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He develops a relationship with Sandra, a friend at work, but everything is not as it seems. How can Sandra afford such an expensive car? And why does she keep making mysterious phone calls? Soon Paul is involved in international crime and a thrilling car chase across Europe. Detenga el arcc despues de cada nota. Wende kurze Striche on. Use un golpe eono. Use a short stroke.

Der zweite ist finger. Finger xollte den ersten Finger beriihren.

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Procedure for Practice. Listen carefully to the intonation. Place the bow on the string, then play, keeping the bow on the string during the rest. Ecouter alrenlivemem l'intonatian. Donner un coup d'archet court. Placer l'archet sur la carde, puis jouer, en gardanr l'archeI sur la corde pendant le xtlence. Vcrfallren zur Ubung. Lauxche aufmerksam auf die lntanierung. Wanda eiuen lmrzm Strich an. Procedimicnto para prictica.

Use un golpc cono. Coloque cl arco en la cuerda, entonces toque, mamcnicndo cl arcn sobrc la cuerda durantc el silencio. E Handel. The child should listen to the reference recordings every day at home to develop musical sensitivity. Rapid progress depends on this listening. Tonalization, or the production of a beautiful tone, should be stressed in the lesson and at home.

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Constant attention should be given to accurate intonation, correct posture, and the proper how hold. Des progres rapides dependent de cette audition. Tanfiiltrung oder das Hervorbringen eines schiinen Tones sollte irn Unterricht und dalteim besonders betont werden. Stiindige Aufmerksamkeit sollte der genauen Intonierung, korrekter Haltung und richtiger Bogenfiihrung gezollt werden.

Puntos dc Estudio para cl Vol. Try to produce a beautiful tone. Use full bows. Chaque Ieqon devrait cammencer par la Ionalisalion. Essayer d'abtenir un beau Ion. Jed: Stunde some mil Tonfiihrung begirmen. Valle Biigen verwenden. Mantenga cl mismo sonoridad e imensidad durame cada golpc de arcu. When this finger is placed on the string, the third finger has the tendency to pull back out of proper placement, toward the first finger. To avoid this, try playing the following exercise silently.

Quand ce doigt descend sur la corde, le troisieme daigt a une tendance de recguler aussi de sa position carrecte, vers Ie premier doigt. Garder le traisieme daigt en place pendant que le premier doigt recule de siI d si 9. Dies tst das erste Mal, dass der gesenkre erste Finger benum wird. Wenn dieser Finger an die Suite gesetzt wird, so not der dritte Finger die Tendeng, van seiner kornekten Lag: und nach dent ersten Finger zyrrickzuziehen.

Um dies zu venneiden, versuclu, die falgende Uiiung lautlos zu spielen. Halle den dritten Finger an seiner Stelle, wahrend der erste Finger sich van H lunch 3 zuriicltbewegt. Esta es prjmera vez que se usa el primer dedo bemoiado. Qrando este dedo esta colocado en la cuerda, el tercer dedo tiene tendencia de quitarse de la posicion corrects, por moverse hacia el primer dedo. Mantenga ei tercer dedo en su lugar mientras clpr1'mer dedo retoma de si I a si b.

Exercise for perfect octave intonntlon. Ubung fiir die vollcndete Okzaven-Intonisrung. Listen to the resonance of the open G. The teacher should hear this his sic viillig beherrscht wird. Der Lcltrer 0 3 3. Boccherini Moderato e grazioso. Fine All Rights Reserved Printed in U. Publicailiuiis FL The Suzuki name, logo and wheel device are trademarks of Dr.

Shinichi Suzuki used under exclusive license by Suinmy--Birclmrd, lnc. Any duplication, adaptation or arrangement of the compositions contained in this collection requires the written consent at the Publisher. No part ol this book may be photocopied or reproduced in any way without permission.

Unauthorized uses are an irilringement at the U. Copyright Act and are punishable by Law. Have the children listen daily to the recordings of the music they are currently studying. This listening helps them make rapid progress. Tonalization should always be included at each lesson and should he a part of the daily practice at home. Constant attention should be given to accurate intonation.

Children should learn to end each phrase pianlsslino. Dans Ie Vol.

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Die Kinder sollten die Tonwiedergaben der Stitch, die sic augcnblicldich lernen, uigliclt anluinn. Stiindige Aufrnerksamkeit sollte auf die genaue Intonierung gerichtet warden. In Band 3 soil besonderer Nachdruck alqfdas Studium dar Phrasierung gelegt werden. Kinder sallten Ienun, jade Phrase pianissirno ganz Ieise zu beendcn. Instrucciones para el Estudio del Tomo 3 1. En el Tom. Each lesson should begin with tonalization.

