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The fluidal vibrations of the world of thoughts are coupled with the fluidal vibrations of the world of feelings and, in this form, the thoughts and feelings constantly go "on journeys" and, indeed, as a factor of feinstoffsinnlichkeit. However, in the first years of the third millennium, the current terrestrial technology is not yet in a position to prove these feinstoff [5] vibrations, or, these fluidal vibrations, with equipment, and thereby using material means, yet it is only a question of technical development and of time before they will, one day, be successfully proven.

Then it will also be recognised that feinstoffsinnlichkeit is based on the form which is feinstoff vibrations, or, on fluidal vibrations, just as it will also be recognised that these fluidal energies and their powers are the fundamental factor of telepathy, levitation and clairvoyance, as well as of teleportation, and so forth. And the fact is: the feinstoffsinnlich -erroneously called "supernatural" by human beings, simply out of ignorance -is actually a product of the human brain, or more precisely put, of its thoughts and the feelings resulting from them.

It is thereby to do with a quite normal, however not "supernatural", energy and power, whereby the whole thing is also not unearthly and not unreal, rather it is absolutely real and not eerie. And when thoughts, and the feelings resulting from them, go "on journeys" as feinstoff energy -which can also be perceived, in some form or other, by other human beings, by means of spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling -then it is thereby to do with a form of telepathy.

Thereby, however, it must be clear that it is solely the feinstoff energy of the world of thoughts and world of feelings which goes "on journeys", however, not the consciousness, and, indeed, the "journey" takes place beyond the body in the form of a "consciousness-feeler", or, in the form of a "consciousness-sensor", which is the case because the thoughts and feelings build up and send out the corresponding fluidal vibrations whereby the consciousness delivers the energy to it, however does not itself leave the body.

So, it is always the thoughts and their feelings which -as a form of telepathy -radiate from the brain and go "on journeys". So, therefore, sensitive human beings can "feel" -that is to say, perceive with the seventh sense -if they are observed by others, just as they can, however, also perceive if a human being is in need or dies, if that human being sends out his thoughts and feelings to the sensitive person who then perceives the "call", and so forth, in a feinstoffsinnlich way, or, by means of spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling. So it very often comes about that, if a human being gets into desperate straits, or stands at the threshold of death, his thoughts and feelings then go off "on journeys" somewhere to a human being who has meant a lot to him.

Thoughts and feelings break through all boundaries of space and time and penetrate into the brains of all those who are "spoken to" and perceive the "call" in a spiritual-fine-sensitive way. The whole thing is thereby a form of telepathy, or, a form of reading of thoughts, at great distances, which reach up to , kilometres in the primary state but which can be very greatly overtaken by the so-called secondary, or, higher, telepathy, as well as by spiritual telepathy, and it has a practically infinite range.

Noch ist zwar die heutige irdische Technik in den ersten Jahren des Dritten Jahrtausends nicht in der Lage, diese Feinstoffschwingungen resp. Dann wird auch erkannt, dass die Feinstoffsinnlichkeit auf der Form von Feinstoffschwingungen resp. Das Ganze ist dabei eine Form der Telepathie resp. Feinstoffsinlichkeit conceals still other energies within it, aside from telepathy, and so forth, because that which is emitted -through the thoughts and feelings -pertaining to the consciousness's energy, also pertains to feinstoffsinnlichkeit, whereby one then speaks of a "journey of the consciousness".

In this state of clairvoyance the human being is able -through his energies and powers which are generated from the energy of the consciousness -to steer his thoughts and feelings in such a way that he is able to look into the future or the past, or that he is seemingly suspended above the ground and, moving forward, sees and recognises everything which takes place and occurs below him.

Such is known by human beings, for example, who have lain in bed and suddenly, seemingly rose up, floating over it, and saw themselves lying below in the bed -or on an operating table. Likewise, however, it can be that in such states pertaining to the consciousness -of floating, other human beings and their fate are seen or events are observed which play out down on the ground, and so forth. In this way, sequences of events which are experienced in such moments can be recounted, exactly, jot for jot. Die Feinstoffsinnlichkeit birgt noch andere Energien als die Telepathie usw.

Solches ist z. Fundamentally, the pineal gland is the critical factor which -through the thoughts and feelings -constitutes the realm and headquarters of the feinstoffsinnlich.

