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Freezing his father alive? Electrocuting a McMahon? Launching a wheelchair-bound Broski off the entrance ramp? Burning and burying his half-brother alive? In his fiery tenure with WWE, Kane did his part to heinously torment everyone who stepped in his path. Anytime he remotely hinted at remorse, The Big Red Monster became more despicable than ever. As the production crew pleaded for mercy and J. Any Superstar willing to burn another defenseless human being warrants a spot as one of the baddest of all time. Don Muraco backed up everything he said he was going to do inside the squared circle — and what he did was not revered by the fans.

Worse yet, The Magnificent One once ate a meatball sandwich in the ring while abusing a local schmo. Bubba Ray and D-Von were the epitome of villains. They spewed vitriolic, profanity-filled diatribes with the sole purpose of breeding hostility. We were the most in-your-face, disgusting, hated people to ever step foot in an ECW ring.

And I think anybody that came through ECW would say the same thing.

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During a May match in Detroit, they lit a table on fire for the first time, and powerbombed Balls Mahoney right through it. Later that year, they nearly incited a genuine riot at Heat Wave by getting a little too close to ringside ticket-holders. But no one could deny the success of the multi-time champions. They egged on a crowd and antagonized the audience more than any other act in the history of this business, and they were fearless in doing it.

WWE ‘SmackDown Live’ Tag Team Champion Jey Uso Arrested for DWI

One of the few individuals to successfully make the transition from pro football to wrestling, Ernie Ladd meant business in every sense of the word. When he spoke, people listened, and that translated into capacity crowds at arenas, hoping to see him get his comeuppance. He was the man who shocked the wrestling world. The eerie hush that fell over the New York City crowd as they watched their Italian hero fall was downright haunting.

There was nothing the man once known as Paul E. Case in point, he once had to be rushed from the ring by police after mocking the plight of Georgia peanut farmers who were in dire financial straits because of a drought. But it was the men in power who the brusque New Yorker incensed the most. No matter how many times employers tried to banish him, Heyman always returned to be an even more painful thorn in their side. His most recent reemergence in WWE is proof that only cockroaches are more inexorable than the mad scientist of sports-entertainment.

But no competitor was ever as savage as Abdullah the Butcher. Internationally feared for his lust for flesh, The Madman from the Sudan routinely caused riots in Puerto Rico when he bludgeoned their national hero, Carlos Colon, and horrified the fans in Japan by taking a dinner fork to the forehead of the iconic Terry Funk. A renowned villain since the early s, Abby terrorized the biggest stars in the world for more than five decades.

Even at the geriatric age of 71, Abdullah is still raising hell. Terry Funk found great pride in infuriating fans and instigating them to the point of action. But all that served to make Funk strangely endearing, not villainous. While Flair was in action, Funk jumped him from behind and wrapped a plastic bag around his head. Like any true serpent, The Viper has chilled blood circulating through his body. However, that was very much the case with Kevin Sullivan. A former good guy in other territories, Sullivan began to explore the darkest depths of evil after arriving in Championship Wrestling from Florida.

He conjured up a cult-like army of evil. Sullivan used Satanic spells to draw the mysterious Purple Haze from the depths of the sea. Honing his notorious acerbic wit in his hometown Memphis, Tenn. No ECW grappler was more despised than the sadistic Raven. The influence of Raven and his Nest of henchmen was clear in his intense rivalry with The Sandman.

After Tommy Dreamer earned the respect of the Philadelphia faithful, Raven revealed that they had been summer camp adversaries when Tommy was a popular jock. As the rivalry escalated, the two battled many times for more than two years. Truly one of the all-time greats from a feminine side of things was the ageless Fabulous Moolah. Born Lillian Ellison in Columbia, S. Many tried, but very few succeeded in accomplishing that feat. Following his loss to Hulk Hogan and Mr.

