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First, the arbitrary limit of 10 subscribers that can participate in a community solar project made it difficult to achieve economies of scale, especially since low- and moderate-income households tend to be more frugal users of electricity than more affluent consumers. Solar energy is a great way for Maine businesses to control energy costs and we should make that transition easier, not more difficult. Third, many potential investors were justifiably wary of the project due to the lack of consistent policy.

The cap on participants, which limited the project size, also limited their projected return on investment. It would also create an opt-in pilot project for non-residential customers, including our local businesses, that would provide monetary credits as an alternative to net-metering. Finally, it provides specific targets for expanding access to low and moderate income families, so we can provide all Mainers, regardless of their income, the opportunity to take advantage of the clean, affordable energy they so desire and deserve.

Now is the time for bold, transformational leadership to propel Maine to the forefront of the much-needed transition to a stable, prosperous, ecology-based economy with living wages and a tenable future for generations to come. By enabling Mainers to become more energy independent, Sen. We can and must do this. Maine has the resources and ingenuity to help lead this clean energy transition and the clock is ticking.

Please join CEBE in supporting this critical piece of legislation. There is a public hearing for LD scheduled for Thursday May Here at Sun Media Group we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion. To ensure conscientious dialogue we have implemented a strict no-bullying policy. The consequences will extend long past my nomination.

The consequences will be with us for decades. Ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person, in some place, at some time, but I have never done that to her or to anyone. In stark contrast to his subdued appearance this week on Fox News and contrite testimony released on Wednesday, Judge Kavanaugh was sharp and emotional — fulfilling a wish of Mr. Trump, who felt he was too robotic on television. He addressed directly the portrait Dr. Blasey painted of him as a drunken young man who tried to rape her and muffled her screams as she pleaded for help.

I still like beer. But I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out and I never sexually assaulted anyone. Blasey, and that the assault never happened. Judge Kavanaugh has said repeatedly in his testimony that he never blacked out from drinking. But an email he sent in , released during his confirmation hearings, implied otherwise.

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At one point on Thursday, Ms. He does not mention drinking, and the email is from his adult life, not high school. Nonetheless, it could call into question his assertion that he never behaved in ways he did not remember the next day. Senator Patrick J. Judge, who struggled with alcoholism. Another heated exchange came when Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, repeatedly pressed Judge Kavanaugh to answer whether he would support an F. Judge Kavanaugh repeatedly demurred, saying he would support whatever the committee chose to do.

Durbin asked, exasperation seeping into his voice.

How a US War Veteran is treated in Court by Judge

Judge Kavanaugh seemed to roll his eyes and stayed quiet for a long pause. In saying that he could not have sexually assaulted Dr. Blasey, Judge Kavanaugh repeatedly referred to his calendar entries and said he was out of town virtually every weekend in the summer of and was too busy working during the week. But that was a curious defense. His calendar entries show plenty of socializing during the week that summer — and virtually no work. Blasey said were at the disputed gathering on Thursday, July 1.

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Blasey went for much of the summer to swim and dive. He went with friends to a Baltimore Orioles doubleheader on a Tuesday, Aug.

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Judge Kavanaugh told the panel that the reference had nothing to do with sex, but that he had gone to dances with Ms. The woman herself noted to the media on the record, she and I never had any sexual interaction at all. So sorry to her for that yearbook reference. She was and is a great person.

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Shadowy theories that Dr. And on Wednesday night, just hours before the hearing, Republicans on the Judiciary Committee released a document detailing their investigative work that showed they had interviewed two separate men who said they believed that they, not Judge Kavanaugh, assaulted Dr.

Even Judge Kavanaugh has speculated that perhaps Dr. Blasey was misremembering the incident. As other senators sought to clarify Dr. Durbin took the question head on. Ford, with what degree of certainly do you believe Judge Kavanaugh assaulted you? Blasey, who sometimes uses her married name, Ford, responded unequivocally. Graham, Republican of South Carolina, told reporters in an angry monologue just outside the hearing room.

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Graham said he was certain that Judge Kavanaugh would deliver an equally unequivocal denial of her account, and senators would be left where they began the day. Graham said. Asked if he believes her, Mr. But those senators were never thought to hold votes that were in play. Senators who do, including the Republicans Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Jeff Flake of Arizona, avoided reporters into the afternoon and said they would have nothing to say before the hearing with Judge Kavanaugh concluded.

Privately, Democrats speculated that the consistency and forcefulness of Dr. To that, Mr. With Republicans deferring to Ms. In one poignant exchange, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut, reached for a quote from a colleague across the dais, Mr. Rather than use Mr. Graham wrote of his time as a prosecutor and Mr.

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Blumenthal read Thursday. The contrast to Mr.

Graham then and Mr. Graham now was striking. The caller, who identified herself as Brenda from Valley Park, Mo. She said her attacker had been a boy in seventh grade at her school. You will never forget it. But not every caller had the same reaction as Brenda. A viewer named James, from Princeton, Ind. During the questioning, Dr. For example, describing the lingering consequences of having been attacked as a teenager, she invoked an obscure term — sequela — which refers to aftereffects of a disease or traumatic incident.

Republicans said they chose to turn over their questions to Ms. Mitchell, a sex crimes prosecutor, so that they could have a more targeted, coherent hearing. But as her questioning began, the arrangement appeared more halting and cumbersome than efficient, as it resembled a courtroom trial more than a typical Senate hearing. The juxtaposition was jarring, particularly with Democrats using their time to cut straight to the heart of Dr. After Dr. Mitchell immediately dug into granular details, asking the witness to read and correct messages she exchanged with a reporter at The Washington Post and a letter shared with Ms.

Mitchell asked. Blasey spent long moments reading printouts of both and began to work through technical corrections.