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Uh not me though, definitely have not ever thought about screaming in the middle of a meeting, if my boss is reading this. Even though most of us never act on these impulsive thoughts, they can be really upsetting to experience.

l'appel du large

If they start to become a problem, it's a good idea to talk to a doctor about it. Intrusive thoughts can be a symptom of OCD. You can follow him on Instagram at hiadamroberts. Meghan B.

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It can be also interpreted in a more abstract view: call for traveling, call for leaving. In this case, it probably means "aren't you going home?

I agree with donass. Merci beaucoup, tout le monde!! Je l'ai bien compris.

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Our ingenuity and sweat will be poured into the problems of our times, We will hasten our progress to the destination, which has gone from being impossible to one which is now inevitable — a world powered with clean energy. Our only question is can we all, working together, make it happen in time?

L'appel du large

As world leaders you have the power to propel us forward, inspiring citizens to become proud actors, aiders and abetters of change. You set the markets and the pace.

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You cannot hesitate to put these solutions into place. We all must be disruptive. Together we must push forward in creating best-in-class, modern energy solutions for all. This needs to happen from today — at full speed. Within the next decade, we have a window of opportunity to turn the climate boat around into safer waters. We can still set the world on track to continuously build resilience and manage climate risks with minimal loss and damage through and beyond.


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