so, he sit in the poele, umbedimbt!

A perspirer over sixty who was keeping up his tennises panted he kne ho har twa to clect infamatios but a diffpair flannels climb wall and trespassing on doorbell. After fullblown Braddon hear this fresky troterella! It is ever too late to whissle when Phyllis floods her stable. It would be skar-lot shame to jailahim in lockup, as was proposed to him by the Seddoms creature what matter what merrytricks went off with his revulverher in connections with ehim being a norphan and enjoining such wicked illth, ehim! Well done, Drumcollakill! Kitty Tyrrel is proud of you, was the reply of a B.

Brian Lynsky, the cub curser, was questioned at his shouting box, Bawlonabraggat, and gave a snappy comeback, when saying: Paw! I am for caveman chase and sahara sex, burk you! Them two bitches ought to be leashed, canem! Up hog and hoar hunt! Missioner Ida Womb-well, the seventeenyearold revivalist, said concerning the coinci — dent of interfizzing with grenadines and other respectable and disgusted peersons using the park: That perpendicular person is a brut! But a magnificent brut! Dan Meiklejohn, precentor, of S. The dirty dubs upin their flies, went too free, echoed the dainly drabs downin their scenities, una mona.

Sylvia Silence, the girl detective Meminerva, but by now one hears turtlings all over Doveland! Nevewtheless ac — cowding to my considewed attitudes fow this act he should pay the full penalty, pending puwsuance, as pew Subsec. Is now all seenheard then forgotten? Can it was, one is fain in this leaden age of letters now to wit, that so diversified outrages they have still to come! A he whence Rahoulas! For mine qvinne I thee giftake and bind my hosenband I thee halter. The wastobe land, a lottuse land, a luctuous land, Emerald-illuim, the peasant pastured, in which by the fourth commandment with promise his days apostolic were to be long by the abundant mercy of Him Which Thundereth From On High, murmured, would rise against him with all which in them were, franchisab-les and inhabitands, astea as agora, helotsphilots, do him hurt, poor jink, ghostly following bodily, as were he made a curse for them, the corruptible lay quick, all saints of incorruption-of-an holy nation, the common or ere-ingarden castaway, in red re-surrection to condemn so they might convince him, first pha — roah, Humpheres Cheops Exarchas, of their proper sins.

Busi — ness bred to speak with a stiff upper lip to all men and most occa — sions the Man we wot of took little short of fighting chances but for all that he or his or his care were subjected to the horrors of the premier terror of Errorland. We seem to us the real Us! But how trans-paringly nontrue, gentlewriter! His feet one is not a tall man, not at all, man. No such parson. No such fender. No such lumber. No such race. Just one moment. A pinch in time of the ideal, musketeers! Alphos, Burkos and Caramis, leave Astrelea for the astrollajerries and for the love of the saunces and the honour of Keavens pike puddywhackback to Pamintul.

And roll away the reel world, the reel world, the reel world! And call all your smokeblushes, Snowwhite and Rosered, if you will have the real cream! Now for a strawberry frolic! Filons, filoosh! Cherchons la flamme! Come on, ordinary man with that large big nonobli head, and that blanko berbecked fischial ekksprezzion Machinsky Scapolo-polos, Duzinascu or other.

Noah Beery weighed stone thousand one when Hazel was a hen. Therefore, chatbags, why not yours? Now listen, Mr Leer! And stow that sweatyfunnyadams Simper! Take an old geeser who calls on his skirt. Note his sleek hair, so elegant, tableau vivant. Creampuffs all to dime! Every nice, missymackenzies! She wants her wardrobe to hear from above by return with cash so as she can buy her Peter Robinson trousseau and cut a dash with Arty, Bert or possibly Charley Chance who knows?

Ack, ack, ack. With which clap, trap and soddenment, three to a loaf, our mutual friends the fender and the bottle at the gate seem to be implicitly in the same bateau, so to singen, bearing also several of the earmarks of design, for there is in fact no use in putting a tooth in a snipery of that sort and the amount of all those sort of things which has been going on onceaday in and twiceaday out every other nachtistag among all kinds of pro-miscious individuals at all ages in private homes and reeboos publikiss and allover all and elsewhere throughout secular sequence the country over and overabroad has been particularly stupendous.

