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It's time to start fighting, and we are ready. I used to be one of the bleeding heart liberals acting a fool in California. Fast forward 15 years and I have walkedaway from that.

12222/20 PSL champions will walk away with R15 million in prize money

I was a registered Democrat and even volunteered for the Obama campaign until The silencing of conservatives and push for globalism and open borders. We must not let them win in !! My dad used to get so upset about me marching and my views when I was 18 , but always said when I had a family and responsibilities I would change my tone and turn around. I wish he was here today so I could apologize and tell him he was so right.

I was raised by a single mother who relied on government assistance when I was young. She worked for a shelter and then we volunteered there for years. I loved the idea of universal health care. I moved to CA and had children and quickly had my eyes opened upon going to the capital to fight legislation. These are people who think we are too stupid and need them to dictate every aspect of our lives Nothing more. These experiences not only made me WalkAway but I ran Once you see their agenda for what it is, you can never unsee it.

Tomi Lahren and all-star panelists David Webb, Kat Timpf , and Brandon Straka give their thoughts on how the Democratic candidates performed in their first debate. I joined WalkAway approximately 4 months in. I haven't shared a testimonial because I just wasn't sure where I fit in the movement. Until I never identified myself with either party. I finally decided to sit down and write down my thoughts. In so doing, I think I figured it out. To illustrate my ignorance regarding politics and the ideologies; several years ago around a dear friend called me "alt right" because of something I posted about personal responsibility Jump to.

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/20 PSL champions will walk away with R15 million prize money |

Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. WalkAway Campaign Public group. Join Group settings More. Brandon Straka 2 hrs. Brandon Straka shared a link. Brandon Straka.

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Trai Leigh Yesterday at PM. Continue Reading. What's True Memes promoting the WalkAway campaign used stock photographs to represent people who had supposedly left the Democratic party. What's False The founder of the WalkAway campaign said those memes were not created by the campaign.

What's Undetermined Whether the person or persons who generated the memes is associated with the WalkAway Campaign. Support the fact checking and investigative journalism you rely on at Snopes. Give with PayPal or Learn More. Origin In July , various websites reported that the social media hashtag WalkAway represented a mass movement of people leaving i.

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Did Calif. The North has other facilities which produce weapons-grade uranium, not to mention a stock of warheads and missiles.

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  5. Mr Trump also made clear that the disagreement was amicable. He expects more talks and more progress. He went out of his way to praise Mr Kim and to underline the economic potential of North Korea, if only it was prepared to surrender its arsenal and rejoin the world. It would be very Trumpian for the next overture to the North to come soon after this latest rebuff.

    Most important, the Hanoi summit retains the gains from Singapore. In the lead up to that first summit the North was testing ballistic missiles capable of hitting most of America. Those tests have stopped, as have its tests of the warheads themselves, lowering tension and the risk of inadvertent escalation.

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    Mr Kim gave his word that this will not change. And yet, if denuclearisation really is the aim, the gulf looks unbridgeable. In Singapore, when the two sides agreed to a nuclear-free Korean peninsula, they meant different things. America expects the North to abandon its nuclear weapons in their entirety; the North insists that America withdraw the nuclear umbrella that protects South Korea as well as pull out its troops from the peninsula.

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    Far from disarming, North Korea continues to build up its arsenal. Meanwhile, Mr Kim has failed to take even rudimentary steps towards setting up a negotiating process that might eventually lead to large-scale disarmament. The North has refused to produce an inventory of its nuclear weapons, laboratories, test-sites and other facilities. Until it does, denuclearisation cannot get under way in earnest.