Firtan - Wogen der Trauer (2014)

The human being's early, and also more recent, forefathers had a more intensive grasp on this realm, or, centre, and they were even able, to a certain extent, to still consciously steer the feinstoffsinnlich, or, the fluidal vibrations of thoughts and feelings, and utilise these energies of the consciousness along with their powers.

Auf dieses Reich resp. Through the constant change of the human being in regard to his body and organism, as well as the purely material orientation of his thoughts and feelings, the pineal gland and its feinstoffsinnlich faculty has atrophied, consequently, in the current time, only human beings who are more or less sensitively predisposed are in a position to utilise the feinstoffsinnlich effectiveness of the pineal gland.

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Originally this organ had a diameter of little more than three centimetres in contrast to today where, as a result of shrinkage, the average has only a size of three millimetres. The pineal gland is the organ of perception which pertains to the spiritualfine-sensitive feeling, or, pertains to the human being's seventh sense, which, however, can no longer be used by many because a barrier is unconsciously constructed against it, whereby the so-called third eye, as the pineal gland is also called, is repressed and choked in its function.

For this reason not all human beings, rather only a few, can utilize its function and effectiveness. And the human being himself is to blame for this blockade because, were he to make the effort, then, in spite of his pineal gland's degeneration, he would be able to bring about this organ's functioning again to a certain extent. For that, naturally, the path is long and laborious because one must learn, through on-going meditative practice, to allow enough energy to flow through the pineal gland's area of the brain and through the pineal gland itself, because only thereby is it then possible that the feinstofflich electromagnetic fields which surround the human being will be consciously perceived.

Instead of doing that, however, the human being blocks this fluidal energy and deflects it before it can even come into contact with him. But that constitutes a considerable deficiency regarding the perception of reality, because not only the coarse material belongs to it, along with its energies, powers and vibrations, but also the feinstofflich; that which is fluidal in energies, powers and vibrations which emerge from the realms of the thoughts and feelings and the psyche, as fluidal, electromagnetic fields, as occurs with all forms of life, and indeed even with any which only generate instinct-impulses and instinct-feelings as well as an instinct-psyche.

As a result of the blockade and deflection of the feinstofflich, or, fluidal, electromagnetic fields of energy which surround him, the human being only perceives effective reality in a very restricted way, and that is the case with the majority of all humanity. Truly, few and far between are human beings who allow their energy to flow freely towards, and into, the pineal gland and therefore can perceive -by seeing or by hearing -things which belong exclusively to the feinstoffsinnlich realm.

And it is also these human beings for whom it is possible, with sufficient meditative practice, to perceive, by means of spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling, even that which is superfeinstoffsinnlich [6] , which belongs to the spiritual realm and is therefore far beyond all energies, and powers, of the consciousness. However, what there is to say in regard to this is that the superfeinstoffsinnlich form is not possible with the Earth human being in view of his still insufficiently developed evolution of consciousness, which will remain the case for a long time yet.

Nevertheless, however, every Earth human being who is capable of rationality and understanding is capable, with the corresponding meditative effort, of awakening, developing and making useful, the feinstoffsinnlich within him. Anstatt dass dies jedoch getan wird, blockiert der Mensch diese fluidale Energie und lenkt sie ab, ehe sie ihn auch nur treffen kann.


Durch die Blockade und Ablenkung der ihn umgebenden feinstofflichen resp. The fact is, in regard to the feinstoffsinnlich, that not only are those human beings, who can see, subject to a day and night rhythm, to which all body functions -even the pupils -are also adjusted, rather the blind are also as are all blind creatures. So, from that it also follows that the blind -and especially the blind -perceive that which pertains to the feinstoffsinnlich and are therefore especially active in terms of spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling.

Naturally they also perceive the material realm, yet their spiritual-finesensitive feeling capabilities are more pronounced than the capabilities of those who can see, and, indeed it is because they direct their energies onto the "inner eye", or put more precisely, onto the pineal gland. Besides, also with the blind, the retina is interwoven with special nerve cells through which signals are transmitted to the pineal gland.

This stimulates the production of the hormone melatonin which steers the "inner clock" and so determines the life-rhythm of the body. The human brain also has still other remarkably important factors at its disposal besides the pineal gland, as, for example, the "early warning system", which is situated near the frontal lobes, in the region of the brain named the "anterior cingulate cortex", called ACC for short.

