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With this newfound knowledge, you can warp back to the beginning and try to stack the fates in your favor. To help formulate a plan to take down the emperor, I chose to rescue my captive bunny buddy Lapino from a pack of burly raven soldiers. This led to a brightly lit, picturesque vista full of colorful decorations and breakable objects I was told the other choice could lead me a down a path towards elements of Lovecraftian horror, but I just can't help being the good guy.

As with Bastion, everything in Stories' world is voiced by an endearing narrator, including some amusing quips during gameplay. All the voicework is done by this one man, who - much like the delightful narrator of Puppeteer - will shift his pleasant, elderly tone into a variety of voices to match whichever characters are currently in the spotlight. It gives the whole game an air of being told an old bedtime story by a spirited grandparent - only here, you get to live out all the fantastical fights yourself.

Combat in Stories is fun, flashy, and incredibly gratifying. The tempo of Reynardo's swordfights closely mimics Batman's thug-pummeling beatdowns in the Arkham series, but simplified so that almost everything can be accomplished with your basic attack button.

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Tapping Square will either attack or counter an enemy's incoming swing depending on your timing, while holding it down will grab the nearest target to be thrown at other mooks or off perilous ledges. Though these fight mechanics could theoretically reduce the swordplay to simply mashing the Square button, I was having a spectacular time trying to perfectly link up every sword slash and counterattack in a wondrous free-flow rhythm, which much like the Dark Knight's many fistfights awards bonus experience based on your performance.

Interestingly, Stories' combat also takes some inspiration from Fallout's VATS system: if you choose to do nothing after connecting with a hit, time will slow to a crawl, giving you the opportunity to perfectly plot out your next offensive maneuver. Again, while this could theoretically make losing encounters nearly impossible, it feels so immensely satisfying when you're playing that I was practically entranced by the ebb and flow of every skirmish.

I barely had any time to mess around with Stories' many other intriguing features: multiple swords you can swap between on the fly, each with their own power including gloriously chaotic explosions ; crafting to buff up your arsenal or create gems that enhance your abilities; an entire skill tree that sticks in Reynardo's mind even after he goes back in time. A page digital artbook in.

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Contains 30 pieces of music from the game in. MP3 format. Some resolutions are not supported. See Widescreen resolution.

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Crucial menus are too big e. See Field of view FOV. See Anisotropic filtering AF. On by default.

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See Vertical sync Vsync. Frame rate is capped at 62 FPS. See Frame rate FPS. Set resolution manually [ citation needed ] Go to the configuration file s location.

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Open GameUserSettings. Add the following and adjust the values. Change FOV scaling [ citation needed ] Go to the configuration file s location. Open Engine. Add the following and save. Use Cheat Engine fix [ citation needed ]. Improve anisotropic filtering [ citation needed ] Go to the configuration files location. Open Scalability.