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If I had his CDs when I was a kid I would have been out of elementary school in three years tops…wait, they didn't have CDs then only papyrus scrolls. Be that as it may, gobble this terrific teaching tool up and share it with your children before Hap Palmer is stuffed and put on exhibit as a national treasure in the Smithsonian…Just saying! His recordings and videos have received numerous honors including the Parent's Choice Award and the National Parenting Publications Award.

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It contains a colorful variety of musical styles. You won't mind listening to it for hours in your car, and you'll probably find yourself singing along! The CD helps make learning basic addition and subtraction facts a breeze. They're fun and educational! Hap has a charming website really cute! We like and appreciate all the supplemental free items that go along with his CDs—and again, everything is so darn cute! If your kids have addition and subtraction down, check out Multiplication Mountain , Singing Multiplication Tables , or any of his other great choices.

His catchy folk melodies spark the imagination and fuel a desire to learn. Each of these songs focuses on basic mathematics, showing kids how much fun it can be to work with numbers. The songs start basic, with simple counting, followed by an introduction to adding numbers. As the recording progresses, the exercises provide slightly more challenge, as they cover more examples of addition and subtraction.

Palmer's warm, friendly voice is always a treat, and his arrangements feature enjoyable folk-pop melodies that urge sing along. Member News May Hap Palmer has released a new CD with songs and games to help children learn addition and subtraction facts. Fun with Math, Music, and Movement is an educational children's music CD grounded in the common core standards and best teaching practices supported by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The sing-along songs encourage young children to practice very basic counting and arithmetic out loud.

There are fifteen tracks with instructional vocals, followed by another fifteen tracks of instrumental versions or "no-answers" versions of the same songs. With its emphasis on building practical problem-solving skills including the ability to quickly perform basic addition and subtraction , Count, Add, Subtract is a wonderful choice for educational or home use, highly recommended especially as an educational for kindergarten, preschool, and elementary school music CD collections.

Count Up, Count Down 2. Naming Numbers 3. One More, One Less 4. He ate a bar of soap.

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The next thing you know, He had a bubble in his throat. In came the doctor person jumps in. In came the nurse person jumps in. In came the lady With the alligator purse person jumps in. Out went the doctor person jumps out. Out went the nurse person jumps out. Out went the lady With the alligator purse person jumps out. A, B, C and vegetable goop. What will I find in my alphabet soup? A, B, C. When you miss, make up something that starts with the letter you missed on.

Continue throughout the alphabet.

Five Little Ducks

All in together, girls. How do you like the weather, girls? January, February, March, April. Anthy Maria jumped in the fire. The fire too hot, she jumped in the pot. The pot was too black, she jumped in a crack. The pot was soon over, she jumped in some clover. Clover's too sweet; she kicked up her feet.

Feet was soon over, she cried 1, 2, 3, Jumped in a tree. The tree was so high she couldn't go higher. Apples, peaches, pears, and plums Tell me when your birthday comes. As I went down to my grandfather's farm. A Billy goat chased me around the barn. Benjamin Franklin went to France To teach the ladies how to dance. First the heel, and then the toe, Spin around and out you go. Blackbirds, blackbirds, Sitting on a wire. What do you do there? May we inquire? By 1, 2, 3. Bluebells, cockle shells, Eevie, ivy, over; I like coffee, I like tea; I like the boys, and the boys like me.

Tell your mother to hold her tongue; She had a fellow when she was young. Tell your father to do the same; He had a girl and he changed her name. Bluebells, cockle shells, Eevie, ivy, over; Mother went to market To buy some meat; Baby's in the cradle Fast asleep. The old clock on the mantel says One o'clock, two o'clock.. Bubble gum, bubble gum Penny a packet, First you chew it, Then you crack it, Then you stick it In your jacket, Then your parents Kick up a racket.

Bubble gum, bubble gum, Penny a packet. Bubble gum, bubble gum, chew and blow, Bubble gum, bubble gum, scrape your toe, Bubble gum, bubble gum, tastes so sweet, Get that bubble gum off your feet! Butterfly, Butterfly, throws a kiss, kiss, kiss, Butterfly, Butterfly, get out before you miss, miss, miss. Charlie Chaplin went to France, To teach the ladies the hula dance. First on the heels, Then on the toes, Around and around and around you go. Salute to the Captain, Bow to the Queen, Touch the bottom of the submarine.

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Chimacum Cheetahs, turn around, Chimacum Cheetahs, touch the ground, Chimacum Cheetahs, show your spots, Chimacum Cheetahs, hot, hot, hot! Christopher Columbus Sailed the ocean blue In fourteen hundred And ninety-two. Chocolate bears and gingerbread cats, All dressed up in whipped-cream hats. Danced in the garden under the moon, Beat sweet rhythms with a wooden spoon, Whirling, turning, jumping to the beat, Melting down to their ice cream feet.

When the baker ran to see, They ran beneath the gum-gum tree, Running in between the rows, Tripping over ice cream toes.

Ten Little Indians

There were 1, 2, 3. Cinderella dressed in yella, Went downstairs to kiss a fella, Made a mistake and kissed a snake. How many doctors did it take 1, 2, 3,. Cinderella dressed in yellow Went downstairs to kiss her fellow. How many kisses did she give?

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One, two, three, four, five. Cookies, candy in the dish; How many pieces do you wish? Down in the alley where the garbage grows, A flea jumped on an elephant's toes, The elephant cried with tears in his eyes, Why don't you pick on someone your size? Down in the valley Where the green grass grows Sat little Annie As sweet as a rose. Along came a boy And kissed her on the cheek. Why, Annie, you ought to be ashamed! Got a little boyfriend And you don't know his name! What is his name? A, B, C How many kisses did she get? Down by the riverside the green grass grows, Where someone walks, some tiptoe.

