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Watership Down , Richard Adams. We've been reading this one aloud. Another aloud, although it feels more dated. Last edited by Holman on Sat Feb 07, pm, edited 4 times in total. Much prefer my Nazis Nuremberged. Trilogy for a while now. I'm finally on the last book.

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Damn, those books are long. V ;,,; V - Why not Zoidberg? Model Mayhem I've also failed at tracking my books about midway through the year, but I can give it another try, I suppose. Read Steelheart Reckoners by Brandon Sanderson. My Blog: Virtual Vellum.

Smith White Bones by Graham Masterton. Last edited by moghedian on Sat Jan 02, pm, edited 15 times in total. A carousel horse, who is constantly lost Standing still but always running [Welcome Back Mike Howe!! So far into book 3 its really good. Well do you ever get the feeling that the story's too damn real and in the present tense? Or that everybody's on the stage and it seems like you're the only person sitting in the audience?

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If you follow the Amazon daily deals my reading list will not be a surprise I'll list books as I finish them: 1. Doctor No by Ian Fleming I've never read a James Bond book before and, due to my love of all things Jamaican, I decided to pick this up a few weeks ago when all the Bond books were on sale. Boy, times have changed since this book was written! It was more than borderline racist in many spots. Fleming even used the word "Chinegro" to describe characters in the book that were half Jamaican and half Chinese. It reminds me of that terrible word "octoroon".

Makes me think that nobody in Jamaica has read this book recently because they hold Fleming in high regard there. The book was OK. Very dated with predictable plot lines. I had read Glasshouse late last year and really enjoyed it and wanted to know more about the universe it was set in.

It's fun slipping back into the world thus far. There are three ways to not tell the truth: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Books Read Post by J. I'll try to keep up this year. Last edited by J. A light, entertaining read, it's the first of at least nine books in the series. The second one's on e-book from the library, so I guess I'm in for at least one more.

I'll give this another go. A Personal Failing. I shall accept this, though, not as a black mark upon my character but rather as a mark of indistinction. Last edited by Jolor on Tue Jun 02, am, edited 4 times in total. So sayeth the wise Alaundo. Found this book not as good as the first two and fairly disjointed but still enjoyable. Looking forward to the fourth book.

After reading the book, I still don't understand the whole planets metaphor that the book is based on. There is some bizarre association with "planets" in the mind of the main character, Tower, and there appears to be some association with scent. Neither of which is ultimately important to the outcome of the book. The book itself is a rather innovative take on the Santa myth. Nikolas was wealthy thanks to inheritance, but he was feeling a bit suicidal.

In fact, suicide is epidemic in this book -- a curse that brings about despondence and creates a thriving suicide assistance industry. One force is keeping the curse at bay -- every year, on Father Nikolas Day in other words, St. Nick's Day , everyone receives a mysterious gift designed especially for them. The gifts, it turns out, are made by one group in a different dimension so to speak. They pass these along to "The Poor Men", an order that delivers them in a "time-slip" via flying sleigh.

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Operating in a different time allows them to place the gifts unseen and even though it takes thousands to do so, they are able to accomplish this mission. Opposing the Poor Men are the authors of the curse -- the Cabal. At no time does the author explain WHY the cabal issues the curse, or why they wish all of humanity to kill themselves or what they have to gain from it. The leader of the Cabal is known as the second we don't find out anything about a "first" until the very end. There is a secret Tower has uncovered that will be the Cabal's undoing and end the curse For some unexplained reason, Tower cannot lie, and there are warnings about him remembering too soon and blabbing this secret to the wrong people.

Oh, and to add a little urgency to the story, a comet is predicted to slam into the earth, perhaps destroying all life anyway. This is all a little much. The book seems poorly edited, leaving some things conceptually undeveloped while plodding elsewhere. Some unimportant characters are added on a whim, time is spent trying to develop them but they lack commensurate bearing on the final outcome.

The book sidetracks too often and doesn't focus on the main conflict between the Poor Men and the Cabal. Still, I kind of liked the ideas surrounding the Santa myth. Too bad it wasn't better executed. There are two versions of "Planet of the Damned" in the book, so decide which version you want to read first. All of the stories in the pack have elements of social engineering involved. Re: Books Read Post by J. Thought the book was fantastic until the third act. Hated the ending. Hated it so much it almost ruined the rest of the book. Thing is, I think we're supposed to hate it, that's the point.

