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Devil Devil Riders. Blood Bloodfire. Hellb Hellbenders. Separ Separation. Death Death Hunt. Shaki Shaking Earth.

Black Black Harvest. Venge Vengeance Trail. Ritua Ritual Chill. Atlan Atlantis Reprise. Labyr Labyrinth. Stron Strontium Swamp.

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Shatt Shatter Zone. Perdi Perdition Valley. Canni Cannibal Moon. Sky R Sky Raider. Remem Remember Tomorrow. Sunsp Sunspot. Deser Desert Kings.

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Apoca Apocalypse Unborn. Thund Thunder Road. Plagu Plague Lords. Dark Dark Resurrection. Eden' Eden's Twilight.

Desol Desolation Crossing. Alpha Alpha Wave. Time Time Castaways. Proph Prophecy. Blood Blood Harvest. Arcad Arcadian's Asylum. Bapti Baptism of Rage.

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Doom Doom Helix. Moonf Moonfeast. Downr Downrigger Drift. Playf Playfair's Axiom. Taint Tainted Cascade.

The Trilogy

Perce Perception Fault. Prodi Prodigal's Return. Lost Lost Gates. Haven Haven's Blight. Hell Hell Road Warriors. Palac Palaces of Light. Wretc Wretched Earth. Seed bombs began as a fun and friendly tactic for greening abandoned lots in urban spaces, but are still a developing idea to be done in large scale. This method not only allows the growth of more trees and plants, but helps combat the extinction of bees, indispensable beings for the reproduction of life on Earth….

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