Manual Engineering Risk and Finance (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science)

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Production and Operations Management, 20 Operations Research, 58 , Production and Operations Management, 19 , Wang, X. Operations Research, 56 , Lin, G. Production and Operations Management, 16 , Operations Research , 54 , Lu, Yingdong, J. Song and Yao, D. IIE Transactions , 37 8 , Optimal Coupling is Totally Positive and More. Journal of Applied Probability , 41A , Liu, L. Management Science , 50 , Lu, Y. Operations Research , 51 , Operations Research , 50 , Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. Chen, J. Operations Research , 49 , Ettl, M. Operations Research , 48 , Sequential Inspection under Capacity Constraints.

Operations Research , 47 , Squillante, M. Performance Evaluation , , Chang, C.

Table of Contents

Advances in Applied Probability , 31 Sequential Quality Control in Batch Manufacturing. Annals of Operations Research , 87 , Dacre, K. Glazebrook and J. Gong, W. Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences. Quality Control for Products Supplied with Warranty.

Engineering Risk and Finance International Series in Operations Research & Management Science

Operations Research , 46 , Coordinated Production and Inspection in a Tandem System. Queueing Systems, Theory and Applications , 24 , Connors, D.

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  2. Future Perspectives in Risk Models and Finance | Alain Bensoussan | Springer.
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  5. Structural Dynamics and Resilience in Supply Chain Risk Management |

Methods for Job Configuration in Semiconductor Manufacturing. Structured Buffer Allocation Problems. S -Modular Games, with Queueing Applications. Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications, 21 , Stochastic Difference Equation with Stationary Coefficients.

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  • Journal of Applied Probability , 32 , Sigman, K. Finite Moments of Inventory Processes. Annals of Applied Probability , 4 , Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications , 18 , Performance Evaluation , 20 , Mathematics of Operations Research , 19 , Operations Research , 41 , Optimal Control of a Simple Assembly System.

    Future Perspectives in Risk Models and Finance

    Operations Research Letters , 14 , Gallego, G. Management Science , 39 , Rearrangement, Majorization, and Stochastic Scheduling. Mathematics of Operations Research , 18 , Cheng, D. Le Style Est L'Homme, and beyond. Operations Research, 40 , Spatiotemporal Convexity of Stochastic Processes and Applications. Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, 6 , Monotonicity in Generalized Semi-Markov Processes.

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    Optimal Scheduling Control of a Flexible Machine.

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    Naval Research Logistics, 36 , Optimal Buffer Allocation in a Multicell System. Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, 1 , Proceedings of IEEE, 77 1 , , Servi, L. Performance Evaluation, 9 Stochastic Monotonicity in General Queueing Networks. Journal of Applied Probability, 26 , Optimal Dynamic Scheduling in Jackson Networks. IIE Transactions, 20 , Annals of Operations Research, 15 , Performance Evaluation, 9 , Operations Research , 36 Mathematics of Operations Research, 13 Operations Research , 35 , Reducing the Congestion in a Class of Job Shops.

    Management Science , 34 , Shanthikumar J.

    Queueing Systems, Theory and Applications, 2 Annals of Operations Research , 9 , Naval Research Logistics , 34 , Some Results for Bulk-Arrival Queues. Selecta Statistica Canadiana , 7 , Foote and K. Hudson and A. Snowdon and G. Heching and A. Weir and M. Stay on CRCPress. Preview this Book. Add to Wish List. Close Preview.

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