Which makes me hate it some more. When I found out they were one and the same, I ditched my plans to read the novel. I'll have to hand it to David Fincher, though. Even though I hated the plot, the characters, the ending, and just about everything about that film from a narrative perspective, I oddly enjoyed the movie. It really stuck in my mind for days and even weeks afterward. An archeological dig in the Sud attempts to locate the true burial chamber of Egypt's first pharaoh. Locating the tomb by following the trail of bones -- the tomb builders, the priests, and the soldiers -- it is finally located.

Complicating the story is an event that happens at the start of the book. An anesthesiologist working ER duty finds himself trying to save his own wife.

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Dead for a record 14 minutes she is brought back, and thus begins a parallel story about those with near-death experiences. The doctor himself quits his profession to start an institute dedicated to researching this bullshit. He attracts the attention of the archeological expedition and is hired as the team doctor.

Of course, his wife comes along. It seems being dead 14 minutes is enough time for another soul to inhabit one's body. In this case, it was the pharaoh's queen, who probably killed her dear husband. Thus the prophesized curses have a little help in coming true. I like the setting, but there was too much implausible mysticism for my taste. Last edited by hitbyambulance on Sat Jan 17, pm, edited 2 times in total. To be fair, adolescent power fantasy tripe is way easier to write than absurd existential horror, and every community has got to start somewhere Unless one loses a precious thing, he will never know its true value.

A little light finally scratches the darkness; it lets the exhausted one face his shattered dream and realize his path cannot be walked. Can man live happily without embracing his wounded heart? Terminal Freeze feels like a script for a typical monster movie. Scientists occupying a former government arctic cold war watch station stumble upon a cave where a cat -- presumably a saber-tooth, is frozen in a block of ice.

Media circus ensues, as a big-name documentary team descends upon the camp to create a hyped-up live production exposing the find. Except upon further examination, the cat is about twice the size of a saber tooth. And one of the scientists had been plagued by night mares of such a beast since he was young naturally. And then there is a local Eskimo tribe who already warned them to leave now. Ron Hubbard,Galaxy Press,,Kindle, Tolkien,Del Rey,,Kindle, Djinn City,Saad Z. Hossain,The Unnamed Press,,Hardcover, Esslemont,Tor Fantasy,,Hardcover, Evans,Wizards of the Coast,,Hardcover, Are You Busy?

Will You Save Us? Kemp,Wizards of the Coast,,Paperback, Esslemont,Tor Books,,Paperback, The Wings of Creation,R. David Anderson,Independently published,,Paperback, Martin,Vintage Espanol,,Hardcover, Crawford,Independently published,,Paperback, Donaldson,Del Rey,,Paperback, McCullough,Osprey Games,,Kindle, Familia Chronicle, Vol.

Arms-Commander Saga of Recluce ,L. Tormenta de espadas Spanish Edition ,George R. Dreadful Company A Dr. Moore,Angry Robot,,Paperback, Under a Veil of Gods,R. Heritage of Cyador Saga of Recluce ,L. Martin,Vintage Espanol,,Kindle, Divine Misfortune,A. Lee Martinez,Orbit,,Hardcover, Herbel,Epic Books Press,,Kindle, Lee Martinez,Orbit,,Kindle, Orcs,Stan Nicholls,Orbit,,Paperback, Morgan,Del Rey,,Kindle, She Penguin Classics ,H.

Rider Haggard,Penguin Classics,,Kindle, Evans,Wizards of the Coast,,Paperback, Faerie Tale,Raymond E. Goblin Quest,Jim C. The Shadowed Sun Dreamblood ,N. McCullough,Osprey Publishing,,Kindle, Natural Ordermage Saga of Recluce ,L. Frostgrave: Forgotten Pacts,Joseph A. McCullough,Osprey Games,,Paperback, Kemp,Del Rey,,Kindle, Talion: Revenant,Michael A.

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Fall of Angels Saga of Recluce ,L. Precursor Foreigner ,C. Masques,Patricia Briggs,Ace,,Paperback, Emergence: Dave vs. Salvatore,Del Rey,,Hardcover, Hoffmann,Fantasy and Horror Classics,,Paperback, Star's Storm: Lords of Kassis,S. Salvatore,Del Rey,,Paperback, Partridge,Independently published,,Paperback, Frank Baum,Penguin Classics,,Hardcover, McCullough,Osprey Publishing,,Paperback, Chasing the Moon,A.

