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His wife of one day, Eva Braun, joined him, taking a capsule of cyanide. The burned remains were kept in an undisclosed location until when they were cremated, the ashes scattered.

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The story of the demise of Adolf Hitler, the most hated man in history, is well known. But, is it the truth? Even 73 years later, the mystery still lives on. Most recently, the rumor mill has been churning out theories that Hitler and his bride fled Germany, and sought asylum in Argentina, where they lived for the duration of their lives under the protection of Argentine officials. The Fuhrerbunker, where Hitler is believed to have killed himself on April 30, According to one document, the FBI had reported seeing a submarine traveling up the coast of Argentina, dropping off upper-level Nazi officials.

From there, the rest of the information is second-hand, told to FBI agents in exchange for political asylum by unnamed informants. The dirt road, left, trembled from the explosions and bright fireballs flashed in the distance. Our dog trotted close behind. The bombing continued through the night. By Minh Uong. The images accompanying this article are a combination of drawings from memory and the new artwork based on our recent trip back to my homeland.

This year, my wife suggested that we take a family vacation to Vietnam. Plus, she said. Still, I thought she was crazy. It has been more than 40 years since I left and, to this day, I still feel some trepidation at the sound of exploding fireworks.

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To me, they reverberate vividly in my memory like those turbulent last days of the war. It was April 30, , and Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, was under siege. I was 10, the youngest of eight children. I was living with my parents and four of my siblings in a one-room house. The Vietcong were making their way toward the capitol building. The sound of bombs exploded nearby. My parents, hoping to get us away from the chaos, told my brothers and sister to get on our bikes and ride away.

When things calmed down, they said, we should come back.

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That is what happens when you flee your homeland. The war was already a constant of my childhood, but it had never felt as immediate as it did that day. Thinh, my oldest brother, climbed on his motorcycle with his pregnant wife and their two children and sped ahead.

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  8. Cuong, my other brother, was on his moped. Strapped to the back seat was my bag of clothes and his. He followed closely behind Thinh. I was with Phu, a third brother. I sat in the back of his bicycle as we rode through the crowded streets. On my lap was a bag of sticky rice, still warm from the morning when my mom cooked it. I saw people breaking into buildings.

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