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Irving Jones I still do not regret anything. Katie Antonsson Yes, I have made maple syrup. Neha J. Please, Time, I am not ready.

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Chris Rippel If it's easy, am I missing something? Chris Rippel A decision was made, I complied. Marjorie Maine Too happy, suicidal on the inside Anonymous My life, lived inside my head. Mazloumian What to do with word seven. John Meo I am this now and always. Anita Avent Talking without action is just complaining Kevin Wold Bathed dead baby while parents wept. Kathleen Tillman RN Teachers eating misery.

Misery eating students.

Nina Maruca So young, and yet so damaged. Shane Sovik Aorta tears again and again. Joe Pergola live a little, love a lot Katie French Afraid to write the wrong poems. Syra Ortiz-Blanes Kid gets magic set, pursues dream. Gerry Katzman new language.


Ken Olson Love, pray, wait on God's time. Kelly Bonnickson I never believed this would happen.

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Kailey Zitaner Still searching for that silver lining. Michele Parker Randall Wings on feet, story in hand. Gionni Ponce Saved by grace, free at last. Angela Vertucci Dorms are weird er in your thirties. Jamie-Lee Josselyn Woof, woof! I live in Hill! Primo Left to seal my bastion fate Maxwell Bolno Oh, shit. Where are my keys? OR Let go of it--it's gone. OR Words were everything. Words fall apart.

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Alexandra Bousquet That evening the sun didn't set. Zoe Stoller Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. OR Not much has changed since then. Santiago Cortes Maybe art school was a mistake. Holiday Campanella Each year balder than the last. Donald Antenen this is just another story! Pablo Abrante Always happiest with the bare minimum.

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Lauren Shapiro Worst of all, it goes on. Steph Barron Wait, where did the weekend go? Jamie Seah Searching for profound moments of pleasure. Montana Buss This time, I actually hit send. Naomi Tsai Keep up the fight! Never qui David Poplar scary men become boys - superbowl champs Ken Olson Often, it's not what it seems.

Cami Potter Fighting to resist the seventh word Julia Levitan The cold never bothered me anyway. Nathaniel McLeod Alone, stiller than a swallowed breath. Kaitlin Moore Blueprint as a tangle of vines. Gina DeCagna Please pay in coffee, chocolate, books. Andie Davidson Have yet to figure it out! Cami Potter the cucumber is full of pearls Leah Baxter growing up failed expectations.

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Sarah Di Fede Old soul, young spirit, hopeful heart. Catherine Palmer Transfigurations all days, only for fun. Georgia Renouf Giving killing loving educated believed succeeded. Selema Molopa Dream it. Believe it. Build it. Anthony LaFlamme Plenty diapers, smiles, hugs, and kisses.

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Too few words. Phil Now only no past no future Maude Bigelow He forgot the coffee, she imploded. Sashi Grayndler The egg, the sperm, and then Following his retirement from Washington, Grant tried to lead a quiet life, but unable to sit still he embarked on an exciting and expensive world tour. Lauded everywhere he went, when Grant returned to America he saw a way to capitalize on his reputation and rebuild the savings spent on the trip. But Ferdinand Ward was in fact running a Ponzi scheme. This venture ultimately would leave his credibility in tatters — a mistake that would hurt Grant deeply at this late stage in life.

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Eventually these stories slipped away, forgotten by most, but not Grant whose personal despair continued to rage. It has been said by those who knew him that the stress was visible on his face. Ulysses S. Grant, late in life, courtesy Library of Congress. He turned his attention to doing the one thing he had always put off — writing his memoirs, which Mark Twain had urged him to complete previously.

With reservations in his heart for the success of a new project, Grant returned to Twain for advice. Perhaps it was their opposing personalities — Grant was quietly spoken and reserved, Twain was anything but — that worked well together on this day. Whatever the reason we can be thankful that Grant also sought the advice of George Childs, a business associate whom Grant trusted, and who in turn was loyal to him. When Childs looked over the proposal Twain had made, he knew it was the best offer of all the solicitations Grant had received. If Grant considered his military career to be the highlight of his life, this shines through the text.