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VRC A. Creswick S. Hurricane Jack g. Dam of 7 winners inc. Tattersalls Rc qld W. Healy S. Lucid Reflection g. MRC J. Apollo's Choice c. Sha Tin Jinbao Street H. Race Record: 9 Starts. Entries close 6pm Thursday. Login Become a member. Damon Guy. Friskocity g. Frisky Lady f. See above. Started twice. Dam of 2 winners inc. Dam of- Hurricane Jack g. Dam of 5 winners inc. Lady Elegante. Balancing elephants. Bow wow wow. Brave brave mouse. Six little frogs. Dingle dangle scarecrow. Hot potato. Jolly is the miller. Pick a bale of cotton.

Oats and beans and barley. Old Roger is dead. The muffin man. Meeting and greeting Y ou T. Bow Belinda. Here comes a bluebird. Jim along Josie. Jingle at the window. The waves roll high Y ou T. Four in a boat. The alley-alley-O. Wade in the water Y ou T. Draw a bucket of water. Floating down the river. Scraping up sand Shiloh. Away we go! Dusty bluebells. Little red wagon. Little black train. My aunt came back. Rise, sugar, rise. Round and round the village.

Who are you?! Grand old Duke of York. Old King Glory. Sing a song of sixpence. Away we go. Round and about. Epo i tai tai e. Hello, hello everybody. Mi chacra. The courtyard of my house. Yat yih sam Chinese. Out of Africa. Ah wune kune. Che che koolay Y ou T. Fatou yo. Funga Alafia Y ou T. Obiswana Y ou T. Tue tue. Dance around Europe 1 Y ou T. Ah, my little Augustine German. Bear sleeps Norway Sweden. Cousin Peter German. Dancing ladybirds Polish.

Little frogs Swedish. Ritsch ratsch Swedish. Sarasponda Dutch. Snail, snail Polish. Spring song German. The more we get together. Dance around Europe 2 Y ou T. Amichi Charlie, Charlie. Danse del amics. El Patatuf. Just like the moon. Lundi matin. My clarinet. Dance around North America 1 You T. Bonjour mes amis, bonjour. Father Abraham. Mighty pretty motion.

Threw it out the window. When ducks get up. Wind, wind sugar baby. Yankee doodle. Dance around North America 2 You T. Boa constrictor. Der glumph! Elephants have wrinkles. Fire in the mountain. Monkey see, monkey do. Skinamarinky dinky dink. Some folk do. Play party songs Y ou T. Hey, Betty Martin. Here comes Sally. Old brass wagon. Pig in the parlour.

Sandy land. Weevily wheat. Afro American songs Y ou T. All around the kitchen. Here we go zudio. Hop, old squirrel. Little Sally Walker. Mister Rabbit. Oh, watch the stars. Wake me! Shake me! You gotta sing. Doing the monster stomp. Down by the bay. Down in the jungle. Knees up Mother Brown. Shake those sillies out. She sailed away. Playground favourites Y ou T. Doctor Dingle, Doctor Jingle. Down by the river. Knees up Mary Muffet. Sally go round the sun. We are going to Kentucky. When Susie was a baby. For the very youngest Y ou T. Dance to your daddy.

Handy spandy. Here we go up, up, up. Hop little bunnies. Jump Jim Joe. Roosters and hens. Row your boat. See-saw Margery Daw. Walking, walking. Nursery favourites Y ou T. Alice the camel. Ha ha this away. Wind the bobbin up. Aeroplanes, aeroplanes. The bear went over the mountain. Bobby Bingo. Tiny Tim. My pigeon house. Classic singing games Y ou T. Green gravel. Little sandy girl. Nuts in May. Oranges and lemons. Goes the weasel. The mulberry bush.

This old man.

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Over the ocean Y ou T. A sailor went to sea. Bully in the alley. John Kanaka-naka. Roll the old chariot along. Turn the glasses over. When I was one. When we dance the polka. More nursery favourites Y ou T. Hickory dickory dock. Incy Wincy spider. Little Arabella Miller. Ride a cock horse. A treasury of games and songs.

For the very young A-H Y ou T.

