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She is also the author of two books. He survives a shipwreck, returns to old Palermo and catches her tramping around on him. It made the New York Times bestseller list September , paperback advice. She loves to read Young Adult Literature, she spent a semester abroad in Mexico, and her favorite pastime is following authors on Twitter and YouTube. Rain , 1 Kindle bestselling vampire author of Vampire Moon and Moon Dance , more than a dozen other novels, screenplays, and many short stories. His story is last here, because Rain is a master of the grand finale.

And there's a good reason for that. Saya is near-immortal and she has a special gift: her blood can kill chiropterans, a fierce breed of bat-like creatures that feed off human blood. Both the Japanese and U. From the creator of "Ouran High School Host Club" comes an unusual romance between a human girl and a reluctant vampire.

Chiyuki Matsuoka was born with a weak heart, and her doctors say she doesn't have much longer to live. Touya is an year-old vampire who hates blood. By refusing to feed upon or partner with a human, Touya is doomed to die as well. But if Touya and Chiyuki exchange blood, both could live for another thousand years. Can a young girl who's dying teach an immortal boy the value and joy of living? Kiyo is a poor but hard-working high school student who inherits a grand but decrepit mansion from her grandmother, along with two roommates who just happen to be vampires.

To make things even more complicated, one of them is determined to make her his bride. Kuroboshi is a sensitive soul who'd rather wilt than suck blood without his girlfriend's permission. But that's where the similarity ends, as "Bloody Kiss" is more like a goofy comedy than a sweeping romance.

Giancarlo is a handsome and rich recluse who captivates anyone he meets. But this mysterious nobleman lives in a modern metropolis with his age-old secret: he's a vampire and immortality is his, as long as he continues to feed on human blood. But when Giancarlo meets Jenny, his heart is stirred, and he tries to reform his vampire ways.

This won't be easy when a series of gruesome murders is terrorizing the city, and a detective is convinced that Giancarlo is the prime suspect. With her black hair, dark makeup, skull accessories, and blacker than black clothing, Raven is your garden-variety high school goth girl. Her classmates at Dullsville High tease her, but little can get Raven down now that she's found her dream guy: Alexander Sterling, a handsome and sensitive guy who just happens to be a vampire. Other than their purely nocturnal social life, Raven and Alexander's romance seems to be going well — until Alexander's half-human, half-vampire cousin Claude comes to town and brings a pack of troublemakers to stir things up.

He's rich, he lives in a big house, and he's got a staff of robot maids who serve and protect him. When cybernetic vampire hunter Charley Chrishunds visits, he unleashes an arsenal of swords and explosives upon the Rayflo household. At the end of the bloody melee, Charley is impaled with a dozen swords, but the two still kiss and make up — or more accurately, make out. Inspired by the Castlevania video game series from Konami, "Castlevania: Curse of Darkness" centers around Lord Dracula, a war between humanity and an army of demons , and the evil undead led by the vampire lord of Romania.

From the creator of "Yurara" and "Night of the Beasts" comes another tale of shojo-flavored horror and suspense with a touch of romance. With Fuui, a talking vampire crow at her side, Canon is sworn to the cause of vengeance as she seeks Rodd, the Lord of the Vampires, and the source of her immortal powers.

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Jae is an aspiring artist from Korea studying her craft in Europe. When her roommate brings home a strange man who she met at a bar, then leaves him with Jae to sleep off his drunkenness, Jae just shrugs it off as one of those things that happens when you're young, carefree, and far from home. But this bewitchingly beautiful man is more than just a random hottie from a bar.

Michael is a vampire. One bite leads to another, and before Jae knows it, she's in deep with this mysterious man and his equally mysterious past. It was completely boring. There was a solitary character that was all by herself doing the same things over and over. I mean, seriously. The monotony almost made me close the book and be done with it. I think this part of the book could have easily been condensed. The characters are not developed as well as I would like.

They are barable though. They could use some reworking to make the relationships seem real. For instance, I didn't really connect with the main character at all. I hate hate hated the instalove. It was shoved in your face, and you just want to shout that love dosen't work that way. It is wholly unconvincing.

That part of the story needs some serious reworking. I know that it sounds like I hated this book, but I didn't. I just gave to be honest about what I'm feeling. I think this book has excellent potential. If reworked, I think that this book could be a best seller. Apart from the very beginning, I liked this book very much. I plan to continue the series and see where the plot goes from here. Reign of Blood, the first book in a new series by Alexia Purdy, takes place in a dystopian future Las Vegas where vampirism is a sickness that has ravaged the world and mutated all its inhabitants in some way.

A new and interesting take on the vampire genre, this book was phenomenal. I read it in one evening. The story is told from the point of view of our main character, April, a kick-ass girl with a determination to survive and save her family in a world gone crazy.