It is this region of the brain which then becomes active when, for example, there is a difficult decision to make, such as -among other examples -when a decision must be made between two conflicting alternatives. However, the ACC also warns the human being of threatening or emerging dangers which are only perceived with the spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling, and consequently do not penetrate into the consciousness as a direct warning factor.

A further factor is that which relates to the perception -by means of spiritual-finesensitive feeling -of sounds which do not emerge as effects pertaining to the material senses and can also therefore not be materially perceived but rather as infrasound, as is emitted, for example, by large animals or earthquakes, and so forth. Infrasound is actually also the origin of some inexplicable "phantoms" which, for example, come about as a result of the wind whistling through holes, through rock crannies, through chimneys or cracks, and so forth, and producing extremely deep tones which cannot be registered by the human being's hearing, however the vibrations of which effect the human being's body and naturally also the pineal gland, and release certain effects of a feinstoffsinnlich form which are perceived with spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling.

Diese Hirnregion ist es, die dann aktiv wird, wenn z. The radiating impression of the personality is the radiation factor which is also designated the aura and it is this which can be perceived, by means of spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling, by other human beings when they are sensitive enough, that is to say, when they can consciously use the energies and powers of the pineal gland, and, thus, the spiritual-finesensitive feeling.

The fact is that every human being is surrounded by a feinstoffsinnlich, or, fluidal, electromagnetic field which contains the information about the personality, for which reason the imprint, or, the radiation, of the personality, is also called the information-field none of which, however, has anything to do with esoteric nonsense, just as it has nothing to do with the alleged and deceitful mediums who falsely boast, out of image-seeking and profit-greed, that they can see auras.

But such an influence also occurs through the thoughts and feelings when these are concentrated on another human being -or on an animal -because, through this concentration -through the feinstofflich vibrations of the thoughts and feelings -a strengthened, fluidal field comes about, which expands and strengthens as a field of effect whereby the "targeted" fellow human being can receive and identify the "message".

The fact is that the human being's personality and entire body uninterruptedly transmit feinstofflich-electromagnetic vibrations, or, signals, which are perceived by other human beings, unfortunately, as a rule, however, only unconsciously, because the human being has turned himself towards the atrophying of his pineal gland as a result of the change of direction of his inner world towards a purely rational intellect. Tatsache ist, dass jeder Mensch von einem feinstoffsinnlichen resp. A further fact is that every living and dead body, that is to say, all organic material, has its own source of light which radiates -from many and varied cells -its feinstoffsinnlich light, that is to say, fluidal light, together with fluidal energies, because every living cell emits quanta of light, or, biophotons, in tiny amounts in the UV range.

These radiations, or, emissions, or, auras, can be perceived by every human being through spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling, and, given a certain sensitivity, can even be seen. Unfortunately however, as a rule, this is taken advantage of by those who are partial to the esoteric, and by deceitful "clairvoyants", and so forth, when they assert that they can see human auras, and so forth, because truly that is only possible for human beings whose pineal gland functions to a great extent.

Human beings with such capabilities are, however, rare, consequently it is easy to recognise that the majority of "capable ones" walks the paths of mendacity, deceit and swindling or simply of charlatanism and profit-greed, pushing its mischief and tricks and leading its fellow human beings into error. Biophotonen im UV-Bereich ab. Diese Ausstrahlungen, Abstrahlungen resp.

In the current time, clairvoyance and the reading of thoughts often emerge as a result of incisive events, that is to say, traumatic experiences and events through which the human being again turns to his inner world, as, for example, when he is struck by a serious illness, through the loss of a beloved human being, as a result of a physical impediment, through a catastrophe, a terrible experience or through a tragedy, and so forth.

Unfortunately today's human being lives more unthinkingly in the moment instead of turning to his own effective inner and outer life, whereby he could also stimulate and utilize his pineal gland activity and capability in regard to spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling, or, feinstoffsinnlich perceptions, as, for example, with a view to clairvoyance and reading thoughts, or even actual telepathy, that is to say, the conscious, willing and steered conveyance, and conscious reception, of thoughts.

