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The Terror

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We should have the same reactions as Isaiah and Simon: We are unclean. We are sinful. Isaiah was not seared by the heat. Instead, Isaiah was cleansed. He was relieved of his guilt. His sin was paid for by the scalding wounds suffered by Christ.

They are words of forgiveness, direct from the mouth of the Lord, for only if Peter has been made holy can he be free of fear in the presence of Almighty God. Only God can provide the true and certain assurance that we have nothing to fear. We regularly witness His awesome miracles of power, creation, and life.

He moves us from the proper terror of well-deserved punishment and death toward repentance, and then to a sure and certain hope of forgiveness and life. God does this for the sake of His Son Jesus, who suffered and died for an unclean sinner like me. For an unclean sinner like you.

5G technology: A triumph or a terror?

Note that God called these men to His service only after they had first experienced the terror of their own sin, and then been given the relief, joy, and peace of forgiveness and reconciliation. Only after Jesus has told Peter he need not be fearful does Peter receive the call to follow Jesus. Only then does Peter begin the process of being trained and equipped to speak to others as a witness to the life, death, and resurrection of the Savior.

Peter, like Isaiah, like you and me, is moved from a state of terror, to a state of comfort, to a state of service to God and neighbor. All faithful servants of God begin their own ministry or their own service having gone through terror at their own sin. Without having experienced this, we cannot truly grasp the wonder, power, and miracle of our salvation.

You and I are saved the same way as were Isaiah and Peter; the same and only way that anyone can be saved: Through the blood of Jesus. We have this salvation as our present possession.

Terror and Triumph

There we meet God in His miraculous work in us, and for us—miracles in which we come into His holy presence; miracles in which we are both terrorized and cleansed, crushed and restored. In us, through us, and by us, He works to reach others, too: In our words, our behavior, our work on behalf of His Church.

Through our tithes and offerings and gifts to further His kingdom. Some are called to serve the Gospel full time; most remain engaged in other vocations.

And who will go for us? Instead, we do this in confidence and joy. The terror of our sins and our sinfulness is no longer a barrier or wedge between us and a holy God. Paul Lutheran Church Sermons.