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It's a fast-paced thrill rid Reign of Blood, the first book in a new series by Alexia Purdy, takes place in a dystopian future Las Vegas where vampirism is a sickness that has ravaged the world and mutated all its inhabitants in some way. It's a fast-paced thrill ride told with humor and compassion. The plot is really different from your run of the mill vamp books and it grabs your attention from the very start and never lets go.

The action is non-stop and helps to ratchet up the suspense. I really love the characters in this book, and not just our heroine. Rye, one of the 'new' vampires April comes upon while looking for her family is probably my favorite character from the book. He is what every paranormal male lead should be in my opinion; sweet, protective and lethal all at the same time. April is a survivor, without a doubt, but she's also funny and smart. I really love that even though she is able to take care of herself she isn't too proud to take help that's offered to her, even when it comes from someone she believes to be her enemy.

Action, suspense and romance makes this the perfect book for me.

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I love Purdy's writing style, it had me engrossed from the very first page. This book is a must read for lovers of the vampire genre! Feb 14, J. I have told Alexia Purdy that in my estimation, that was perhaps the most compelling first line in the history of literature.

Reign of Blood is Ms. Purdy's first foray into the realm of urban fantasy, but you would never know that from reading this awesome story. Alexia has created an end of world scenario right out of your nightmares, filling this new world with a multitude of mutations and action that will have you willingly falling deeply into the story. April, the heroine of the story, was your average everyday teenager when this gruesome plague touched her world I fell in love with April from that first gripping line of the book, and she held my love the entire way. Her machete-wielding solution to the world forced upon her is just the tip of the action-packed adventure that you will experience in Reign of Blood.

I am honored to give this story the highest praises available. JT Lewis A vampire epidemic has hit Sin City, Las Vegas and April, her mother, and 6 year old brother seem to be the only humans left???? April is one kick ass teenager who fights zombie like vampires instead of planning her next date or picking a dress for prom. After a unfortunate incident she meets with Miranda, Blaze, and Rye. Together they learn things about one another and try to work together to help benefit one another. What is the secret behind the biological makeup of April that has everyone wanting her.

The strength that she shows gives us the promise that in times of adversary we to may have a inner warrior. I for one would definitely love to see more Ito this story. It would definitely be one to be placed on my watch list. This book was a refreshing change of pace from typical vampire books that have come out with the romance taking over the thrill of having a book increase your heart rate and keeping you glued to the pages as the story unfolds without predictability.

Please please Alexia continue we this wonderful story. Definitely a 5 star plus book and when it is released I recommend you picking up a copy. The ravenous eyes that bled death all around and peered from their window, drooling at the sight of us. The buildings loomed above as we rushed across the concrete and asphalt, hurrying to beat the sun as it set.

They lurked in every window, shrouded by the shadow from the searing sun. The east sides of the buildings were crawling with vampires. They smirked and sneered their inhuman growls, hissing right at us as we jumped from sunbeam to sunbeam, racing to the awaiting van. Only the light kept them at bay. Only the light kept us from their sharp, gripping fangs. After the disappearance of her family, April may be the only human around. She's surrounded by wild, feral vampires, and encounters a new variant, a hybrid vampire that can think and speak.

I enjoyed this story - swift, sharp action, with a heroine who doesn't live with her head in a hole in the ground. Engaging characters. A goodread. I was so happy I got a chance to get an ARC of this one, lets say it was such a page turner. I fell in love with April from the start and the fight she struggled with every day to stay alive and find her family. She was such a unique girl and someone I have to say I envy. She was so strong for a girl who lived every day not knowing if she will make it because of the crazy vampires that lived in the city below. She would searched for her family everyday, till one day she encounters a new group t I was so happy I got a chance to get an ARC of this one, lets say it was such a page turner.

She would searched for her family everyday, till one day she encounters a new group that becomes part of her life and her hunt to find her family. They also reveal so much about whats happening around her and so much about herself as well, you will be breathless!! I think I was sad at the ending I wanted more, I hope to see it in the 2nd book. I received this book on a read to review basis. Reign of Blood is an action packed, fast paced post-apocalyptic story full of unique twists and turns that will leave you hooked.

The character development grows throughout the entire story, and the descriptions used leave little to the imagination. Overall a great book, and a series to keep an eye on. I absolutely loved this book. The whole story was so refreshing and gives you a complete different outlook on vampires and how the became to be.

The story is about a girl called April and her mother and brother who seem to be the only survivors of some sort of Epidemic that has turned the entire population into vampires. One day whilst April and her family are out scavenging her mother and brother are kidnapped and this causes April to go on a rampage killing vampires.

But then she come across a va I absolutely loved this book. But then she come across a vampire who can talk and walk in the sunlight and her whole opinion of how she sees vampires starts to change. Can this new type of vampire help her?