Also belonging to that is the perception by means of spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling -of joy, hate, love, illness, honesty, dishonesty, sorrow and lies, and so forth, yet, in the previously mentioned sense of incisive events, that is always based on damage to the personality. But normally that is not the case because all the capabilities of clairvoyance, thought-reading, clairaudience, actual telepathy, as well as teleportation, levitation and telekinesis, and so forth, can be achieved without incisive events, by human beings -and indeed by every human being who possesses clear rationality and is capable of understanding through practical and ongoing meditation practise.

But that is conditional on a controlled hygiene of the psyche and tirelessness in regard to the necessary me ditative efforts. Feinstoffsinnlichkeit also plays a very important role in regard to the near-death experience because, when the purely rational rationality is turned off by the dying process, and the seventh sense -the spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling -is put into its appropriate place, the perception-capacity, which is usually repressed in the current life by the condition of rational rationality, expands in regard to the feinstoffsinnlich. Thereby a border opens, for the human being, to a window into that feinstoffsinnlich world which extends very far beyond all that which can be perceived with the purely material senses -with the eyes, touch, smell, hearing and tasting.

Through this heightened ability of perception in regard to the feinstoffsinnlich -through the spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling sense -clairvoyance, for example, emerges as a near-death experience in such a way that the dying human being views himself from a higher vantage point above his own body, or floating through rooms and can also see what happens around him, what is being discussed and what objects people carry or are present in the room in which the person is dying or in adjoining rooms, and so forth.

The near-death experience is also a key to the reading of thoughts whereby the thoughts of the people standing around, or of those who are far removed, are perceived on a feinstoffsinnlich basis. That happens especially in the deep, or, deepest stage of death throes, which correlates to a state constituting the least brain activity. This status is that of the entrance into death and, in this state, the brain opens up, to the human being, his concealed capabilities which are repressed in his current life.

Insbesondere geschieht das im Tief resp. Every brain -therefore that of the human being, as well as of all creatures can be compared with technical transmitting and receiving devices, because every organic brain is a transmitter and receiver for feinstoffsinnlich energies and their powers as well as their effects. These feinstoffsinnlich electromagnetic vibrations, with their energies and their powers, are -along with those of all other creatures -available in their billions from human beings, and vibrate through all space and through the ether.

If the human being consciously directs his perception at these fluidal vibrations, then he can receive a great deal of information, yet, if he diverts his perception away from them, then he can no longer perceive that information which flits past him, unnoticed, in the sphere of the seventh sense, that is to say, in the sphere of the spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling capability, although these data are constantly present all around in infinite number.

These are innumerable data, pertaining to human beings' brains also animals' brains , which constantly have an effect all around, which are, however, not perceived by the human being due to the atrophying of his pineal gland because he is ruled by purely rational intelligence and he displaces the feinstoffsinnlich. As a matter of fact, in the entire universe, everything is based on information of a creational nature, consequently nothing is left to so-called and nonexistent chance or chaos, rather everything, and indeed also all matter, is based on information.

Truly, everything therefore has its order -determined by information -which manifests itself through the law of causality, that is to say, the law of cause and effect. Likewise, the thoughts and feelings of the human being and so forth also do that and, as with atoms, they move freely in space and time. For this reason, it is also the case that, if the brain shuts off certain parts of its faculty of perception in regard to the material realm -as, for exampl e, through shock, as a result of illness, dying, accident or terrible events, and so forth -then the possibility arises that the brain now perceives information in the feinstoffsinnlich realm, which then also penetrates into the consciousness and which is otherwise displaced by that which pertains to the material senses.

Richtet der Mensch seine Wahrnehmung bewusst auf diese fluidalen Schwingungen aus, dann kann er sehr viele Informationen empfangen, doch wendet er seine Wahrnehmung davon ab, dann kann er nicht mehr wahrnehmen, was im Raum des siebten Sinnes resp. Quite certain prerequisites must exist in order for the human brain to act like a transmitter and receiver.

Naturally, the material world is indisputably materially extant and real, yet, for the human being's consciousness, it somehow, in spite of that, presents its own created illusion.

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Therefore, if a human being views a certain colour or hears a certain tone, and so forth, which, in compliance with his senses, he perceives, or, thinks of, as something especially definite for him, then the same colour and the same tone, and so forth, can be perceived and identified completely differently by another human being or creature. Bluntly put, that which harmoniously effects one, exerts a repulsive effect on the other. Seen in its entirety, that also goes for every single atom and all forms which exist as sub-atomic forms up to even far below the highest level of atoms.

