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The violations include both U. But while air marshals are recruited, hired, and paid like law enforcement officers, some say that their powers are limited and that they are not law enforcement officers in the traditional sense. Pascarella, Asst. Not everyone agrees on what up-to-date really means, however. The truth is that FAMs receive relatively little useful information on potential threats to aviation, and the information they do receive is typically public reports, "relabeled as FOUO — For Official Use Only," claims Biles. He adds that most intelligence received by air marshals is received through the office "rumor mill.

No, they don't. On Nov. Despite the fact that air marshals typically carry a Sig Sauer P and have high shooting skills, trained as they are to fire in the close confines of an aircraft cabin, Biles claims their inaction was "mostly due to a mentality and unwritten policy that exists at the FAMS by upper management that tells air marshals not to get involved. Casaretti clarifies the role of marshals in such situations, stating that "although they have full law enforcement powers, FAMs rarely get involved in airport disputes, as appropriate.

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I suspect the president may have ordered this act of aggression against Iran, thus hanging Captain Rogers out to dry would have risked him going public. The UN is dysfunctional, unable to fairly arbitrate.

Here in the US, critical institutions of democracy and the media are in a creeping state of crisis: structurally incapable of serving the public interest with truth and equal representation. We have a lot to fix.

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The only thing Americans remember about Iran is that they took Americans hostage. Never mind or us backing Saddam in that brutal war or this brutal war crime. Bush the first put our arrogance out there for everyone to see. The Captain of the Vincennes, claimed he attempted to contact The Iranian by radio — what a shame he omitted using the Control Tower frequency. A shameful belligerent act — made worse by the erection of a statue of Captain Rogers in his home town. Very sad, that both our nations are enemies today instead of allies, as we are meant to be.

May our two peoples one day overcome these differences and stand as one. Great article, small point. Upon reading the Times article, this is not a quote from the article author, John F. You are mistaken. The portion I quoted is not a quote from the Pentagon report.

They are the Times author's words, who, as I pointed out, was relaying the government's narrative. As I also accurately observed, the Times sustained the government's narrative, by simple virtue of relaying as though fact the government's false claim that the Iranian airliner had flown " into the area at the time when warships were involved in an intense battle with Iranian gunboats". How else can he show that their claims are not supported by evidence? Sorry, a typo had resulted in my full comment not appearing. I have corrected it. Reposting here also:.

Aviation Facts & Rumors: Book 1

Of course, we all know that only Israel makes mistakes in similar circumstances — the USS Liberty, for example. If the US and Israel came to blows you can bet the Rothschilds would become involved to see that no harm came to the pet country they founded using bribery, blackmail and subterfuge along with illegal terrorism against both the British and the Palestinians who were the ones who actually had lived in the holy land for thousands of years.

Thank you for bringing in the USS liberty into the picture. It too has been largely forgotten because it happened long beyond the memory of most Americans. It has recently been revived by sailors serving on the Liberty at the time. Another disgusting piece of history. Google for a number of videos on youtube. Tonken Gulf 2 — a naval vessel is provoking Iran claiming to be in international water not fires On Iranian gunboat or motorboats and tries to get then to fire. They panic thinking they are going to get a real attack from an F totally mistakenly and down a commercial aircraft.

Instead he bloviates about never apologizing and puffs up his chest instead. Meanwhile the LBJ trick fails, Iranian civilian are sacrificed and whole crew gets medals anyway for trying to help get him elected. I suggest this may be better explained by the Tonken Gulf incident. Note that it appears to be a provocation and may well have been intended to generate a response bombing perhaps even to influence the Iran-Iraq War.

The best that can be made of it is that in the heat of provocation they did jump conclusions and fire on the Airbus. At worst it might have been intended to produce a response by Iran and thereby create a pretext to a bombing or even entering the Iran-Iraq War as in Vietnam in term of air support at eh very least. The election year context cannot be avoided. Having provoked no response the best that could be done for electoral purposes is trumpet that we never apologize.

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Finally we might also note we never learn either subsequent years with the Iraq War illustrate clearly. And of course the obvious one of the story that we always make excuses that blame the victim. Although a tragedy of almost three decades ago BUT remembering such tragedies reminds one that how humans kill each other and hardly feel repentant for such barbarity. Thank you Jeremy for relating the truth.