Martin,Tor Science Fiction,,Paperback, Destin's Hold: The Alliance,S. Smith,Montana Publishing,,Kindle, Hicks,Imperial Guard Publishing,,Kindle, Esslemont,Tor Books,,Hardcover, Cyador's Heirs Saga of Recluce ,L. The Wolf Sea. The Escapement Engineer Trilogy ,K. Wilson,Dioscuri Press,,Hardcover, Martin,HarperCollins Publishers,,Kindle, The Whale Road. The Folding Knife,K. Stewart,Independently published,,Kindle, Ordermaster Saga of Recluce ,L.

Patrick Black,Ace,,Hardcover, Evil for Evil Engineer Trilogy ,K. Birthrights Revisions to the Truth ,J. Hicks,Imperial Guard Publishing,,Paperback, Baltic Gambit Vampire Earth ,E. Alien vs. Egil's Saga,E. Campbell,BookSurge Publishing,,Hardcover, Dying to Live,L. Dionne,Life Journey Publishing,,Hardcover, Fleming,BookSurge Publishing,,Paperback, The Kingdom of America,E. Alston,Righter Publishing Company,,Kindle, Can he win this battle? In Search of Death,Craig R. Tour of Duty,Jan D. Feist,Harper Voyager,,Kindle, Watson,Permuted Press,,Paperback, Imager Imager Portfolio 1 ,L.

Durbin,Saga Press,,Hardcover, Watson,Permuted Press,,Kindle, Watson,Permuted Press,,Hardcover, Devices and Desires Engineer Trilogy ,K.

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Gasaway,Open Road Media,,Hardcover, Three Into Nine,Peter R. Brumlik,Inkwater Press,,Kindle, Writers of the Future Volume 31 L. Martinez,Night Shade Books,,Kindle, Wolf's Fall Alpha Pack ,J. New K. Parker Novel,K. Wolf of Sigmar Time of Legends ,C. Werner,Games Workshop,,Paperback, Grey Seer Warhammer ,C. The Company,K. Retromancer,Robert Rankin,Gollancz,,Hardcover, Stark's Crusade,John G. Hemry,Titan Publishing Company,,Kindle, Harris,Movement Publishing,,Kindle, Retribution,Daniel D.

Longdon,Gingernut Books,,Paperback, Gona,J G. Zomchick,"Xlibris, Corp. On Butterfly Wings,J. Hogan,Dorrance Publishing Co. Operation Code Named Sushi! Silver's Treason,Clifford W. Dunbar,Caliburn Press,,Hardcover, Gestapo 33,Clyde Doyal,iUniverse,,Paperback, The Soldier,D. Fisher,Independently published,,Paperback, Buechler,Independently published,,Paperback, Oportunity Spanish Edition ,Vv.

Between Two Wars,Robert S. The Gestapo Hunters,G. Ron Hubbard,Galaxy Press,,Hardcover, Magic of Golden Sorrow,Peter J. Transcendence,Jared R. Teer,Eloquent Books,,Kindle, Juzwick,Outskirts Press,,Hardcover, Johnson,Outskirts Press,,Hardcover, Earth Invasion,Sgt. Wayne Anthony Pope,iUniverse,,Kindle, We Dine With Cannibals,C. Alexander London,Puffin Books,,Paperback, The Druid,S.

Rogers,Musa Publishing,,ebook, Dracula,Loren D. Estleman,Titan Books,,Paperback, Her Druid Fantasy,Trish F. Leger,Self Published,,Kindle Edition, Ladies and Gentlemen of Fantasy ,Jennifer L. Miller,LG Anthologies,,Paperback, Knight,Milady,,Kindle Edition, London Loves,Theresa Troutman,,,,,4. The Lost Jewels of Nabooti,R. Boeholt,Little Five Star,,Paperback, The Haunted Dolls' House,M. James,Fantasy and Horror Classics,,Paperback, Kauffman,University of California Press,,Paperback, Trial of the Clone: An Interactive Adventure!

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Adventures in the Rocky Mountains,Isabella L. Bird,Penguin Books,,Paperback, Fantasy,Jacqueline Furby,Routledge,,Paperback, Kent,Brady Games,,Hardcover, Johnson,Clan Publishing,,Kindle Edition,,4. Lupoff,Ace Books,,Paperback, Vaughan,Dog in the Night Books,,Paperback, The Adventures of Myhr,P. Captain Blackwell's Prize,V. Vess's Wrack and Ruin Collection. Created by Vess. Update Nov Fixed broken models Included in this pack are: -Over 60 custom models -A new background texture: Stratholme in Flames -The Sulfuran Chest model bag I'd like to thank DonnieLove for inspiring me to create this pile of broken, Included in this pack are: -Over individual models completely unique building block designs different textures suited for many of your RPG or Wargaming needs -Every model has a custom collision box Before I go further into the Here's a collection of various structures and objects you can use to enhance the atmosphere of your RPG.

