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Specifically, we study the choice of formal elements, such as the design and editing, the intended purpose and feeling of the message transmitted in the photographs, as well as the type of actor or actors of the images including their role, number, gesture, sex and age. Content analysis, non-parametric statistical analysis with Chi-square test and variance analysis ANOVA are used as methodologies. The results of the study show how prototypical images used by NGOs young children enjoying the benefits of aid with positive appearance and gestures present content and formats that do not correspond to the type of image that generates more engagement from the target audience.

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Rafael Carrasco-Polaino. Ernesto Villar-Cirujano. The main objective is to create a panel of analysis of plays from the point of view of drama sense and post-drama nonsense , introducing cross-cutting concepts such as identity, interculturality and participation. The second objective, and as a way to validate these panels, is to analyze in a comparative way the similarities and differences of two types of post-theater manifestations in Spanish, Europe and Andean theater, particularly in Ecuador.

This descriptive and qualitative research applies the analytical-synthetic method to approach the study of seven plays of dramatic and postdramatic nature. As a result, the usefulness of these panels developed to carry out this type of study on the elements of order and chaos, as well as to understand internal and external participation, is validated. As a general conclusion, it is observed that the current Ecuadorian plays respond to a post-drama culture that uses elements of the unitary dramatic stage and differential factors of Andean character.

Este trabajo explora una de sus ramas. This work explores one of its branches. We performed theoretical research on the foundations of video artivism, with the aim of achieving a conceptual definition. Firstly, the purpose of the study is defined and the historical background and basic sources of influence described in order to trace a map of its fields of application in teaching practices and empirical research. The results therefore come from a bibliographic review of academic as well as artistic and activist sources, which were based on sections of the differentiating features they respectively recognize and self-recognize as artivist.

Six identified features are described: the intervention function, the hybrid code, against domination, disruption, disavowal and subversion, which are aimed at establishing processes, procedures, subjects and the specific forms in which artivism has an impact on society. The article also refers to selected cases as a conceptual sample of the theoretical assumptions made and to describe their capacity of transformation.

Concha Mateos. In this study, we aim to assess the effects of such training. A qualitative study was conducted using in-depth interviews of Spanish journalism and communication entrepreneurs who have undergone university training in business creation and management. Different patterns between the effects of university training on new initiatives and advanced projects were also observed. In this respect, the training supported the creation of new businesses and the development of existing ones. Finally, the suggestions for improving training and the limitations to entrepreneurship have revealed the importance of providing this type of education with a more practical, up-to-date approach that is interconnected with the business and university world.

Therefore, examples of this work can be of vital importance in opening up new opportunities for sector development to enable future generations of journalists to fulfill their important social function. Pedro Aceituno-Aceituno. The research methodology focuses on a self-administered questionnaire filled out by 2, adolescents of secondary school 12 to 16 years old. The sample consists of a random selection of student groups, which are distributed in 60 schools and 30 groups each course. Video games are the central backbone of male consumption and creation, as long as girls prefer to take pictures and videos of themselves using smartphones and to share them on social networks.

These practices repeat gender stereotypes, transforming the education in equality into a relevant issue. Finally, sources of information that are complementary to formal education, especially Wikipedia, are the main references among adolescents. Consequently, it seems essential to guarantee their solvency for appropriate knowledge acquisition. Leyre Eguskiza-Sesumaga.

Los estudios sobre radio: Un balance desde la academia iberoamericana. However, radio has not received much scholarly attention. In this framework, the present study analyses the situation of Ibero-American radio studies from the perspective of their scientific community. This approach is new in that it focuses on the work, perceptions, and assessment of radio research at supranational level, shedding light on similarities and differences in terms of how Communication is seen as a scholarly field.

Bailey, Gauvin Alexander et al. Lisbon, Scribe. Lima, Metrocolor S.

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C arrete Parrondo, Juan et al. Madrid, Espasa-Calpe. April — Castillo de Javier — September Gobierno de Navarra. Splendors of the New World. Spanish Colonial Masterworks from the Viceroyalty of Peru. February 1 — April 26 Chong, Alan Ed. Sacred Art and Visual Splendor. Singapore, Asian Civilizations Museum. Auction Sale Catalog. New York, May , Testimonios Barrocos. January - April Nelly Sigaut, coordinadora. El Esplendor del Arte en los Andes.

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Dezember bis Februar Cusco, Editorial Piki, E. Zum Wiederkehr seines Geburtsjahres. Weissenhorn, Anton H.

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Konrad Verlag. Estabridis, Ricardo "Un cuaderno de grabados de Halbeeck y una serie de anacoretas del Cusco. Revista del Museo Nacional Lima Monterrey, Cydsa. Madrid, Ediciones Tuero. Estrada de Gerlero, Elena Isabel Muros, sargas y papeles. Imagen de lo sagrado y lo profano en el arte novohispano del siglo XVI.

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Evers, Hans Gerhard Rubens und sein Werk. Brussels, De Lage Landen. Fajardo de Rueda, Marta et al. Lima, Santiago Valverde S. International Petroleum Company Revista Fanal. Fane, Diana Ed. Abrams, Inc.

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La Paz, Bolivia, pp. Universidad de Navarra, April , , pp. Fiocco, Luisa Evangelicae Historiae Imagines. Amsterdam, G. Fraser Giffords, Gloria et al. Belo Horizonte. Furlong S. Buenos Aires, Huarpes. El Imago primi saeculi ". Cuadernos de Arte Colonial Madrid 4: Cuadernos de Arte Colonial Madrid 1: Revised and edited by Walter L. El Patronato en el Valle de Catamarca". In Juan Eusebio Nieremberg, De la diferencia entre lo temporal y eterno[. La Paz, Editorial Gisbert y Cia. La Paz, Plural Editores.

Second edition , which we cite. In Philadelphia Entre Cielos e Infiernos. Memoria del V Encuentro Sobre el Barroco. Lima, Movimiento de Vida Cristiana. Golvers, N. San Juan de la Frontera de Huamanga. Figueroa Zamudio, Silvia coord. Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad. Gran Canaria, Universidad de Las Palmas, pp. The History of a Printing and Merchant Dynasty. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

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Empresa energética sostenible líder

Kommentierte Ausgabe. Plata, pintura y escultura. Pamplona, Gobierno de Navarra. Primer Coloquio de Arte Valenciano. Brussels, Bozarbooks, pp. New York, Paddington Press. Atlixco, Hospital San Juan de Dios. Hyman, Aaron M. The Art Bulletin 99 2 Lima, Instituto Nacional de Cultura. Two volumes. Issar, T. The Indo-Portuguese Bouquet.

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Peter Callas

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Mariazza Foy, Jaime "Un grabado y dos pinturas". In El Comercio Lima , February 4, Partie I-III. Mebold S.

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Santiago de Chile, impreso en casa del autor. Merian the Elder , Matthaeus Iconum Biblicarum. Praecipus sacrae Scripturae […]. Strasburg, Lazari Zetzner. Wenatchee, Washington.