Tonalization should be stressed constantly in order to improve and refine the tone. Chaque Ieqon devrait commencer par la tonalisation. W1 3 Jede Stunde sollte mit Tonfiihrung beginnen. Tanfiihrung sollte stiindig hervorgehaben werden, um den Ton zu verbessem und zu verfeinern. Foster These exercises should be taught at each lesson, and should Dies: Ubungen sollten in jeder Stunde gelehrt werden and be practiced very slowly at first.

Increase the speed as the sollten int Anfang sehr langsarn getibt warden. Mi: child's ability develops. As the speed increases, the how Entwicklung der F dhigkeit des K indes soil die strokes should become shorter. Geschwindigkeit erholtt warden. In dern Masse wie die Geschwindigkeit zunimmt, sollten die Bngenstriche kiirzer werden. Puis plus practicados muy lentamente al principio.

I calando Try to make all the tones have the resonance of the open Versuche, allen Tdnen den Klang der ajfenen Saiten zu geben. Essayez de donner a was Ies tons la resonance des Trate dc hacer que todos los tonos tengan la resonancia dc las cordes libres. Donnez un coup d't1rchet res Verwende einen gunz kurzen Use un golpe de arco muy cono. Keep the bow on the string court. Gardez l'arche! Hall: den Hagen Mantenga el arco sobre la cuerda during the rest.

Gavotte I. Use I short bow stroke.

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Use un golpe dc arco corto. Exercise de: TriIle Jouez avec un tonfort. In pnetlcing off the how. Akkard Ubungen.

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  4. Al practicar los acordes. El arco sc debe sostcner y controiar principalmente por los dedos tercem y cuano. The power of the thumb pressing at this locntion is an important factor in tone production. La pression du pouce a cet endroit ext unfacteur important dans la realisation du ton. Es major sujetar cl urco con la esquina ierecha dc la puma dc] pulgar colocada en oposicion a los dcdos tercero y cuano. A superior tone depends on this how hold. Ein hervarragender Ton hiingt Von dieser Ilogenhaltung ab. Publications Inc.

    No part of this book may be photocopied or reproduced in any way without permission. Unauthorized uses are an intringement oi the U. Companion recordings should be used with these publications. Your national Suzuki association provides this for its membership. Teachers are encouraged to become members of their national Suzuki associations and maintain a teacher training schedule, in order to remain current, via institutes, short and long term programs.

    You are also encouraged to join the lntemational Suzuki Association. We recommend you ask your teacher for his or her credentials, especially listing those relating to training in the Suzuki Method. The Suzuki Method experience should be a positive one, where there exists a wonderful, fostering relationship between child, parent and teacher. So choosing the right teacher is of the utmost importance. Schubert Tonalization. Brahms Tonalization. At the beginning of every lesson, have the student practice the tonaiization and position etudes step by step to master the techniques.

    Begin to teach vibrato when the student begins to study the Vivaldi A minor Concerto. Music reading should begin with Vol. Have the student watch the music as he reviews the pieces in Vols. The position game page 24 gives the student pleasure and helps him to improve his skills at the same time. La lecture de la musique devrait commencer au Vol. Anweisungen filr das Studium van Band 4.

    Am Anfang jeder Unterrichtsstunde sol! Notenlesen sollte rnit Band 4 beginnen, obsahl der Schiller: Alter berilcksichtigt werden sollte. Seite Das Lagen-Spiel Seize 24 mach! Instrucciones para el Estudio del Tomo 4 1. Comience a ensefiar vibrato cuando los alumnos comicncen ti estudiar el Concieno de Vivaldi en la menor.

    La lectura de miisica debe empezar con el Tomo 4, aunque se debe tomar en cuenta la edad del alumno. Haga que el alumno observe in mtisica cuando repasa las piezas del Tomo. El juego de posicion pagina 24 1e da al alumno placer y le ayuda a mejorar su destreza al mismo tiempo. Jouer les deux lignes ci-dessous dans la premiere position, puts dans la troisieme position. Toque las dos iineas de abajo en la primcra posicion, luego en la tercera posicion. At the beginning, the student should practice the position etudes pages6 and 7 on one string at a time.

    When he has mastered them on one string, he may practice them on the next string. The preceding Tonalization exercises should also be practiced at the beginning of each lesson. Wenn er sic uuf einer Suite beherrseltt, so mug er sic uuf der niichsten Suite iiben. Al principio. Los ejercicios de sonidizncion precedentes deben ser practicados tambien al comienzo de cada leccion, Position Etude, 2nd position '.

    The student should continue practicing until he becomes Der Sclijiler sollle weiterhin iiben, bis er Fertigkeit in skillful at these etudes. Seitz '1' P espress. Concerto No. These pieces may also Miiglichkeil zu geben, seine eigenen Ideen ltumlzutun.