To be continued. But resuming inquiries. Will whatever will be written in lappish language with inbursts of Maggyer always seem semposed, black looking white and white guarding black, in that siamixed twoa-talk used twist stern swift and jolly roger? Will it bright upon us, nightle, and we plunging to our plight? Well, it might now, mircle, so it light. Why needed, though? To proceed. We might leave that nitrience of oxagiants to take its free of the air and just analectralyse that very chymerical com-bination, the gasbag where the warderworks.

And try to pour somour heiterscene up thealmostfere. In the bottled heliose case continuing, Long Lally Tobkids, the special, sporting a fine breast of medals, and a conscientious scripturereader to boot in the brick and tin choorch round the coroner, swore like a Norewheezian tailliur on the stand before the proper functionary that he was up against a right querrshnorrt of a mand in the butcher of the blues who, he guntinued, on last epening after delivering some car-casses mattonchepps and meatjutes on behalf of Messrs Otto Sands and Eastman, Limericked, Victuallers, went and, with his unmitigated astonissment, hickicked at the dun and dorass against all the runes and, when challenged about the pretended hick it was kickup and down with him on his solemn by the imputant imputed, said simply: I appop pie oath, Phillyps Captain.

You did, as I sostressed before. And Phelps was flayful with his peeler. But his phizz fell. Now to the obverse. From velveteens to dimities is barely a fivefinger span and hence these camelback excesses are thought to have been instigated by one or either of the causing causes of all, those rushy hollow heroines in their skirtsleeves, be she ma-gretta be she the posque. And did not he, like Arcoforty, farfar off Bissavolo, missbrand her behaveyous with iridescent huecry of down right mean false sop lap sick dope?

A reine of the shee, a shebeen quean, a queen of pranks. A kingly man, of royal mien, regally robed, exalted be his glory! So gave so take: Now not, not now! He would just a min. Suffering trumpet! He thought he want. Hear, O hear, living of the land!

Hungreb, dead era, hark! He hea, eyes ravenous on her lippling lills. He hear her voi of day gon by. He hears! Zay, zay, zay! But, by the beer of his profit, he cannot answer. Upterputty till rise and shine! Tatcho, tawney yeeklings! The column of lumps lends the pattrin of the leaves behind us. If violence to life, limb and chattels, often as not, has been the expression, direct or through an agent male, of womanhid offended, ah!

Now by memory inspired, turn wheel again to the whole of the wall. Where Gyant Blyant fronts Peannlueamoore There was once upon a wall and a hooghoog wall a was and such a wall-hole did exist. Ere ore or ire in Aaarlund. And let oggs be good old gaggles and Isther Estarr play Yesther Asterr.

In the drema of Sorestost Areas, Diseased. And thus, with this rochelly exetur of Bully Acre, came to close that last stage in the siegings round our archicitadel which we would like to recall, if old Nestor Alexis would wink the worth for us, as Bar-le-Duc and Dog-an-Doras and Bangen-op-Zoom. Yed he med leave to many a door beside of Oxmanswold for so witness his chambered cairns a cloudletlitter silent that are at browse up hill and down coombe and on eolithostroton, at Howth or at Coolock or even at Enniskerry, a theory none too rectiline of the evoluation of human society and a testament of the rocks from all the dead unto some the living.

Olivers lambs we do call them, skatterlings of a stone, and they shall be ga-thered unto him, their herd and paladin, as nubilettes to cumule, in that day hwen, same the lightning lancer of Azava Arthur- honoured some Finn, some Finn avant! For in those deyes his Deyus shall ask of Allprohome and call to himm: Allprohome! And he make answer: Add some. Nor wink nor wunk. Animadiabolum, mene credidisti mortuum? Sot a bit of it! Humph is in his doge. Words weigh no no more to him than raindrips to Rethfernhim.

Which we all like. When we sleep. But wait until our sleeping. As the lion in our teargarten remembers the nenuphars of his Nile shall Ariuz forget Arioun or Boghas the baregams of the Marmarazalles from Marmeniere? Fooi, fooi, chamermissies! Zeepyzoepy, larcenlads! Zijnzijn Zijnzijn! It may be, we moest ons hasten selves te declareer it, that he reglimmed? Now gode. Now hear. The teak coffin, Pughglasspanelfitted, feets to the east, was to turn in later, and pitly patly near the porpus, materially effecting the cause.

