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Besides the Veda sakhas, the module presents Other Upanisads not forming part of the Veda-sakha texts, all the Upanisads in Devanagari script actually , the Upavedas, Vedangas, Upangas, Brahmasutras, Tantra, Sandhyavandana and a host of literature of the Digital Vedic Library. The English translation of the Vedic texts is accessed under each Veda sakha to the other sites on the internet. The content of the module is rather comprehensive to the extent available to the scholars. Of Veda sakhas available in the country during the time of Patanjali, about 2 millenniums and a half ago, only the few stated above - ten in number - are available today.

Maitrayani sakha of Krishna Yajurveda, Pippalada sakha of Atharvaveda and Jaimini sakha of Samaveda are the recent finds among the Veda sakhas. Pippalada sakha is presently available in print for the first 15 Kandas only. This is brought on to the portal. Kandas 16 - 20 are available in Oriya script on palm leaves. The text of these Kandas has been transliterated into Devanagari script in hand. The handwritten text is brought on to the portal.

Jaimini sakha has Samhita and Aaranyakam in manuscript only in Grantha script. It is brought on to the portal in the same script.

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The module of Vedic Chanting has audio of over hours. Incidentally, these five Veda sakhas have Bhashyas by Sayanacharya. I returned home with that feeling of peace…. It felt so good …. Kasturi Garu. I took the manuscripts along with me. He told me that this script will be blessed by Swami but not sure when and how? After darshan I went to book stall to check out if any new books were published.

Press Release by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust

Having no option I bought the English version. Translation of Sathyam Sivam Sundaram —Part4 Some irresistable inspiration from within myself prompted me to translate that book in Telugu. Now you are prompting me to translate Part4 of this book too! Will people not laugh at me,if I do this? I gave them the information as requried. She asked me to go ahead if the inner prompt to translate was so irresistable. And before even they could give the letter Swami himself took it from them. Actually ,someone gave this book to my mother and I happened to read it too luckily. We all were so inspired by the experiences narrated in the book that we wanted to personally meet the author of the book.

As per the address mentioned in the book,Kakade garu happened to reside nearby to our place.

Shirdi Sai Baba Bhajans: Sai Mata Pita, Dina Bandhu Sakha

Thankfully,Suri Garu accepted these manuscripts and sent them for review. The very next day, admitting their error, Pudhari published my roll number as successfully passed in the examination. I once again assert that my first rank success up to the seventh standard is indeed a miracle. All the above is in retrospect, but true in every word.

I wish you understand one important fact of my nature. In my childhood, no one admired or appreciated my success. My mother did not understand as to which standard I was studying in, or my achieving first rank in the final examination. So far, no one praised me directly.

But, the understanding in me always is that I am the cause for anything bad happening to me, for which I repented and wept, and anything good happening is by accident. I remember Baba and tears of happiness start rolling out of my eyes.

Abdul Razak Baburao Korbu

After I successfully passed out the seventh standard examination, many persons advised my mother that I should get employed in writing accounts for some local merchant. Mother was also obstinate in compelling me to do so.

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  • I was unable to decide on this matter. I was impressed by the well dressed boys, and especially girls, attending the Jaisingpur High School, which was in the vicinity of our Middle School, and developed a desire for completing the matriculation examination. Because of our poverty, none were in favour of this.

    At this juncture, my friends came to help there were no girl students in our school. No one praised me for having passed the seventh standard examination in the first rank. However, with this as my capital, along with my friends, I went to Sri. Bhirdi appeared to be a pious and considerate person. He instructed me, Do not worry about the fees, just take admission. I took admission in the Special Standard, which for one year prepares students, who have successfully passed seventh standard final examination, for admission to the eighth standard.

    During to , when I was studying in the High School, Jain merchants were in full hold of Jaisingpur city and High School management. The teachers were all Brahmins. Religious prejudice was very strong. Muslims were very few, with about 10 to 15 households, of which ours was a mere hut. I grew up in such a prejudiced social environment and had none near me, except a few school friends. They, too, befriended me without the knowledge of their parents and on occasions, such as marriage of their brothers or sisters, invited me orally for dinner.

    As I sat for dinner along with other invitees, often I was asked to get up and leave; I was then told to have dinner later, along with the bandsmen, who were Muslims. My stomach was hardly worried about such insults. Only when my tummy was full to the brim did I get up, cleaning my face with the sleeve of my shirt! My God! Now, what should I do? I did not despair and with firm determination, started giving tuitions to one or two school boys, who paid me only five rupees each.

    Sai Bhajan - Sai Matha Pitha Deena Bandhu Sakha

    At that time, there was only one cinema theatre in our. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary This is the touching story of a poor Muslim boy, who lost his father when he was two years old. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.