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Zelena shuns the idea and, feeling she is strong enough, seeks out to snuff out The Black Fairy all on her own. In the midst of this terrible turn of events, viewers are flashbacked to Oz where Zelena reigns as a leader, but clearly is alone. Here it is revealed that Zelena clearly has a feeling of abandonment and inadequacy, thus her endless struggle to always prove she is better than others.

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Sadly, this trait has led to her demise, and now all of Storybrooke perhaps, but could she change the winds of fate with a selfless act? For one, Zelena is finally turning a corner in her inner battle.

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Two, after Zelena does make a brave decision for the benefit of others, the group finally find a way to awaken The Blue Fairy. With these events taking place, The Black Fairy finally sees her confidence waver, concluding the episode stating that The Blue Fairy is the only one who knows exactly why she initially gave up her son, Rumpelstiltskin, all those years ago. Could The Black Fairy even become a sympathetic character?

Once Upon A Time Review: Zelena is from "Where Bluebirds Fly"

We shall see. This only leaves one question, will the final battle live up to the tension mounting with each proceeding episode? Like the in-depth, diverse coverage of Cryptic Rock?

It was good to revisit the green makeup again. Sure, I was hoping for her to separate from the Wicked Witch a la Regina and the EQ, but either way this was good to see.

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  4. Rebecca Mader masterfully worked Zelena through her mommy issues, her inferiority complex, and finally pushed her through to doing the right thing at great personal cost giving up her magic. It was well-acted and cathartic, and I was happy with it. I appreciated the other plots, but this was a Zelena episode that included everyone else. I think that, in part, this episode was crafted to kinda-sorta include the other characters.

    However, if this was the end for her on the show, it was a great showcase and a strong character episode.

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    Overall, I was impressed with this as a character episode. Zelena dominated it, but I believe that was the goal.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this character study, and it makes me look forward to the final battle all the more. What did you guys think? Did you enjoy the episode?

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