And this, liever, is the thinghowe. Any number of conservative public bodies, through a number of select and other committees having power to add to their number, before voting themselves and himself, town, port and garrison, by a fit and proper resolution, following a koorts order of the groundwet, once for all out of plotty existence, as a forescut, so you maateskippey might to you cuttinrunner on a neuw pack of klerds, made him, while his body still persisted, their present of a protem grave in Moyelta of the best Lough Neagh pattern, then as much in demand among misonesans as the Isle of Man today among limniphobes.

Wacht even! Whoforyou lies his last, by the wrath of Bog, like the erst curst Hun in the bed of his treubleu Donawhu. Birkett and L. Tuohalls were made invulnerably vener-able first in the west, our misterbilder, Castlevillainous, openly damned and blasted by means of a hydromine, system, Sowan and Belting, exploded from a reinvented T. He afterwards whaan-ever his blaetther began to fail off him and his rough bark was wholly husky and, stoop by stoop, he neared it wouldmanspare! Show coffins, winding sheets, goodbuy bierchepes, cinerary urns, liealoud blasses, snuffchests, poteentubbs, lacrimal vases, hoodendoses, reekwaterbeckers, breakmiddles, zootzaks for eatlust, including upyourhealthing rookworst and meathewersoftened forkenpootsies and for that matter, javel also, any kind of inhumationary bric au brac for the adornment of his glasstone honophreum, would, met these trein of konditiens, naturally follow, halas, in the ordinary course, enabling that roundtheworlder wandelingswight, did suches pass him, to live all safeathomely the presenile days of his life of opulence, ancient ere decrepitude, late lents last lenience, till stuffering stage, whaling away the whole of the while hypnos chilia eonion!

Blueblitzbolted from there, knowing the hingeworms of the hallmirks of habita-tionlesness, buried burrowing in Gehinnon, to proliferate through all his Unterwealth, seam by seam, sheol om sheol, and revisit our Uppercrust Sideria of Utilitarios, the divine one, the hoar-der hidden propaguting his plutorpopular progeniem of pots and pans and pokers and puns from biddenland to boughtenland, the spearway fore the spoorway.

The other spring offensive on the heights of Abraham may have come about all quite by accidence, Foughtarundser for Breedabrooda had at length presuaded him to have himself to be as septuply buried as the murdered Cian in Finntown , had not been three monads in his watery grave what vigilantes and ridings then and spuitwyne pledges with aardappel frittling! A hoodenwinkle gave the signal and a blessing paper freed the flood.

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Give over it! And no more of it! So pass the pick for child sake! O men! For hear Allhighest sprack for krischnians as for propagana fidies and his nuptial eagles sharped their beaks of prey: and every morphyl man of us, pome by pome, falls back into this terrine: as it was let it be, says he! And it is as though where Agni araflammed and Mithra monished and Shiva slew as maya-mutras the obluvial waters of our noarchic memory withdrew, windingly goharksome, to some hastyswasty timberman torch-priest, flamenfan, the ward of the wind that lightened the fire that lay in the wood that Jove bolt, at his rude word.

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Last year, there were at least 50 cyber-extortion attempts involving. Indian national Gursharan Singh falsely declared that he had the Bachelor of Arts qualification from Punjabi. Shobhan Haider Rupu Ayoud Ali, 29, promised his victims jobs and asked for their work passes in return. But as. The police swooped in after reports that. Wedded bliss helps you live longer MARRIED people are both mentally and physically healthier and live longer than single people, research has shown.

National defence tax for foreigners? BrandedhandbagmostindemandRoaringtradeforrentalservicesthisCNY grow up independent, confident. Scan this code to see more sculptures at the Gardens. Visit www. Even getting there is a struggle, travelling on roads that are at times bumpy and. Lighting specialist Krislite, with the help of its local business partner in Myanmar, had a hand in designing and installing the lights at. His Get4X app compares currency exchange rate of different.

But his happiest moment is the day he decided to move to Singapore, 17 years ago. For the loved ones whom you remember Online advertisement booking for condolences: catscounter sph. To help us process your announcement quickly, please bring along the following: Original Death Certificate Identity Card of person placing.

Memory wanders as shadows fall Back to the days of h appiness, Days beyond recall. A vision comes before us. So calm, so dear, so sweet, Of her 1 ips now silent And whose lids are closed in sleep. Williams, a former World Cup-winning All Blacks rugby. The Kiwi faced a huge backlash on Tuesday from English pundits after.

North Queensland Cowboys coach Neil Henry said yesterday that there was not. Kobe Bryant had one of the worst National Basketball Association games in his year professional career and the Lakers still won. It somehow made sense in this carnival of a season, when the unexpected keeps. Charles 57; J. Faulkner Australia A. Voges 51, K.