Undertaker, John Cena & D-Generation X vs. CM Punk & Legacy: SmackDown, October 2, 2009

When The Hulkster finally agreed to face the giants with his pal, the damage had been done. With his partner in peril, Orndorff hung out on the apron, feigning interest in helping Hogan. It was that rationality that made him so dangerous. A mosquito on the neck of Minnesota legend Verne Gagne, Bockwinkel dominated the AWA as champion for seven years with his unique ability to walk away with the title even when he lost.

Hulk Hogan and The Crusher were just a few of the challengers to beat Bockwinkel, only to find that he had taken advantage of an overlooked line in the rulebook to reverse the decision. Few men have run roughshod over sports-entertainment like Vader. The Mastodon was pure fear packed into a 6-foot-5, pound frame.

Vader was a looming threat for any WWE Superstar, as few competitors wanted to willingly step in the ring with the monster. Though he was a technical mastermind, Harley Race was never afraid to get dirty in order to get the duke.

Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (5/28/19) – The Chairshot

Nor was he afraid to hire other grapplers to take out his opponents. Flair recovered and got retribution, defeating Race for the title at the inaugural Starrcade. When he arrived in WWE in , he won the King of the Ring tournament and wore his cape and crown everywhere. Upon his victories, Race forced his fallen opponents to bow before him and acknowledge his superiority. His boots were always polished. His jutting jaw was recognizable from a mile away.

And his aggressive nature against heroes like Tito Santana and Ricky Steamboat made him instantly hated. His name was Sgt. When Sgt.


Sarge could be vicious, as he displayed in his landmark Alley Fight against Pat Patterson in Madison Square Garden, but he became abhorred in when he turned his back on the U. Loved, feared or respected? The Undertaker is all three. The worst part? Over the years, Undertaker has hurled human beings off the top of foot cells and symbolically zipped them up in black vinyl bags.

He knew how to break every rule in the book. Blassie received worldwide recognition for his dastardly deeds. He supposedly kept his teeth sharp by using a file on them, as Rikidozan found out. If fan ire was a stock, shares would always be up as it related to how Blassie played with their emotions. As his in-ring career as a wrestler wound down, Blassie entered the arena of managing, and found a great measure of success along those lines.

If seizing opportunities no matter the circumstances is a characteristic of a true villain, then no Superstar in history lives up to that principle more than Edge. In , Edge became the first Money in the Bank winner at WrestleMania 21, creating an opportunity that would define his career. Before the show ended, however, Edge cashed in his World Title contract and defeated an exhausted Cena to win the title.

In his quest to become legend, Edge stole Lita from his friend, Matt Hardy, and allied himself with villainous Superstars such as Randy Orton. He even engaged in a relationship with SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero for no other reason than to advance his own career. The Rated-R Superstar's cunning, unapologetic and opportunistic nature defined him as one of the most hated and brilliant villains in WWE history.

There was no level Cornette was afraid to stoop to in order to get one up on the competition.

Survivor Series AS IT HAPPENED: Brock Lesnar beats AJ Styles, RAW defeat Smackdown

And in later years, Killer imparted his wicked wisdom of the squared circle to eager learners, as he trained future villains like Big John Studd and Triple H. Basketball, bowling, table tennis, darts, diving, you name it, Mr. Perfect was, well, perfect at it. And he never let WWE fans forget it. Oh yeah, he was flawless in the squared circle, too. The former UFC star was on the receiving end of a vicious Lynch kick early in the match after Flair held Rousey up by her ankles with her head dangling near the mat.

Lynch was able to get a run up before sliding in to kick Rousey in a devastating blow that sent Rousey to the ground outside the ring. WrestleMania WinnerTakeAll pic.

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Triple H appeared to rip a nose ring out of Batista's face. Hollywood star Dave Bautista appeared to have his nose ring ripped out of his face in a sickening moment during his all-or-nothing showdown with WWE legend Triple H. In a heated duel where Triple H declared his career would be over if Batista could beat him, the No Holds Barred match turned as dirty as it possibly could when Triple H proceeded to dish out a world of pain.

