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Impact on the siblings. Interactions 4. Friendships 4. Depression 7. Bipolar Disorder 7.

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Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This syndrome is very similar to that of autism, but the normal development of both speech and motor skills distinguish it from autism Tilton, The syndrome is also marked by poor arithmetic skills, an impaired sense of humour and difficulty in comprehending the gestures of people around them. She places this disorder at the higher-functioning end of the autism spectrum of disorders. He was involved in studying children, mostly boys, who were having difficulty interacting in socially acceptable ways.

The children appeared to be self-centered, socially isolated, less physically adept than others and rather uncoordinated. The children were displaying repetitive physical activities and showed a bizarre fascination with numbers, timetables and the working mechanisms of objects. He did so at the same time that Dr. Leo Kanner, a psychiatrist at the Johns Hopkins University was involved in writing about autism.

Interestingly, both physicians came to the same conclusions, without collaboration, at a time when autism spectrum disorders had not even been officially identified. During the s and s there was growing recognition of autism as a diagnosis; surprisingly, at this time the work of Hans Asperger was largely unnoticed.

What is asperger syndrome?

A large number of individuals were identified as having autistic-like symptoms but they lacked the cognitive difficulties associated with the disorder. Despite the work of Asperger, the patients were diagnosed as having mental illness or nervous anxiety. It is sad to discover that many of these people were institutionalized or imprisoned as a result of their odd behaviour or because they were coerced into making poor or dangerous choices. While autism spectrum disorder ASD is a broad classification of conditions sharing similar objective symptoms, many times ASD is referred to as pervasive developmental disorder PDD Tilton, The pervasive developmental disorders are severe childhood disorders in which qualitative impairment in verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction are the primary symptoms.

These disorders affect psychological functioning in such areas as language, social relationships, attention, perception and affect. These disorders form sub-sections of pervasive developmental disorder, all with slightly different symptoms. Auditory sensitivity may manifest in a child recoiling or crying when certain noises are heard. It is feasible to believe that the intensity of noise is hurting the child, this is increased when the sounds are unpredictable; noises such as dogs barking, crowds, fire engines, police sirens, loud music, tapping, laughing or sneezing. This may result in a child vomiting or at the least gagging to the smell of certain texture of foods.

A combination of people, colours, moving objects and sounds can easily send a child into sensory overload. Fluorescent lighting is a common cause of discomfort, the intensity of light, the flickering or the buzzing of the motor may be almost unbearable for a child. Simple forms of affection such as hugs, a pat on the back or unpredictable displays may cause discomfort for the child.

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While commonalities are resent, differences are also of importance to note. As an educator by occupation, I find, what seems to be an increasing number of children presenting at high school level with signs or symptoms of mild to moderate autism, significantly more than I am used to. And then I forgave her, after about seven years. She wanted to educate parents and counselors about the disorder. She wanted to erase its stigma.

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I wonder: If I had been born five years later and given the diagnosis at the more impressionable age of 12, what would have happened? I might never have tried to write about social interaction, having been told that I was hard-wired to find social interaction baffling. The authors of the next edition of the diagnostic manual, the D. This may reverse the drastic increase in Asperger diagnoses that has taken place over the last 10 to 15 years.

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Many prominent psychologists have reacted to this news with dismay. Under the rules in place today, any nerd, any withdrawn, bookish kid, can have Asperger syndrome. The definition should be narrowed. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles.

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