Actually the atom is, namely, not the smallest unit of solid material, although it consists of Were it possible to compress all of our world's atomic nuclei into solid material without vacuum, then the Earth would be no bigger than a marble about the size of a sparrow's egg. As physics meanwhile proves, the state of the atom changes constantly since it exhibits no stable substance, because the electrons and protons are gripped by constant change; consequently, they are, at one point, particles, and then they become waves again.

But that does not correlate to any solid material, rather only to information, energies and power. That is also the reason that, for example, quanta can be at various places simultaneously, even if that appears to be impossible. And the fact is, the invisible, basic elements of the universe and all life, know of the existence of all the others, and they exchange information with each other on the other side of the boundaries of space and time.

In this sense, the following is written in, "Existing Life in the Universe": "The human being knows about the existence of the life of the neighbour. He knows about the life of his fellow human and of the entire mass of humanity. Therefore, however, he also knows about the life of all fauna and flora and therefore about the life of Creation -of the universal consciousness itself. However he also knows about the life of the planets and the stars, the galaxies and of the entire universe as well as about the life of the feinstofflich and that which is material.

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This is even the case when the conceptual capabilities of various human beings are very divergent and the understanding of all things is extremely different. Nevertheless, however, human beings are in accord in acknowledging the existence of life and of all things generally. Das aber entspricht keiner festen Materie, sondern nur Informationen, Energien und Kraft.

Er weiss um das Leben des Mitmenschen und der gesamten Masse der Menschheit.

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  4. Er weiss aber auch um das Leben der Planeten und der Gestirne, der Galaxien und des gesamten Universums sowie um das Leben des Feinstofflichen und Grobstofflichen. Now, as the human being knows, however, about the existence of all life and all things, so is it also the case with any other life-form and therefore also with any cell of an existing life-form.

    This, however, is not the end of the material's knowledge about the other material, because the very knowledge about the existence and life of the other material, and of all life generally, is also available in each of the smallest electrons and neutrons, in every molecule and in every atom, and therefore in every quark regardless of whether it is material or already feinstofflich and exists very far below the level of the quark.

    Wie der Mensch nun jedoch um die Existenz allen Lebens und aller Dinge weiss, so ist dies auch jeglicher anderen Lebensform gegeben, und also auch einer jeglichen Zelle einer existierenden Lebensform. As Creation itself -as the universe and universal consciousness -knows about the existence of the life of all things, life-forms, elements, atoms and molecules and other forms of life in material and feinstofflich form, and is conscious of the connectivity of everything, so does this knowledge exists in everything, in every life-form, in every element, in every insect, virus and bacillus, in every atom and in every molecule and in everything which is much smaller yet, in the material as well as in the feinstofflich realm.

    The human being's thoughts and feelings also consist of energy, and powers contained in it, which radiate, by means of electromagnetic vibrations, as a product of the consciousness. The vibrational energies and their powers consist of tiny feinstoffsinnlich, or, fluidal, units of information, which individually and collectively constitute a unit and which -like the electrical current through wires -flow, in an invisible form, through the brain and through the body to finally leave these and to reach the environment and the ether from where they are picked up by sensitive human beings, that is to say, by human beings who have at their disposal the ability of feinstoffsinnlich perception.

    Now, when a human being dies, then, during his death throes, he loses the connection to the rational intellect, whereby that which pertains to the feinstoffsinnlich gains power and produces electromagnetic energetic loads which result from feinstoffsinnlich thoughts and feelings, which radiate explosively, and can be perceived by other human beings, even at a great distance.

    As a rule, they are human beings who have a close mental connection to the dying person. The persons concerned receive the dying human being's units of information through fluidal, or, feinstoffsinnlich, electromagnetic vibrations, which are heavily laden with feinstofflich energy and which contain the information in themselves as power.

    Naturally, the wave-frequencies of the feinstoffsinnlich vibrations thereby play a decisive role, whereby not every human being can therefore receive the same wave-frequencies and not everyone can tune his feinstoff sense to the same degree to near, or very distant, impulses and information, which are directed at him. Managing sports products — from planning to sales — is a complex job full of responsibility. The product manager shoulders the corporate responsibility to lead each product to success. Truly excellent managers are rare and in demand in this industry.

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