The year-old, who returned to. Ahead of a meeting with Fifa president Sepp Blatter today, Wada leaders expressed concerns that not enough is. He accused the referee. The year-old veteran of stage and screen was one of the leading actors of the s and s,. Spellbound by forbidden love Alison de Souza If you are not a fan of the young-adult genre, you might have been hoping it was safe to go back to the cinema now that the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises have ended. But the ghosts of those hit films march on,. Beatboxing around the world Singapore beatbox pioneer Dharni has been performing in Europe and is based in Poland Eddino Abdul Hadi Music Correspondent my dinohadi sph.

Now, vocal percussionist Dharni left is making his mark. Bryan Ferry jazzes it up New York Times New York Roxy Music, the British band that thrived in the s, built their audience and then lost parts of it by creating and then quickly confounding expectations. With a line-up that included the guitar, bass and drums standard in rock, as.

Closed Curtain, in competition at the Berlin. Troublemakers not my fans Show Lo says those who attacked actor Anthony Wong online for allegedly snubbing the pop star are only pretending to be his fans Jan Lee janlee sph. Scandal piques curiosity over horse meat Reuters London Speciality meat suppliers in Britain have seen a surge in sales of horse burgers, with a scandal over the discovery of horse meat in beef burgers and ready meals apparently piquing the curiosity of some shoppers.

Viewed as a delicacy in some. Now his long interest in soil cuisine has finally culminated in a feast he has been offering to customers. Is that treason? Do I have to turn in my passport? The most shocking revelation. On the cutting edge A sitcom centred on a quirky woman and a drama about a cunning ex-con both make for compelling viewing Couch Grouch TayYek Keak episode.

Apps to track your vacation With smartphone apps, you can do a multimedia recording of your trips New York Times New York From Petrarch to Mark Twain, travellers have been chronicling their journeys for as long as they have climbed mountains and crossed oceans. Geo-location apps are the new diaries. Bookworms unite online Goodreads website gain following among avid readers as it is not a publisher or retailer New York Times New York Ms Lori Hettler is a passionate reader, tearing through about 80 books a year.

But living in a Pennsylvania town and with a preference for fiction from.

The fashion world has been curious about what has been going on. HK actor in intensive care for pneumonia Hong Kong Television star Bobby Au Yeung right was rushed to hospital suffering from acute pneumonia early on Tuesday and remains in intensive care, after he blacked out during a Chinese New Year celebration with his friends, said newspapers. The year-old has not. Lady Gaga cancels gigs Reuters Los Angeles Lady Gaga said on Tuesday she was suffering from severe inflammation of the joints that left her temporarily unable to walk, forcing her to postpone upcoming shows on the North American leg of her world tour.

Promotion is applicable to all The Straits Times subscription. Sfe A IV. Paled with exciting deals dp. Book the best spots now. Natas Travel When to enter, when to stay put. Get all the insights you need from the market experts to better manage your investment.

The signature My Paper event is open to executives aged between 25 and Learn To Love Again Lawson 6. My Paper mw Supporting.

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View sessions and menu listing at www. Mohamad Ali left. Singles often dread Chinese New Year, the day celebration of the new year on the lunar calendar which started last Sunday. It is that time of. Mediterranean diet best for diabetics Reuters A diet lean in meat and rich in healthy fat, such as olive oil, is most effective at promoting weight loss and lowering blood sugar among people with diabetes, a review of evidence from the last 10 years has found.

Besides the Mediterranean diet,. Test regularly for blood sugar Reuters Frequent blood sugar testing has been linked with better diabetes control in a new study in the United States. This is particularly so for people with type 1 diabetes, who have to test their blood sugar levels throughout each day and inject insulin to. Diet soft drinks have higher diabetes risk Agence France-Presse Artificially sweetened drinks have been linked to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes for women than drinks sweetened with ordinary sugar, a study in France has found.

He is also an adjunct clinician scientist at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research.

Coping with the death of a child Help is at hand for parents to deal with their grief, including bereavement services and a support group. Running to lose it Pick up the pace, because it is one of the best ways to keep fit and also to lose weight. Tips for a healthy marriage Count your blessings: Good marriages are those in which couples take time to be thankful for what they have and not harp on what they do not have.