The vast majority of the assets I used to make these models and their textures are from Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft. For piles of Vess's Tiles and Model Bases. Vess's Trees and Forest Collection. Included in this collection are: Tree, stump and log models! Ever s Figures Compilation Zombies 2. So I made these! Includes standing fire "figurines" and flat fire "tokens" Inquisition and Assassin Detachments 40k. This is the inqusition and assassin allied detachments.

This seemed like the appropriate next step since I had a few of the models in my Adepta Sororitas thing. I'm missing a quite a few things - most namely, the silly monkey weaponsmith thing and th Iron Gods - Pathfinder minis. My own take on enemies and maybe friends from the Iron Gods Pathfinder adventure path! They all have custom colliders which are about 1 square high, and slightly narrower than squares, so they shouldn't bump into each other unnecessarily. Please let If you have found any of the models that I have personally done enjoyable, please take the time to rate them so that I know there's enough of a demand for me to make and share more League of Legends Models.

Created by Bakersfield Prime. A few of the League of Legends characters. I do not play LoL so I am sorry if there is a scale or model issue. I figured these would be fun models to use for RPG players. I recommend scaling the model to your preferred game scale and then jointing Vess' be Stackable, snappable and colourable lego pieces. Basically, I took a map from Phantom Spaceman! Mostly, it was an excuse to play around with some new tiles.

I think it turned out well enough. If you like the models be sure to check out the creator Please support the game designers Please support the game designers b Medieval Tower. High Quality tower made by me Abi for the steam workshop game Dragon Tamers. Includes the official tower used in Dragon Tamers as well as a copy that removes the Dragon Tamers text.

The model goes to a very large size and a reasonably small size too Metal Chest Trio bag alternative. Three graded chests for all your storage needs: Copper, Silver, and Gold. Model and textures edited for TTS upload by me. Made for Watchdragon's Blackjack table This beastie is called a Mirefel. It is from a previous, unpublished work, converted to a game mini. Hope it finds more use than it did on my hard-drive. EDIT: Just discovered that when making workshop items.. RPG Models. I heard you guys like stuff and things, so here's some more neat little flavor pieces!

Included in this collection are 60 unique models, all taken from the various "creep" camps and item shops featured in Dota 2. I do not own any of the included models Models, Various. Created by JustJohnVR. Mod textures are currently broken due to changes in the host site. Might be able to transfer eventually, but I cannot say when I'll be able to get around to it, since it will be a rather large time sink. Anyone with the textures cached are free to reuplo Monopoly Original -HD Version-.

Created by VibronicTea. Are you tired of playing the original Monopoly on blurry boards that are missing pieces? I was too! This mod has a board resolution of x along with other high resolution pieces. I made it as close to the original as I could within rea Mordheim Table. First attempt at a Mordheim table Thanks to Vess for numerous models, especially the figures! Thanks to Star-X for some building models This is a huge set of properly scaled building blocks designed for building mountain and cave type dungeons for RPG campaigns.

There is a full assortment of cave wall pieces as well as floor blocks that are 2x, 1x and 0. All the floor p Official Embassy. Created by Varel. Feel free to use however. Organization XIII. Created by Pyrix4Life. I was bored and fiddeling around with some ideas, so this happened. Please enjoy Pathfinder Table Map Castle.

Created by Roach. Pigneedle's Wizard's Tower. Created by pigneedle. This is a multi-level wizard's tower. My players' party recaptured this tower from an evil NPC party and returned it to it's rightful owner, a gnome enchanter. They faced guards at the door, and had to fight their way through tricks, traps, and mercenaries UV layout and texture to make it color was done by me. I smoothed the whole 3d model over to make it look better in TTS. I also ma Please support the game designers by Random Assortment of Objects. Created by Dooger. Add an assortment of random objects to enhance your Tabletop simulation experience!

Increase the immersion! Record Player. Record Player, animated and functional, made with Blender and Unity Scripted to play encoded records with custom music on them. One of the most common requests, mentions or complaints I've heard is the lack of ability to play your own music with Rex Estate Mansion. Created by Vesper. Now up to 10 Players can Play! Now Scripted thanks to Knil! This is the game called roulette. Mostly played at home or in a casino. All models and textures were made by me. To spin the wheel, Just roll the ball under the lip and the wheel will aut RPG Chest bag. RPG City with Villagers.

