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Throughout A Band of Misfits , Baggarly reminds Giants fans of the vindication for a unique group of men who represented the hopes of an entire city longing for a World Series title, including:. Unlike the Giants teams of the previous 52 years that were haunted by a history that always seemed to end in futility, this team - despite overhauling their lineup with waiver-wire pickups like Pat Burrell and Cody Ross -- decided it was time to place its own inimitable stamp on the franchise.

Any of the hundreds of thousands who attended the championship parade - the biggest public gathering in San Francisco's civic history - could attest to the fact this band of misfits stirred the soul of an entire region. Andrew Baggarly is the Giants beat reporter for the San Jose Mercury News and has covered the team for the past seven seasons. Prior to that, he covered the Dodgers and Angels beats for newspapers in Southern California beginning in Baggarly was born in Illinois, graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and lives in Eugene, Oregon, during the offseason.

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Size 5. Additional terms Terms of transaction. Windows Windows 8, Windows 8. The action is beautifully staged, delightful, and exciting. The filmmakers have said they are already dreaming up a sequel. They needn't hurry.

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Whatever treasures these pirates have are well buried. Read full review. To paraphrase a certain man with a certain luxuriant beard, it's only impossible to enjoy if you stop to think about it. Pirates are right up there with vampires, werewolves and people saying "LOL" out loud on the list of Played-Out Pop Culture Phenomena, but leave it to Aardman Animation to find the remaining reservoirs of fun in a bunch of seafaring scalawags. This pirate tale is a misguided adventure that doesn't fully set sail.

Designed to please all generations of irreverent humour-lovers, The Pirates! Band of Misfits may not be heart-warming it is about nasty, scurvy pirates! You may laugh more than the child who brought you to "The Pirates! Band of Misfits," a subtly screwball animated comedy with a distinctively British wit.

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The joyfully silly gags in "Pirates! It makes for an experience that, while geared toward younger, more fidgety audiences, has enough humor to keep Mom and Dad from falling asleep. That the film happens to be in 3-D, with digitized settings and backgrounds, doesn't detract from the timeworn charm of watching blob-like characters lurch erratically through harebrained comic pratfalls.

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Another deliriously silly stop-motion animation delight from Aardman, filled with giddy pleasures and witty details. The movie It's just not Nick Park great. Pirates is just what audiences have come to expect from Aardman: smart, adventure-driven comedy with all-ages appeal and an affinity for clever sight gags.

A Band of Misfits

The movie looks meticulously crafted, of course, and is consistently, drily amusing. A clever piece of business that is a complete pleasure to experience. This splashy sendup is a dead man's chest of laughs. The result is indeed a rollicking good time, even if Aardman's ambitions don't quite dazzle as usual. A curiosity cabinet of visual pleasures but so breezy and lightly funny that you may not realize at first how good it is.

You're too busy grinning. Purists can rest easy.