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All around the daffodils. All my little ducklings. Andy Pandy, sugar and candy. Alphabet song. Animal babies. Baby, baby clap your hands. Baby goes boom-boom. Ball rolling. Bibbidi, bobbidi boo. Bubbles in the air. Button up! Can you walk on tiptoe? Circle of the sun. Cows in the kitchen. Clap your hands little Andrew Brown. Clap your hands together like this. Crackers and crumbs. Cherry tree. Dance, my child, dance. Down by the greenwood sidey-o. Eye Winker, Tom Tinker. Have you heard the cat at night? Here are my ears. Hickety tickety bumble-bee. Hop a little, skip a little.

For the very young I-O. I can run as fast as you. I have two eyes to see with. I met a little tidy mouse.

Little horses, little horses. Mother, may I go out to swim? My wonderful bundle of fun. Niddledy noddeldy. On my face I have a nose. One little bumble bee. Pickles in the pickle pot. For the very young R-W Y ou T. Reach for the stars Bend and stretch. Roly poly, roly poly. Rose, Rose and up she rises. Sana, sana, colita de rana. See the ponies galloping.

Skip around the room. Sweet water rollling. Swing me over the water. Tall and small. The birds in the trees. The little white duck says. Three little ducklings. Thumbkin, Pointer. Tickle the clouds. Turn around and touch the ground. What little animals say. Where, oh where has my little dog gone? Whoops Tommy! What shall we do when we all go out? Wiggly is a wee wee worm. More action songs A-C Y ou T. A-dancing we will go. A jump, a jump, a jump. A ram sam sam. All the little ducks turn upside down.

Baby ducks. Birthay months. Bow to your partner. Build it up. Can you walk on two legs? Can you wiggle like a worm? Caterpillar, bye-bye. Clap your hands and wiggle your fingers. Clap your hands with me. Climb, climb up Sunshine Mountain. Cuddly koalas. More action songs D-H Y ou T. Do, do pity my case.

Do your ears hang low? Down by the banks of the Hanky Panky. Down is the Earth. Everybody do this. Fire down below. Fly, fly, fly. A tickle for your toes. Big toe, tall toe. Cobbler, cobbler mend my shoe. Criss-cross applesauce. Dance, little baby, dance up high. Dormy, dormy, dormouse. Eyes nose, cheeky, cheeky chin. Here comes a little mouse. I found a little ladybird. Knock at the door. Mix and stir and pat in the pan. On my toe there is a flea. Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo. Pitty patty polt.

Horse List

Games to play with baby S-Z You T. Round and round the garden. Sailing, sailing. See my little hammer. See the little mousie. Slowly, slowly, very slowly. The moon is round. This little cow eats grass. This little piggy. This little wind. Wake little fingers. A treasury of songs. Song cupboard T3 Y ou T. The purple bamboo. The sweet nightingale. The Walloping Windowblind. The wraggle taggle gypsies. There once was a sow. There was a big fish. There was a good old woman. There was a man. There was a monkey. This little light of mine. Three jolly rogues of Lynn. Three men went a-hunting.

Tip toe, tip toe dinosauar. Tozie Mozie. Treading the water wheel. Song cupboard W Y ou T. Up in a balloon. Wade in the water. Walking through the jungle. Waltzing with bears. We are little sunbeams. Wee Mr. What care we? What shall I do when a button pops? When I first came to this land.

When I was young I had no sense. When the train comes along. Where are you going little birdie? Where did you get that hat? Who built the ark? Who wants to dance with the pretty porcupine? Wim wim wobble-O. Yellow bird. Song cupboard R-S Y ou T. Rabbit run on the frozen ground. Ring ding dong Johnny.

Risha rasha rusha. Sandy River bells. Say, bonnie lassie. Scarborough Fair. Simple gifts. Sing a song of spaceships. Sing ivy. Shadows go round. Shady Grove. Shake that little foot, Dinah-O. Shanghai chicken. Song cupboard Sm-Sw Y ou T. Song of the Delhi tongawallah. Song of the bugs. Song of the fishes. Sourwood Mountain. Spin, spider, spin. Star of the evening. Sun and stars. Susie, little Susie. Sweet potatoes.