Triple H had Batista pinned with a chair in the ring and the Hollywood actor was helpless as Triple H clenched down on the bolt sticking out of his left nostril and apeared to rip the nose stud straight out of his skin. Batista was spotted clutching at his nose for an extended period before the cameras appeared to show some blood clotted around his nose. There's nothing TripleH won't do to save his career WrestleMania NoHoldsBarred pic. However, Batista had nothing left up his sleeve when Triple H smashed him across the face with a sledgehammer.

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The sledgehammr was gifted to Triple H by legend Ric Flair, who was famously beaten by Batista many years ago. John Cena has returned to Wrestlemania in an old school throwback to his Dr of Thugonometry phase. After Cena was finished lighting up Elias, the Hollywood star then handed out a can of whoop-ass to leave Elias completely humiliated. Nah, I'm not really feelin' it. Because without the guitar, what it really means is Wasted Wrestling Experiment. Roman Reigns was overcome with emotion after cutting Drew McIntyre in half with a darting spear tackle to make a winning return to WrestleMania.

In his first WrestleMania apperance since he took an indefinite break from the promotion following his leukaemia diagnosis, Reigns had to dig deep to get revenge on McIntyre. The match turned when Reigns was able to shrug off the Scottish Psychopaths ground hold before executing a trademark flying tackle from across the ring that clearly took the wind out of McIntyre. He came. He saw. Kofi Kingston is the new WWE champion after overcoming Daniel Bryan in a crazy, acrobatic match where the new champion had to fight off several moments where Bryan had him pinned.

With both wrestlers exhausted after a marathon match, Kingston dropped Bryan for the upteenth time with a spinning back kick before ending the match with a lightning pin. We're not crying. Jessica McKay and Cassie McIntosh stole the belt in a dramatic late pick-pocket after they snatched a pinning opportunity by pushing Beth Phoenix off of a lifeless Bayley and then jumping on the lifeless rival to execute the three-count.

He dramatically left McMahon breathless after knocking him over the back of the top of a temporary grandstand near the ring after belting him with a telephone prop. The match then reached mind-blowing heights as The Miz, dragged McMahon to the top of a broadcast tower and executed a suplex from the top of the tower, dropping McMahon onto the ground below. The match official then awarded McMahon the match because he landed in a way that pinned the Miz to the ground, despite the fact that both men appeared in severe physical distress.

Shane McMahon landed on Miz and got the pin. Oh my god. That was completely insane. Wrestlemania pic. Seth Rollins has delivered one of the craziest moments ever seen at WrestleMania after he recovered from a brutal Brock Lesnar beating to steal the Universal championship in a monster opening to WrestleMania in New Jersey. Heyman threatened that Lesnar would leave MetLife Stadium immediately if his match with Rollins was not promoted. Instead Lesnar stormed the ring to join Heyman in a move many commentators have interpreted as a disrespectful slight to WWE officials.

That he was supposed to go on 9th or 10th and that he was furious. Rollins was ambushed by Lesnar as he made his way to the ring and was dealt a savage beat down outside the ring before the officials had even had a chance to ring the bell to start the match. From there he stunned The Beast with a series of heel stomps before pinning Lesnar to take the universal championship belt. Lesnar then ambushed Rollins before he was even able to jump into the ring, twice tossing Rollins violently into the ring-side commentary booths.

We will probably know more soon but this definitely gives Lesnar a clearer path to another fight in the UFC. DC next? Six-time tag-team champions The Usos have retained their Smackdown Tag Team belt in a crazy four-way tag team showdown. Styles appeared certain to be pinned after Orton executed a trademark RKO, but he recovered and flattened Orton with two leaping smackdowns from the top rope that left viewers stunned.

The judges have ruled Can AJStylesOrg capitalize?! The triple-threat match has gotten the big-match treatment in its build and gotten nasty on social media. It could propel Lynch to a new level of stardom. This could be the last time we see Rousey for a while. A win for Kingston would make him the fourth black heavyweight champion in WWE history. The build and story for the Universal Championship has been far less compelling.

Lesnar could have his eyes on a return to UFC later this year and may need to shed the belt. Keeping it on Lesnar allows WWE to milk this storyline a bit.