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New short fiction: ‘Monkeys’ by Keletso Mopai

Become a Premium Member. More Humor Short Stories. This story was written in response to future author's short story Christmas contest. Reverse Public Humiliation by shadowgate. Sara's Revenge by hullabaloo Toast by starlight4. A fantastical comedy. Empty and Empty by Heimweh. If I Was A Burka Fierce by MelissaMuller. I may have posted this before, but it's been awhile, me thinks! Binge Beer by Mike S. Two Minute Story by Bruvton. Reluctantly, he does so. Shortly afterward there is a knock at the door.

As Mrs. White fumbles at the locks in an attempt to open the door, Mr. White, who had to identify his son's mutilated body, and who knows the corpse has been buried for more than a week, realizes that the thing outside is not the son he knew and loved, and makes his third wish. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Summary The short story involves Mr.

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The knocking suddenly stops. White opens the door to find no one is there. The revelation that is the ending of this story ties together the wealth of emotional detail Carver packs into it into something amazing.

The Monkey And The Crocodile - Grandma Stories - English Animated Stories For Kids

Bullet in the Brain , by Tobias Wolff A man waits in line at the bank, and becomes irritated by the women standing in front of him, is shot in the head, and dies. By the end you know Anders the sour literary critic better than most characters who get hundreds of pages dedicated to their creation. The ending remains as surprising today as it did in The Garden of Forking Paths , by Jorge Luis Borges A spy thriller, a literary puzzle, a philosophical exploration of choice, all tied up with a killer twist ending. The story of a man dying of gangrene, stranded with his wife in Africa, is slow and solemn and totally absorbing as you wade through his melancholy memories, regrets, and subtle hallucinations, realizing that death stalks us all.

The Rocking Horse Winner , by D. The simple device he uses of describing what each soldier carries with him into combat offers up novel-levels of implied detail, leaving the reader with the unshakable feeling they have just caught a nightmarish glimpse of what war is really like.

SparkNotes: The Monkey’s Paw: Plot Overview

Everyday Use , by Alice Walker This story of a young black woman visiting her mother and sister and the clash of traditional American black culture in the south and her pretentious Africa-centric stylings is so packed with cultural, emotional, and historical notes it could be stretched out to several volumes. What Walker achieves in just a few thousand words is simply incredible.

The currencies and inflation rates may change, but the fundamentals of striving remain the same, and Gogol mines this for an impressive amount of story in a short space.

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A bitter, dissatisfied academic hates her life in the Midwest teaching ignorant and uninterested students. She goes home to New York to visit her sister and hates life there as well. Along the way she spins anecdotes, spits facts, and makes darkly hilarious observations about everything. The final effect is simply knowing a fictional character better than you might know some real, actual people. Emergency , by Denis Johnson The recent passing of Denis Johnson is a blow to readers, because there will be no more stories as dense and darkly hilarious as Emergency , the story of drug-abusing employees of an Emergency Room and their woozy adventures.

Artificial Intelligence is set in a future where families must receive government permission to have children. Aldiss manages to evoke an entire dystopian future while dragging your heart through the mud in just a few pages.

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On the other hand, Hopkinson gilds that brilliant concept with so much interesting character work concerning an artist, his strange child that exacerbates his ambivalence and distrust of children, and future art curators seeking to preserve his work, this could have been a much, much longer story. By the final sentences of this masterful work we have come to know Ivan Ilych and recognize in him our own frailties and our own arrogances, which can either be frightening or freeing.