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Sounds like a perfect union, right? The couple's marriage quickly disintegrates, and Bertha falls into mental illness. By the time Jane arrives on the scene as governess of Rochester's ward, Adele, Bertha Mason is stark raving mad, secretly locked in the attic of Rochester's estate, Thornfield Hall. Rochester himself describes the irony: the bride he wants, Jane, is cool, sedate, and rational. Bertha, the bride he has, is tempestuous, volatile, and wildly irrational. Even more ironic: Rochester's secret is revealed at the wedding altar, seconds before he and Jane take their vows.

The virtuous and seemingly incorruptible Jane is seconds away from becoming not a wife, but an adulteress. After the disastrous near-wedding, Jane leaves Mr. Rochester and strikes out on her own. She quickly finds herself lost and penniless, when, in her distracted state, she leaves her money and belongings in the carriage she hired to take her away from Thornfield. Jane wanders the English moors, until, nearly starved and frozen, she collapses at the doorstep of the Rivers siblings, Diana, Mary, and St.

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They take her in, nurse her back to health, and even find her a job as the headmistress of the village school. Jane settles into a happy, modest life, but she remains who she has always been: an orphan without family, money, or a name.

Irony in Jane Eyre

Hers, she thinks, is to be the life of an outsider, a life with friends but no blood ties. A life of enough work to supply the necessities but with no promise of future rest or security. Then it happens: a long-lost uncle is discovered and leaves his entire fortune to Jane. Here's an even greater twist--those siblings upon whose doorstep Jane just happens to stumble? Jane's long-lost cousins. Jane goes from being a hard-scrabble schoolmistress with no family to an heiress with relatives to spare. Jane divides her fortune among her cousins and then, armed with enough family and financial security to give her a measure of freedom, she returns to Rochester, no longer the dependent governess.

Now Jane is the one in a position of power. Rochester, in Jane's absence, has been broken. Bertha has died in a fire she herself set.


Rochester has been blinded and maimed trying to rescue her, and Thornfield lies in ruins. Jane is now in a position to mend Rochester's broken spirit, an ironic position yet again. Charlotte Bronte's novel, Jane Eyre , uses irony to transform a simple love story into a masterful Gothic mystery brimming with sinister secrets and life-altering surprises.

Jane loves her employer, Mr. Jane is virtuous, while Rochester is debauched. Rochester has a wife, Bertha Mason, who is lost in mental illness. Jane believes she is to be a lawful wife to Rochester when, ironically, she is seconds from becoming an unlawful mistress. Jane, having left Rochester, discovers that she is not the penniless orphan she has always believed herself to be.

She inherits a fortune from a long-lost uncle and discovers that the friends she has made, the Rivers siblings, are her cousins. When Jane returns to Rochester, who has been blinded and maimed in a fire that killed Bertha and destroyed Rochester's home, she is now in the position of strength. To unlock this lesson you must be a Study. Create your account.

Jane Eyre - Plot Overview

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Almost all the instructors who responded to a survey conducted for this volume View Product. Becoming Jane Eyre: A Novel. Sheila Kohler's The year is In a cold parsonage on the gloomy Yorkshire moors, a family seems cursed with disaster.


Written by literary experts who currently teach the subject, MAXnotes will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of This study explores the world of the author's personal emotions,passions and frustrations in her novel with special emphasis on symbolism. I am Jane Eyre.

This special volume is a great fictional read for lovers of the original novel as This special volume is a great fictional read for lovers of the original novel as well as newcomers. Discover what really happened at Lowood school, the true nature of the relationship between Jane and Mr.