She sings, she sings so sweet, She calls over to someone across the street. Tea cakes, pancakes, everything you see, Meet me at the park at half past three. Early in the morning, about eight o'clock, What should I hear but the postman's knock. A, B, C, D.

Grace, Grace dressed in lace. Went upstairs to powder her face. How many boxes did it take? Gypsy, gypsy Please tell me. Hello, hello, hello, sir. Meet me at the grocer. No, sir. Why, sir? Because I have a cold, sir.

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Where did you get the cold, sir? At the North Pole, sir. What were you doing there, sir? Counting polar bears, sir. How many did you count, sir? Here am I, little jumping Joan; When nobody's with me I'm always alone. Hickety Pickety Pop, How many times before I stop? How do you spell Mississippi? M cross arms over chest I point to your eye Crooked letter cross legs and jump Crooked letter cross legs and jump I point to eye Hunch back Hunch back I!

I asked my parents for 15 cents, To see the platypus jump the fence. She jumped so high she touched the sky, And didn't come back till the Fourth of July. I asked my mother for fifty cents To see the elephant jump the fence. He jumped so high he touched the sky, And never came back till the Fourth of July Jump higher and higher. I can do a polka, I can do a split, I can do a tap dance, just like this! I eat my peas with honey, I've done it all my life. It looks a little funny. The duo went on to release a string of hit singles and albums before they split up in By this time Stewart was a sought-after record producer, while Lennox began a solo recording career in with her debut album Diva.

After almost a decade apart, Eurythmics reunited to record their ninth album, Peace , released in late They reunited again in to release the single " I've Got a Life ", as part of a new Eurythmics compilation album, Ultimate Collection. Eurythmics have sold an estimated 75 million records worldwide. Lennox and Stewart met in in a restaurant in London, where Lennox worked at that time.

After releasing one single as The Catch in , the band evolved into The Tourists. Stewart and Lennox were also romantically involved. The Tourists achieved some commercial success, but the experience was reportedly an unhappy one. Personal and musical tensions existed within the group, whose main songwriter was Peet Coombes , and legal wranglings happened with the band's management, publishers and record labels. Lennox and Stewart felt the fixed band line-up was an inadequate vehicle to explore their experimental creative leanings and decided their next project should be much more flexible and free from artistic compromise.

They were interested in creating pop music, but wanted freedom to experiment with electronics and the avant-garde. It was in a hotel in Wagga Wagga , Australia, while playing around with a portable mini-synthesizer that Lennox and Stewart decided to become a duo. At this time, Lennox and Stewart also split as a couple. They recorded their first album in Cologne with Conny Plank who had produced the later Tourists sessions.

This resulted in the album In the Garden , released in October A couple of the songs were co-written by guitarist Roger Pomphrey later a TV director. During , the duo retreated to Chalk Farm in London and used a bank loan to establish a small 8-track studio above a picture framing factory, giving them freedom to record without having to pay expensive studio fees. They began to employ much more electronics in their music, collaborating with Raynard Faulkner and Adam Williams, recording many tracks in the studio and playing live using various line-up permutations. Although their mode of operation had given them the creative freedom they desired, commercial success was still eluding them and the responsibility of running so many of their affairs personally down to transporting their own stage equipment took its toll on both of them.

Lennox apparently suffered at least one nervous breakdown during this period, while Stewart was hospitalised with a collapsed lung. Eurythmics' commercial breakthrough came with their second album, Sweet Dreams Are Made of This , released in January The successful title track featured a dark and powerful sequenced synth bass line and a dramatic video that introduced the now orange crew-cut Lennox to audiences. The song reached No. The band's fortunes changed immensely from this moment on, and Lennox quickly became a pop icon, gracing the covers of numerous magazines including Rolling Stone.

Their previous single, "Love Is a Stranger", was also re-released and became another chart success. The video for the song saw Lennox in many different character guises, a concept she would employ in various subsequent videos. The duo quickly recorded a follow-up album, Touch , which was released in November It became the duo's first No.

However, Radford later said that the music had been "foisted" on his film against his wishes, and that Virgin had replaced most of Dominic Muldowney 's original orchestral score with the Eurythmics soundtrack including the song " Julia ", which was heard during the end credits. Nevertheless, the record was presented as "music derived from the original score of Eurythmics for the Michael Radford film version of Orwell's ".

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Eurythmics charged that they had been misled by the film's producers as well, [10] and the album was withdrawn from the market for a period while matters were litigated. The duo's next album, Be Yourself Tonight , was produced in a week in Paris. Almost a dozen other musicians were enlisted, including members of Tom Petty 's Heartbreakers , guest harmonica from Stevie Wonder , bass guitar from Dean Garcia , string arrangements by Michael Kamen , and Lennox singing duets with Aretha Franklin and Elvis Costello.

It continued the duo's transatlantic chart domination in , and contained four hit singles: " Would I Lie to You? Eurythmics released their next album, Revenge , in The band went on a massive worldwide tour in support of the album, and a live concert video from the Australian leg of the tour was released. In , Lennox and Stewart released the album Savage.

This saw a fairly radical change within the group's sound, being based mainly around programmed samples and drum loops Lennox would later say that where Revenge was more of a Stewart album in sound, Savage was more of a Lennox one. Lyrically the songs showed an even darker, more obsessive side to Lennox's writing.