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And why are April and her family immune? Well you just have to read and find out : I highly recommend this book to everyone and I look forward to getting the second book and find out what happens next. This was a great dystopian, paranormal-pandemic novel. I really enjoyed the book but was unsatisfied by the ending. So the plot goes something like this no spoilers : April, April's mother and April's brother appear to be the last remaining "humans" in Las Vegas. And once her family get abducted in broad daylight - despite knowledge that vampires can only come out at night , April becomes the very last.

After being on her own for a few days and going a little bug crazy , she meets some vampires This was a great dystopian, paranormal-pandemic novel. After being on her own for a few days and going a little bug crazy , she meets some vampires who can not only talk and walk in the sun, but who are intelligent, compassionate and about as human as vampires go.

She enters an uneasy truce with this hive of hybrid human-vampire beings who promise to help her find her family in exchange for her blood. Her blood is apaprently the cure for an infection killing off the hybrids. April has some pretty shocking revelations about herself. Displaced from her sheltered, isolated life, she realises that she may not have been as unaffected by the vampire virus as she first thought. She may not be as human as she thought, and the hybrids may be MORE human than she thought.

SO much so in fact that April falls for one herself. I love Rye - he is strong, quiet and unlike so many heroes, he is protective of April but respects her enough to fight her own battles literally - ahem, Charles.

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I did have a few minor gripes with the book - the character development was lacking at times. I wanted more than few tidbits of knowledge about each of the main characters - there was a huge focus on April but very little on the other characters like Rye, Miranda the author seems to have forgotten about her completely and Blaze.

More importantly, I agree with other reviewers who felt the ending was rushed or forced. It felt to me like the author was rushing to meet her deadline and so tied up the loose ends in a completely unsatisfying way - in a couple of pages. She almost kills herself during the final battle between the hybrid hives and yet we don't even get to see the reunion of her with her family? The book jumps from Rye telling April that they've found her family, that they "alive, but barely" to April being back at her mountain home with her family, happy as Larry.

This was disappointing. After all that.. April continuously exclaims that being away from Rye is painful - she wakes up in bed without him and can barely stand it. Or he'll disappear for a few hours and she'll go crazy. Yet at the end of the book, she leaves him, moves back home without a by your leave? I mean, it says Rye still visits and sees if she needs anything but she never does. He wants more but this is enough for her. They're mated for life and I mean, April is more vampire than human in this respect so where did this change in attitude come from?

I'm worried for them now! What will happen to April and Rye? Will she move back with them? Is this the end of the opposing hive? Are there any humans left? Like I said, there better be a book 2. A review as honest as I can be, I won't give away much but enough so the curious wouldn't feel too much was given away.

Reign of Blood

The range of emotions that April went through was the most beautiful growth I've ever read. No one will be disappointed when reading Reign of Blood nor will it be a waste of time, it was truly worth every second! Thank you, Jenn, for the suggestion! It was excellent! I really appreciate it! That alone had me hooked to read on!!

How often do you pick up a book where the first few words grip at you and lure you in!! Like a drug I needed more!! She is strong willed - strapped with arms and weapons and on a mission every day of her human life. That girl can surely wield a machete!! A virus has taken over the city - in order to survive April and her family must hunt to survive.

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April's worst nightmare has taken place - her family have gone missing and now she is on a vendetta to get them back. After a whirlwind of events, April meets a new form of Vampires - where here they tell her blood is like gold. She finds out more than she bargined for , including why she has survived so long. On an action packed adventure for not only survival - April meets Rye, he is of the new species where together Rye and his team embark on a kill and attack mission to get back April's family from the neighbouring Hive.

My thoughts!!! Wow - After reading Alexia's other series, this is definably in a world of its own. I loved April's character!! Nothing quite like a strong willed female who lets nothing stand in her way! The first 80 pages or so - we are involved in a lot of April's fight and flight with the vampires. April loses her family and shit literally hits the fan. Blood , guts and she certainly lights up there lives!!!

Alexia has introduced new aspects into this story - many different types of Vampires- different traits to go with and this alone I found intriguing and refreshing!! A little bit of romance is thrown in for the reader whom enjoy a little heart throb in a read. A lot of vivid descriptions throughout! Giving us more than enough detail of April's kills and many other scenes put forth.

Reign of Blood will certainly suit anyone who enjoys urban fantasy - a story that nightmares are made of and a world filled with anomalies and alterations not like any current vampire stories written. Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos Young Adult. About Alexia Purdy. Alexia Purdy. She loves to spend every free moment writing or playing with her four rambunctious kids. Writing has always been her dream and she has been writing ever since she can remember.

She loves writing paranormal fantasy and poetry and devours books daily. Alexia also enjoys watching movies, dancing, singing loudly in the car and Italian food. Other books in the series. The Vampires of Vegas 3 books. Books by Alexia Purdy.