Happily married couples focus on the positive memories they share and do not let the negative ones. Fans on how marriage has benefited their health facebook. Mentally, I have become less paranoid because my husband has somewhat nullified certain worries and concerns with his comparatively more positive outlook. Jo Fong Ching Min I feel less stressed and have fewer worries as he takes care of everything.

There are many taste sensations, textures and experiences. Recently, some friends and I were reminiscing about our school days. I soon found myself holding forth on one of my pet subjects: the shortcomings of my early education. After listening patiently for. For the past two years, the left side of my face has been twitching very frequently.

The twitching starts from the corner of my mouth. The complication is medically known as. I am a non-smoker who leads an active lifestyle I run and play football. I had primary spontaneous pneumothorax for the. Love mee tender Lor mee and laksa are made healthier as the noodles in them are made from wholemeal or brown rice flour. One would have expected its. Apples are good for the heart as, like other fruit and vegetables, they are low in sodium and high in potassium, which is good for maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Taking too much sodium. Health is wealth This insurance company chief knows there are some things money just cannot buy. I brisk walk at least three to four times a week. I start at 6am and walk about 4km. Soon both find change and friendship are never quite as easy as they seem.

In his assured and memorable debut feature, which won the Crystal Bear at the Berlinale, director Avinash Arun presents this coming-of-age story with profound empathy and care. The terrible beauty of youth is reflected in the lush photography of the exotic coast and its landscapes. The performances by Amruta Subhash and Archit Davadhar as mother and son are both gentle and genuine. When it looks as if Elizabeth must be sold in order to reclaim the machine, Dnyanesh and Zendu sneak out to the streets and devise a plan to raise the money on their own.

Premiere Director: M. Manikandan Cinematographer: M. Director M. But the boys live in the Chennai slums with their struggling mother and aging grandmother and the cost of pizza is far more than they can afford. While Manikandan delights in the wide-eyed, bright-smiled disposition of his young leads, he never shies away from their tough circumstances and he takes harsh aim at the corporate structure that exploits poor neighborhoods.

At its comic height, the film — which had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival — watches gleefully as the greedy corporate overlords bumble their way into a public relations nightmare. But that quickly passes when she sets her sights on a new goal: becoming Miss India National herself! Franziska, a Bavarian German woman working as a journalist in India, and Jayakrishnan, a young Tamil artist, met in Mumbai and fell in love. For nearly 50 years, some Indian street and folk artist families have lived in the colony of Kathputli in Delhi.

Given the opportunity to sign over their rights for the promise of new flats, many of the poorer members of the community consider making the deal and moving on, while others continue to fight. But is there any room in a new India for the folk art ways? Rahman, various artists. Rahman to American audiences, he had been a household name for fans of Indian film and music the world over for nearly two decades. For the first time, composer, singer-songwriter and producer Rahman opens his life and story for the screen.

From humble beginnings to a career that includes more than film scores, Rahman talks about his work and life experiences in unprecedented personal terms. Despite changing the face of film music with his unique blend of classical Indian compositions with modern musical technology like the synthesizer, Rahman has continued to challenge himself and grow as an artist. JAI HO is an exclusive look at one of the most iconic artists of our time. While visiting Himachal Pradesh with his wealthy father, London based Manav meets Mansi, the daughter of a traditional folk singer.

Despite his promise of marriage, the difference in social status between the families is not easily overcome. After a particularly humiliating visit to Mumbai, Mansi calls off the romance. A chance meeting with Vikrant, a famous music producer, shoots Mansi to international fame. Yet Manav patiently waits, insisting the two will one day be united in marriage. With a story, performances and music only Bollywood can provide, TAAL is an unforgettable film and a new classic of popular Indian cinema.

Aishwarya Rai, in one of her first roles, is radiant as the strong-minded and musically talented village girl Mansi, while Anil Kapoor steals the show as the amoral music producer rogue. But the brightest star of the film is A. In this haunting documentary about human loss, a Cuban family mourns the suicide of their year-old son. As the family struggles to make peace with what happened, complex questions arise as it becomes clear that this kind of tragedy affects not only them, but also the larger community in harrowing ways.

But suddenly not much else seems to matter when a new girl arrives at school. A delightful and intimate exploration of youthful obsession, budding sexuality and what it means to be a teenager, which all too often sucks, big time. Armed with plenty of time on his hands, Dandekar, a curmudgeonly retiree with a picky palate, will stop at nothing to find just the right ingredients for the perfect sandwich.