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These tools are what forms the basis for volumetric capturing, a collection of techniques for capturing three-dimensional humans. These tools are not born in a vacuum. One thing all of the tools share is the visual, technical, and anthological exploration of how to represent and document real humans in 3D space. During my thesis research in ITP , I focused on the possibilities of using machine learning to reconstruct archival and historical footage in 3D.

The idea of using machine learning was born out of a desire to look back into more than years of visual culture i. Recently, Apple has included a depth sensor into the new iPhones. Facebook now lets you post 3D photos to your wall. And Snapchat has augmented reality facial filters. These are only a few examples of recent spatial interfaces invading our daily lives.

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My research has led me to believe that we are in a moment of acute awareness of the transition from 2D to 3D. Even though some might argue that we have already entered the 3D era, it seems to me that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Look back at the transition from black and white to color, from analog film to digital, and, through that lens, think about the transition from 2D to 3D.

This is nothing short of a revolutionary cultural moment. For example, today, black and white imagery is used to symbolize authenticity and age, but before the widespread availability of color photography, it was considered a representation of current reality.

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So how will we look back at two-dimensional media a hundred years from now? Will it only be a testimony of our past, or can we bridge the gap by using new technologies? Machine learning advancements have made it possible to relive films in a way that generates compelling results. For example, as a part of my thesis research, together with S hirin Anlen , we reconstructed a scene from Pulp Fiction in augmented reality.

This example used machine learning to separate the characters from the background and generate volumetric figures that are then used in the augmented reality scene. These methods all have roots in different fields such as defense, robotics, and topology but are now being used more and more for art, entertainment, and media.

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Popular entertainment is also taking note. After watching some of these tech demos, I found myself engaged in a conversation about the nature of personal assistants with Dror Ayalon. An interesting point arose in that we are experiencing a transition from personal assistants morphing into personal companions. The idea of embodying that voice that keeps our Amazon shopping lists, turns the lights on, and sets a timer during our spontaneous decision to cook is yet another step towards Alexa getting a body and becoming almost human.

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