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Captain Rogers was obviously seriously flawed, but he was by no means unjustified in being afraid of civilian passenger jets. The facts remain that he was in Iranian waters and shot down Iran Air Flight while it was in Iranian airspace ascending along a commercial air corridor squawking its identity as a civilian passenger plane, and he knew that by ordering it shot out of the sky that the result might be the deaths of civilians. Both require intent, and you have to be delusional to believe a navy skipper would want to commit career suicide and shame the navy and the nation as he did by deliberately shooting down a passenger airliner.

The only way we can learn from the past is by knowing and understanding what actually happened; your description of the events simply is not helpful. For your information a year before, only because a friend cancelled a meeting was he not there when a civilian oil installation in a neutral third country on the Gulf was intentionally bombed by the Iranian Air Force with dozens killed. A USA warship did hit a mine, laid by the Iranians. The USA did not have any minesweepers?

The point is that the sailors on the USS Stark saw the airplane attacking them on radar, flying an attack profile against them, but did nothing, because it was Iraqi and because it was a civilian business jet. Yes, you read that right, the Iraqis had modified a civilian business jet and used it to launch ship-sinking missiles. A tragic screwup. US intelligence believed that a mirage F1 carrying two Exocet missiles would barely be able to fly, and concluded that it was launched from a business jet the Iraqis had modified to carry two missiles.

An Iranian colleague told me his father was in the Iranian air force at that time. He said their air force had orders to stand down so if this were so, there wd have no Iranian military flying. Written history is made up of lie after lie. Every president is a liar period.

Come to think of it, most people are too. After reading the true story of the Mai Lai Massacre, I would assume anything is possible. The human species is a sorry lot. Riding in the radar shadow of your civilian airline aircraft, Is ripe for mistakes, Yes when you are that close, and being painted by radar for a AAM guess what give the largest feed back to the seeker head of the missile? Yes it was a deliberate launch, But the provocation by Iran was a deliberate act that was usable either as propaganda, sinking an American Warship, or, Making the Americans look like wanton murderers of innocent civilians…… But then Iran has no problems in murdering civilians when it serves Islams purpose…….

How the Mainstream Media Report the US Shootdown of Flight If one does a quick Google search for relevant keywords specific to the shootdown, only a handful of US mainstream media reports turn up on first-page results. So how well does this narrative hold up? The entire crew of the Vincennes received combat action ribbons. He was, in other words, dutifully serving his role as a propagandist.

They were aiming for tiny Howland Island just north of the equator in the central Pacific Ocean. The U. Coast Guard and Navy scoured the area by ship and plane for two weeks.

‘We’re watching’: Trump stokes UFO rumors during ABC News interview

Over the years, enthusiasts have looked for signs of Earhart or her plane in the Marshall Islands, on Saipan, and deep underwater. Eighty years on, the mystery surrounding her disappearance—and the excitement around solving it—has hardly waned. An upcoming History Channel documentary, for instance, claims to reveal an archival photograph showing Earhart and Noonan alive on a dock in the Marshall Islands , hundreds of miles from Howland.

Meanwhile, an expedition sponsored by National Geographic is currently underway in Nikumaroro , an island nautical miles away from Howland where some believe Earhart crash-landed. The expedition is combing the island with four dogs that specialize in sniffing out deeply buried and ancient human remains.

Read more about the expedition here. Want to catch up on the mystery of Earhart and the competing theories for how she and her navigator disappeared? The official U. Coast Guard cutter Itasca was at Howland to assist Earhart in this pre-radar era by providing radio bearings and a smoke plume, but owing to radio problems, communication was sporadic and broken. According to the Itasca 's radio logs, Earhart indicated she must be near the island but couldn't see it and was running low on gas. The Electra never made it to the island.

They disappeared somewhere over the Pacific, spawning multiple theories about their fate. About 15 years ago Nauticos—a Hanover, Maryland, company that performs deep-ocean searches and other ocean-research services—led an effort to locate Earhart's plane where they believe it crashed: in the Pacific Ocean in the vicinity of Howland Island. Nauticos president David Jourdan said in that, by studying factors such as Earhart's broken-up radio transmissions and what is known about the Electra's fuel supply, he and his colleagues had narrowed down an area of the ocean that they believe will eventually yield the plane's grave.

In March and April of , the company used a high-tech, deep-sea sonar system to search square miles 1, square kilometers of the ocean floor near Howland. They didn't find the plane on that expedition or a follow-up mission. Later, in , a team organized by the Waitt Institute for Discovery searched a roughly Delaware-size area just west of Howland with the help of deep-sea robots. At a.