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For August Cederstrand of Edelbrock, there are two clear rat rod categories. One that focuses on period correct parts but perhaps features that vintage patina fad taking the industry by storm right now, and then there are the renegades who throw out the rulebook altogether. It shows a lot of innovation. Many members of the scene now take umbrage with the term—but more on that later. With high-dollar form and virtually zero function, these vehicles began to dominate car shows , sullying the tradition of true hot-rodding.

It had no roof, a chopped windshield, and an old bench for a front seat. Additionally, it was unpainted—a detail Jake saw finished at the show with a bucket of red paint, several brushes, and the helping hands of passerby. Better yet, Jake actually drove the misfit hotrod, both around town and on the Bonneville salt flats. If we follow popular culture, the car dubbed as the first real rat rod belonged to the artist Robert Williams.

It was a throwback to the hot rods of his youth—a modestly modified roadster that was loud and fun, with a half-finished look he felt would be on-brand for budget-minded enthusiasts of the s.

Tyler's Home Made Model T Roadster Body

He had no intention of setting a trend or launching a movement. Williams was simply indulging his gearhead passion in his own way. Attracting the misfits, the oddballs, the edgy enthusiasts looking for a new and rowdy way to express themselves, the trend, or culture, or scene, or whatever you want to call it, has wildly evolved to mean different things to different people.

To further add to the craziness an old-school style of the build they would use no front brakes on the car which was also common at the time , have cheater slicks for the rear tires and they would run the car with no radiator. No one could get over how loud it was, how cool and rugged the rod looked, and best of all — that it was REAL. Sure there were early space rods and 60s and 70s customs, but nothing this radical had ever actually been built to date.

Soon buzz was created around the Purple People Eater and it spread like wild fire. It became the car that everyone in the hot rod world was talking about at the time. Every custom hot rod fanatic soon started building highly exaggerated rods of their own. He took them home, put them on a frame and dropped in a Ford Flathead motor. He then made new wheels for the truck, did some custom metal work, and hand-made new steering arms. The final product was a homemade, clean, and bare metal Ford hot rod that was mean in every sense of the word. He built a hot rod on a budget to have fun with it and for it to be driven hard and fast, like they should be!

Brookville Roadster

Creative and ground breaking hot rods are one thing, but unsafe, rust buckets are an entirely different thing all together. A lot of times the rodders who build these cars claim they want them to look like an Ed Roth inspired rod however the usually use poor construction and give the car an improper stance and they build these rods with little regard for safety or understanding of the actual cars they are trying to mimic.

Some try to build rods that look similar to the ones we mentioned above however, they end up building tasteless or thrown together piles of junk that are unfit to see the road. We felt it was only right to adresss this issue a bit here, and hopefully get back to building cars that can actually be enjoyed. However, some good has come out of the new style of rat rods and builders of today.

Rat Rods Are for Welders

It has inspired a new generation to become interested in hot rods since most of the rust rods are more affordable. Perhaps some of these younger guys will develop their taste and styles and as they get older they will start building creative AND well put together hot rods.

El Cheapo: Building A Rat Rod For $1, Episode 2 – The Body

We have seen several different styles of rat rods in their short live span over the past few years and only time will tell what is in store for the future of rat rodding and hot rodding in general, we just hope that the safety level remains an important factor to consider so that these rods can be driven and enjoyed. History is history and needs to be respected and maintained as we continue to pave the way and build new creations of our own — happy rodding! We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. We'll send you the most interesting Street Rod articles, news, car features, and videos every week.

We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. I set this up prior to building all of my frames — now.

Who gets the credit for bringing attention to the rat rod?

Years ago, I just measured and laid things out on the floor and took my chances. Now with everything up on the table, I can see and build with a lot more accuracy. This frame will be constructed in three parts: the middle or side rails, the rear section which contains the kickup, and the front section which I will taper from in front of the front wishbone brackets to the bottom of the round schedule 80 tube front cross member which will make it 3 inches. So the taper will be from 4 inches to 3 inches which will give the frame some accent in the front and it will not look or be so boxy.

This is so that I can use them for reference points as I build and curve the frame. The location is not important — what is important is that they are in the same place on each rail. These will stay and be used until all the brackets and measurements are in place and are right. Then when I begin to finish weld and finish the frame, these will be welded up and will no longer be used.

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There needs to be points of reference otherwise the end product can be off enough that it could affect the performance or outcome of the product. After deciding where the first bend will be, the cut is made and a disc and small 4 inch hard grinder are used to bevel the cut edges and open the cut if needed. When the correct angle is obtained, tack the bend in place.