Wild donkeys and meet Ms kids

Song cupboard T1 Y ou T. The bell cow. The best things in life are free. The birch tree Beriozka. The bird song. The blacksmith. The carrion crow. The cockle gatherer. The Derby Ram. The family of man. The frog and the crow. The frog and the mouse. Song cupboard T1 g-n Y ou T. The golden boat. The Golden Vanity. The grey hawk. The gypsy rover. The jackfish. The keeper.


The lambs in the green fields. The lion is king of the jungle. The lost pony. The man in the moon as he sails the sky. The merry green fields of the lowland. Song cupboard T2 Y ou T. The old hen cackled. The old grey duck. The old grey mare. The old woman and the pig. The pearly Adriatic. The poor king. The river is flowing. The shepherd and his dog. The shiny little house. The Skye boat song.

The Spider and the Fly. The spinning song. The squirrel. The Tottenham toad. The tailor and the mouse. The wee falorie man. The whale, the whale. The worm song. Song cupboard A- Y ou T. A basket full of nuts. A dog and a mouse. A cat came a-fiddling out of a barn. A frog went walking. A hundred years ago. A little bird sat on a tree. A nonsense song. A place in the choir. A sly old fox am I. All the little chickens in the garden. Among the little white daisies.

Away into space. Song cupboard B Y ou T. Bam chi chi bam. Bananas in pyjamas. Be happy, be happy, today. Big Rock Candy Mountain. Billy Boy. Billy Pringle. Blow away the morning dew. Boatman dance, boatman sing. Bobby Shaftoe. Bought me a cat. Brush, brush, brush. By the light of the silvery moon. Song cupboard C-D Y ou T. Cape Cod girls. Captain Patch the pirate. Caterpillars only crawl. Chatter with the angels. Cluck, old hen. Cockles and mussels. Country life.

Crawdad song. Crow on the cradle. Days of the week. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs. Dog and cat. Donna, donna. Down in the meadow, hop a doodle. Ducks in the millpond. Every day is a happy day. Song cupboard F-G Y ou T. Father Grumble. Ferry boat. Fiddle dee dee. Follow the drinking gourd. Fox went out on a chilly night. Free little bird. Freight train, freight train. Frog went a-courting. Granny will your dog bite? Go round, go round. Go tell Aunt Rhody. Going down the valley. Good manners. Good morning, lords and ladies. Good morning merry sunshine. Goodmorning Mr.

Good peanuts. Green corn, green corn. Ground hog. Song cupboard H Y ou T. Had a little rooster. Hansel and Gretel. Happiness runs. Happy as a robin. Hear the blackbird sing. Hey lilely, lilely lo. Hoist the window. Honey spread on brown, brown bread. Hop-a-long Peter. Song cupboard I Y ou T. I am glad for my two eyes.

I had a little sailboat. I have a little house. I have a little tiny house. I like peace, I like quiet. I love my little donkey. I saw a ship a-sailing. I went to the animal fair. I went to the cabbages. If all the seas were one sea. If I were a blackbird. If we could consider each otherd. It could be a wonderful world. A treasury of action songs. More action songs T Y ou T. Tall as a tree. The earth needs the raindrops.

The elephant wobbles from side to side. The lighthouse song. The other say I met a bear.

See a Problem?

The prehistoric animal parade. The snail. The wise man and the foolish man. There was a crocodile. Tippy tippy tiptoe. Tom saw a sailor. Tommy was a baker. Tony Chestnut. Touch your shoulders. Two little boats are on the sea. Two little hands. Two, two, what are two? More action songs U-Z Y ou T.

Up I stretch on tippy toe. Walk all around. Walk and stop.

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  • Way up in the sky. We are woodmen sawing trees. What is an insect? Wheels keep turning. Wiggle and freeze. Willum he had seven sons. With my little broom. You can stamp your feet. Lap play games A-L Y ou T. A farmer went trotting. Acka backa soda cracker. Bell horses. Big A little A. Bimbo, Bimbo. Bounce you up. Charley Barley buck and rye. Chip, chip my little horse. Dobbin, Dobbin.

    Father and mother, and Uncle John. Five little riders on a nice fall day. Green grow the rushes, O. Here come three kings a-riding. Hop up my ladies. Hokey pokey. Horsey horsey. Horses horses. How many days has my baby to play? I want someone to buy me a pony.