Created by Pharoic. Something I made for a tabletop campaign with friends and thought others would get use out of. Assortment of many buildings and objects to make a relatively generic and adaptable city for most situations. I also put in a bit of music I thought fit the mood RPG Coin Collection. Created by Spadie. RPG Dice Collection. Created by FragaholiC. This set has white dice with black figures and black dice with wh RPG Dwarven Monastery.

Currently has monsters for a level Pathfinder party but you could easily use this for all kinds of stuff. The rooms in the back are the top o Hexagonal grid puzzle and combat dungeon for any RPG game. Using this for my tabletop campaign, thought I'd share. All the info you should need will be in the notebook to make this into a puzzle for your PCs.

As Almega was kind enough to point out, the doo Been awhile since my last upload, but here ya go! The deserts of Osirion—land of pharaohs and ancient tombs—hide not just untold wonders, but also unspeakable dangers. When the vast sand dunes part to reveal the ancient pyramid of the legendary Pharao Created by Mora. The tablet table allows use of a whiteboard application to draw detailed maps. The grid functionality has been retained and the default drawing tools can be used in conjunct Created by Cluster Cove.

A two story inn, fully furnished. For RPGs. For when you just want to pull up a generic inn for your party.

Dungeon of The Mad Mage Pages - - Text Version | AnyFlip

Rpg Wargame Houses. Created by Zartoch. Models done by Daniel Anderssons i just modified a little to fix tabletop simulator and added some textures. I'm just a noob on blender. Ruined Buildings for Wargaming. Seeing as how no ruined buildings were available on the workshop, I decided to work on porting some over from Thingiverse. These buildings were all made by Foxhound on Thingiverse; I merely converted them to. Ruined Walls. Secret Hitler. In Secret Hitler, players German politicians attempting to hold a fragile Liberal g This would also make a good one shot adventure.

This worked for It's a simple idea where the grid is cast by shadows from transparent tiles giving you a guide that curves around objects and elevates with the terrain. I'm sure there are a lot of of ways you could use these. I imagine they could be useful for Warhammer, Ship: Long Keel Carack. Created by MrDeschain. Pathfinder: Long Keel Carack My group wanted their own ship so built one that was usuable for deck fights and encounters on the high seas.

Outfit and use the way you want.

[BDO] Rags to Riches PART 7 - Abandoned Iron Mine and Asula's Weakened Accessories Guide

Thanks for the support. Simple bed. Created by Norzone. We needed a simple one man bed for our pathfinder session. It was surprisingly hard to find on the workshop so i quickly made one. Perfect for any barrack or cheap inn! Simple Shields. Created by TopHatDuck. Defend yourself with a myriad of shields to pick from! Or use it as clutter to add just a little more flair to your games. Skyrim Dragonpriest. Skyrim Helmets Set 1. Kala's Watermill. Created by TheNamlessGuy. Created by ollj. Somebody order a Pizza? New beverages now available!

Skyrim Shrines of the Gods. All Nine Divines. Including Talos you godless Thalmor heathens. Arkay's shrine is a bit fucky and I have tried everything I know to fix it. Summoners War Figures. Created by RandomMajin. A set of figures I made from Summoners War, and here I thought there would be no use for them. If you want more, gimme a "Hell Yeah" in the comments section! Sword Art Online Figurines. Created by Lily. Tabletop Bowling. Created by Riddix. Tabletop Bowling is a game of skill for 1 - 4 players. Play in a bowling alley with 40 lanes! How to play: It's included in the mod.

Rules: The bowler is allowed 10 frames in which to knock down pins - the frames are composed of up to two roll Tabletop Hockey v2. A game of skill for 2 - 4 players. Version v2 has new models and better physics. It feels much more like real airhocky now! Tabletop Mini Golf. Welcome to Tabletop Mini Golf! Play through an 18 hole, hand crafted course by yourself or against your friends. Record your scores on your score cards and see if you can beat your previous attempts or your friends score.

Do you want more? I've made Created by Phenomen. Created by Broboxylic Acid. Heroquest D20 map depicting a cozy Lord's manor, set for a celebratory feast. What unfolds beyond the food and merriment, of course, is anyone's guess. The white spot is loaded out with the necessary decks to run a modified Heroquest D20 campaign, whic The Grual Homestead. This is the Guild Hall governing the adventurers of the Heroquest D20 Universe as played here on Tabletop Simulator, loaded out with the characters and trophies from our dozens of games.

An excellent setting for any number of scenarios. The white sp